Monday, 6 September 2010

Noobs, stupid moves and sad news.

Ok so which one shall we start with...

Lets start with the sad news.

We still have friends within the ranks of The Guristas Associates and the sad news came via them last night.

Gilg sent out a EvE mail to the Associates saying that The Black Rabbits Academy would be closing as of 7th September 2010 after downtime.
The news came as a bit of a shock if I am honest to all in Fla5hy Red. Alot of the membership of our new corp put alot of time and effort into building TBRA into the best pirate training corp in EvE and we are all sad to see it go.

The offer has been opened for any member of TBRA, regardless of SP to join TBR proper so at least that is something.

Next we will talk about my stupid move.

Now as regular readers of this blog will know I have been training all out for a Phobos. Well last week I finally finished all the skills needed and took my phobos out for a test spin and got on some kills as the role of a Gatecamp fast lock. Nice.

Yesterday a few members of Flashy Red went up to Ikoskio for a bit of a roam/GC and got a couple of kills, then a large FW fleet came through so we started home.

I lagged behind slightly and hit a gate at the same time as a Raptor Interceptor. I jumped through after him and got point and thought I could kill it before his friends showed up.

I was wrong and here is the KM. Ouch.

However I never fly what I can't afford to lose so it will be replaced shortly. It's useful to have in my hanger at any rate.

Now lets talk about Noobs.

Flashy Red (+1 honourary Python member) yesterday took out a good little fleet, T1 and T2 cruisers were the order of the day and after heading to Abune and chasing a Hurricane around we turned for home with no kills and no loses. We did engage 3 frigs in a plex but they were quick and got out of our range.

On the way home we have to pass very close to Tama and itching for a fight we decided it would be a good place to stick our nose in.

In we go and start moving around looking for some thing to kill. Top belt was active with the same gang of frig we had engaged earlier but they didn't hang around long once we were there. then a couple of Cynabals came in and ran away. Shame.

Atfter a couple of minutes we scanned a Drake down in 6-2 belt and expecting a trap all the way we warped in pointed and pounded on him. nothing on scan, nno help was coming.

A lone Drake in a belt in Tama? Ok... Fair enough and thats a kill for us then!

So we go back to a safe and keep scanning around. Our cloaky running around blets and planets a#for targets.

Then we get this in local.

[ 2010.09.05 22:05:09 ] Mr NITREX > can i join a fleet?

Now what would you do if you were a pirate and a 2 month old char asks to join a fleet? Well you would do what we did.

Invite to fleet and he accepts and our cloaky gets nice and close to him and then warps him to the rest of the fleet, and man are we happy when we find out he is flying a Drake!

We motor towards him careful not to lock him till we are in point range, just incase we scare him off.

Once we are all firing I have to admit to feeling a bit sorry for the poor git. I hear a number of other people in vent also saying the same sort of thing. However even as I am saying we should ransom him or stop firing I never stopped my guns lol.

Here is the fleet chat log for the above.

[ 2010.09.05 22:05:49 ] Mr NITREX > thanx
[ 2010.09.05 22:06:11 ] Mr NITREX > where should i come?
[ 2010.09.05 22:06:32 ] Crimson Violet > warp to death fangs
[ 2010.09.05 22:06:57 ] Death Fangs > x
[ 2010.09.05 22:07:19 ] Mr NITREX > coming
[ 2010.09.05 22:07:55 ] Mr NITREX > hey
[ 2010.09.05 22:07:57 ] Mr NITREX > people
[ 2010.09.05 22:07:59 ] Mr NITREX > stop
[ 2010.09.05 22:08:11 ] Crimson Violet > yarrr
[ 2010.09.05 22:08:13 ] Mr NITREX > plz
[ 2010.09.05 22:08:16 ] Mr NITREX > plz
[ 2010.09.05 22:08:19 ] Mr NITREX > i beg u
[ 2010.09.05 22:08:22 ] Mr NITREX > dont kill me
[ 2010.09.05 22:08:23 ] Death Fangs > never accept fleet invite
[ 2010.09.05 22:08:33 ] Mr NITREX > plz let me go
[ 2010.09.05 22:08:51 ] Death Fangs > tks for the loot
[ 2010.09.05 22:09:36 ] Piscis > guys do not feel sorrow
[ 2010.09.05 22:09:39 ] Piscis > be amused
[ 2010.09.05 22:09:41 ] Mail Lite > We don't
[ 2010.09.05 22:09:42 ] The BlackDog > lol
[ 2010.09.05 22:09:43 ] Otto Jarvis > i am
[ 2010.09.05 22:09:44 ] Mail Lite > lol
[ 2010.09.05 22:09:51 ] Piscis > :)
[ 2010.09.05 22:09:52 ] The BlackDog > i'll deal with my demons

And the local:

[ 2010.09.05 22:09:08 ] Mr Kha > a swift lesson in betrayal my young padawan
[ 2010.09.05 22:09:08 ] Mail Lite > Lesson for you, don't join fleets with pirates....
[ 2010.09.05 22:09:52 ] Paul Ofthewolves > sith!
[ 2010.09.05 22:12:10 ] Mail Lite > nope FLA5HY RED (+ honourary The Python Cartel)

So we continue to hang around and see another noob in another Drake (are they giving them away somewhere?) and after chasing him through 3 belts we give up and send him a fleet invite... And he accepts.

He's on station so we send our cloaky in to warp him to us. Alas, as we get ready he docks and drops fleet. Maybe not so stupid then? We will never know.

Of course by now we have been in system to long and a group has come in with the express notion to kill us. We try and take them on and have a Harby in structure before we GTFO. In the end we lost a Thorax, Omen and Rupture. Good fun was had by all.

Ok the last thing I need to do is plug a friends blog. Go read it. Angelina is an old TGA member and a great writer.

Fly Dangerous and watch for that FLA5HY RED!

Mail o/

Friday, 3 September 2010

Friends and corps.

Hello all,
So what has been happening since i last posted on this blog? Well first I guess is the news the Mail Lite has left The Guristas Associates.

I wish TGA all the best and hope that everything goes well in the future.

I have loved flying with all of you! I was on EvE for less than a month
before I joined up with you all and now I am alot older and wiser and feel that
it is time to break away and do things my own way.

I hope that alot of you rabbits will at least keep in touch and read the blog to know how things are going. I will pop back and post on the public forum when my other half has the baby and will always consider the Rabbits a home. You never know I might be back one day.

Goodluck, fly dangerous and take care.

Mail o/

My new home? FLASHY RED is a corp of ex TGA members who have left over the last few days. They include the ex-TGA Bloggers, Astral, Mr Kha, 8agpuss and Cebit.

The plan for FLASHY RED is that everyone in the alliance is good friends, can trust each other no matter what and all love logging in to Low Sec PVP.

This is the common thing everyone in our new corp wanted, to be able to log in, enjoy the company of those around you and go blow some shit up. No Politics just PVP.

We also have no blue list yet, not even our alts. We are thinking of setting up or joining a friendlies alt corp just so we can get stuff in and out without having to worry about it getting blown up by our own guys... lol.

Another interesting thing. FLASHY RED has decided to take up residence alongside Python Cartel. We're not blue so if one gets caught by the other then it's fair game, but we have an understanding regarding station games etc. It ain't going to happen.

It's also nice being back 'home' in Ishomliken, how long we stay here is anyone's guess but at least we know the area and it's a nice place to start a new corp.

So thats that. A new KB will be up and running very shortly and a forum is up for members of FLASHY RED.

One other thing I have to mention. Astral over at EvE Trials by Fire keeps getting ISK and ships given to him by readers of his blog. I mean he got given a Faction fit Cruor a couple of days ago... Are all my readers poor or something? Lol

Fly Dangerous and watch out for that FLASHY RED! o/


Friday, 27 August 2010

Recruitment drive...again

Hello to all.

As of yesterday The Black Rabbits Academy is reopening it's door to pilots, new and old, to leanr the ways of low-sec PVP, Pirating and terrorism.

We have opened an astonishing 75, yes 75, new places in the Academy. We will be taking people from any timezone. We will be trying to get a good spread of all the timezones and not 70 EU and 5 US or something stupid!

If you are just starting out in EvE and want to get into the low sec piracy route or an old hand looking for something new The Black Rabbits Academy could be exactly what your looking for.


•No Trial Accounts.
•Mature players only
•You must submit your LIMITED API to a Director for review.
•Voice Communication software MUST be used. Team Speak is the current Guristas Associates standard.
•Willingness to go to -10 security status
•Willingness to stay IN CHARACTER in local and during ransoms

If you feel you meet our requirements you are welcome to drop off an application at our website found here.

Or if you want to have a chat with some of us please feel free to come to our public recruitment channel. Guristas Recruitment.

The Black Rabbits are also recruiting still.

The Recruitment requirements for The Black Rabbits are as follows:

•20 mil PVP/Combat skillpoints
•Must be able to fly a T2 Fitted Battle Cruiser.
•RP experience is an advantage
•Mature player
•18+ preferred
•Active player
•Voice Communication software MUST be used.
•Willingness to go to -10 sec
•Willingness to stay IN CHARACTER in local, and during ransoms

If your an experienced PVP'er and know which end fo the gun spits death then look into The black Rabbits.

Fly Dangerous o/


Thursday, 26 August 2010


No, not a plex escalation, a PVP Escalation.

Earlier in the day a Back To Yarr fleet had been harrasing TGA members in the area surrounding our home system. It was not a specific attack, just oportunities that opened up to them.

So when I logged on I jumped onto teamspeak to find a counter fleet getting ready to head out as a scout has reported an 8 man Back To Yarr gang 3 jumps out. Jumping into my Ferox, Morrigan, I joined up and headed for the rendevous point. Our scout kept eye's on the gang while we formed up on the gate to the system they were in.

Our FC jumped his Tengu in and started trying to scan them down. They had all just got GCC so had obviously just engaged in a fight somewhere.

Our FC scanned them down to a belt and warped in to get a tackle.

'Point' was called and in we jumped, warped to our FC and landed just as most of the BTY fleet were running away. We caught and destroyed a Hurricane but nothing else wanted to play so we headed back to Auner for a quick break and decided what we wanted to do with our now 13 man fleet.

We decided to take it out for a roam up to Amamake so the fleet formed up again and we started making our way there.

Our scout was in a Malediction, Amarr Interceptor, and jumping ahead of us. He called the fact that there was a Abbadon on the outgate of the system we were in. We were already in warp at the time so we figured we could take it out and carry on. Then our scout in the next system laid out the bomb shell.
The Abbadon was Back To Yarr and we had a fleet on the other side of the gate consisting of another Battleship, A Command Ship and 7 Battlecruisers. They had obviously not liked our ninja kill of their Hurricane earlier and decided to come back with bigger guns.

We landed on the gate and the FC fleet warped us out to a safe. One of our hurricanes and one of our Myrmidons got stuck. The Myrm decided to engage the Abbadon while the Hurrican jumped into the next system and held his cloak. When it dropped he tried burning back to the gate but the combined DPS of the BTY fleet was to much and one of our Hurricanes went splat.

I believe the Myrm went splat also by the Abbadon.

We decided to go back to Auner and ecalate this further. 3 of our boys hopped out of their Battlecruisers and into Carriers and 2 others switched to Battleships. We also called up some friends to see if they could get involved and they answered with a couple of pilots, tho i think they were to late to the show to actually shoot anything! Sorry guys =(.

I fitted a Cyno to my Ferox and was made FC for the duration of the fight.

We got one of our cloaky guys in a Falcon to see if he could find the fleet but no go, they were in system but not in space. I checked the station and all the gang were in there.

Probably going to the loo and getting a coffee.

I undocked and ordered the fleet to get to the safe spot we use for camping. My thought was to get them to bait us to a gate, take the bait and get all of thier ships to engage and then drop a the Carriers on them.

Unfortuantly word came that the BTY fleet went to the other gate and was baiting us there. I ordered one of our battleships to play bait and get them to engage.

They locked out Battleship up and engaged, thier Abbadon had jumped so he burnt back to gate and joined his friends on our side of the gate.

Once that happened I lit the cyno and continued to call primaries. As soon as the Cyno had been lit my Ferox was Primary and went down like a sack of shit. I didn't even bother asking for reps knowning it would be to late. I was in my pod and int#stead of warping out i just sat in the middle of the fight and continued to call the primaries.

First to go down was my Ferox. I didn't get on any killmails, that sucks but hey thats the price you pay for lighting a Cyno I guess.

First Primary was a Absolution. the Amarr Command Ship, it went down slowly but it did go down.

Next was the Hurricane. The same pilot the we destroyed earlier, I did that one just for the comic factor. (Please note the Sentry Gun. Not often you see that on OUR side!)

The last ship to go down was the Abbadon. He had jumped through from the other side and had been succesfully bumped a couple of times during the fight to keep him off the gate. He melted before our eye's.

The rest of the BTY gang had started to deagress and jump through into the next system. We got a couple more shots off on a Dominix but he jumped through in armor.

This all started when a small back to yarr fleet preyed on a couple of single TGA ships. It then escalated to a small fleet on fleet skirmish were we got one of their canes. They then came back with battleships and melted a Hurrican and Myrm of ours. That then escalated to Battleships, Battlecruisers , Commandships and Carriers on a gate.

Will there be another escalation in hostilities between ourselves and BTY? I hope so. This was the most fun fight I have been in for a while. Even though I was out early and was in my pod for 90% of the fight just calling primaries.

Fly Dangerous o/


Sunday, 8 August 2010

A few interesting things.

Hi all!

Couple of quick things.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last blog post about ship names. I enjoyed reading all of them and if you haven't read them go do so. Some interesting stuff and some good ideas.

Since being back in EvE after moving house I have added a few new ships to my ready-to-fly fleet.

I have recently been flying a shield tanked Brutix and, while I like the DPS of the ship alot, I don't like it's tank at all.

However I still like the Blaster/Shield combo so have bought myself a Ferox and fitted it up. It has a much nicer tank than the Brutix and still puts out enough DPS to lay down some hurt.

I have also added a Jaguar, Wolf and Claw to my fleet. Guess who finished Minmitar Frigate 5 recently?!

I'm looking forward to getting out and flying one of these smaller ships tonight in a frig roam. I think I will take the Claw out first as it has just the right amount of DPS, Speed and Tank to spark my interest in how it handles itself as a fast tackle.

I said I got a Wolf... well actually it's my second Wolf. The first one exploded when I undocked from station with aggression. My thought process went something like this.

See Ticks in his Loki locking me up
See damage coming in, thinking it's from the Loki and will stop
Get told to warp away
Tell Ticks to stop firing as I am in structure
Oh shit i'm in my Pod
Realise Ticks wasn't firing and it was actually station guns
Go mute with disbelief that I was that dumb
Laugh my head off that a 20+ million ship lasted all of 5 minutes because of it's pilots stupidity.

Yeah so that was a fail but at least it wasn't my new, and most expensive toy to date, the Phobos.

I still can't quite fly the thing yet but I have it, fitted and ready to go. Thank for that Hattori and I hope you enjoy the Curse!

Had a few kills since I have been back but the one that stand out the most was a Ferox kill in our home system of Auner.

Over the last week or so we have been running into a certain pilot called Rinolt. He's got a couple of kills on us and we have had a couple of kills on him. The Ferox I mentioned was his and this is how it went down.

I logged on and jumped into a MWD Rifter that I am experimenting with at the moment on TS came a request from Tar'el, a TBRA Director to aviod engaging Rinolt in his Ferox as they were going to 1v1 at the top belt.

Fair enough. I warped on over to a 20okm safe I have at that belt and joined the fleet Tar'el and Rinolt were in so I could do the watchlist trick but Rinolt didn't wanna play and after warping in and starting the engagement he left the fleet.

Tar'el called the fight over TS and the shield of his Drake was holding at about 10% when the Ferox burnt out of range and warped off the field of battle. Leaving Tar'el as the victor.

Now with TGA 1v1's if a pilot warps away from the fight the 1V1 is over and normal hunting is resumed.

As I happened to be in a very fast Rifter and close to the fight I saw where Rinolt had warped to and took a chance.

Warping to the planet at 0 I landed right on top of the Ferox and scrammed and webbed it. Then I called in the rest of the Rabbits. We attempted a Ransom but couldn't agree a price so pop went the Ferox. I had dropped point on the ferox when I knew a number of other had him so when he exploded I managed to snag his Pod.

After a bit of negotiation we netted a 30mil ransom for his pod and let him escape. My Rifter had just paid for itself in one engagement. Nice!

Fly Dangerous o/


Monday, 2 August 2010

How do you name your ships?

My enforced EvE hiatus (only 36 hours left) has made me think about a theme to name my ships after.

I thought first off about famous pirate ships but didn't really like them. Then I thought about Starwars ships. Imperial Cruisers maybe. Na.

Then I started thinking mythological. Dragons was a first thought... But I decided against it as I know Gilg likes using Dragon names.

So I started looking up gods and godesses. Bingo.

So I started with a list of the ships I fly and what I will be flying soon and started naming them.

The Gallente will be named after the gods of War. (I use these most and take them to war more than any other)

IE: My Brutix will be named after the Egyptian god of War, Horus.

The Minmitar will be named after the gods of Thunder. (something to do with the sounds the guns make)

So the Jaguar will be named after the Norse God of Thunder, Thor.

And the Caldari after the gods of Death. (cause they are cool)

And this would mean I could name my Drake after the Egyptian god of Death, Anubis!

So keep an eye out in space, if you see a god of Thunder, god of War or a god of Death coming at you... It well might be me!

How do you name yours? Any ryme or reason? Let me know!

Fly Dangerous o/

Saturday, 31 July 2010

CCP gets kicked in the nuts... HARD.

CCP Zymurgist posted this on the EvE O forums.

The European Games Award is the first award exclusively for European games and
is now looking for votes from gamers for the best European video and computer
games. EVE Online has been nominated for best Online Game but needs your vote to
win the competition. Check out what games are being nominated for here and then
cast your vote for EVE Online for best online game!

If I'm totally honest I feel slightly sorry for Zymurgist as I feel he may of drawn the short straw when someone said that they needed that message posted on the EvE online forums.

However if he did it of his own free will... eh...

The first reply sort of showed where this thread was going to go

You're serious?

I bet within minutes the whole of CCP had there heads in their hand and where thinking 'Why the hell did we post that...'
Que 39 pages of 'Fix the fucking game and then we will see where the votes go' and the 'I'll vote for EvE online... in about 18 months!'

The 18 months bit comes from this recent Dev Blog which basically says that for the next 18 months teams will be focused on new features, Dust and Incarna rather than fixing fleet lag and Low Sec.

Of course gaming sites soon got wind the general outrage of EvE customers. Being asked to vote for a game which is putting new features and unwanted content to attract new subscribers in front of fixing the game as it is for loyal and somewhat obsessed fan base.

EVE Solicits Player Support, Players Solicit Lag Fix


XBOX Center


EVE players trash CCP in European Games Award thread

Eve Online 'broken' by in-game lag


Size Doesn't Matter

No Prisoner No Mercy

Poor CCP, but maybe they will listen to the EvE customer base more now... We can but hope I guess...

Oh and yeah, the move went well. Internet is up and running and I will be back in game soon.

Fly Dangerous! o/


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

God damn it another one...

Read this.

No seriously, read this.

Back? Right then...

This is by far the best blog with the best writing style I have seen to so far come out of the The Guristas Associates bloggers to date.

I mean I would think it's easily better than mine. In comparison mine sucks. And NO I'M NOT BEING HELD HOSTAGE BY MR KHA, HE DOES NOT HAVE A GUN TO MY HEAD.

A quick list of all the Guristas associates blogs:

Jarek Kalensa, CEO of TBRA (Just restarted)
8agpuss, Director of Academy
Astral Dominix
My Kha
Yrielle Vandis
Cebits ramblings
A TWR blog by Lotrias
Durzo Smith

I think we now rival Pythons in the amount of active bloggers we have. This is a good thing.

Read through them all while I am moving house, I will be testing you all!

They are good blogs, all of them. And you won't find much repetition as everyone will have there own story or thoughts on the outcomes of fight, the way the have been reported and then there is the fact that not all of us are around for every fight!

Fly dangerous o/


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A nice engagement!

Well ok then... thats was a fun night.

We were camping a local gate when 2 of our TBR boys, Ticks and Darkviron gave us intel that there was a large ish gang on the Klogori gate. 6 Battleships, 2 or 3 Battlecruisers and a couple of smaller things.

The two TBR boys came up with a daring plan. Get a gang together, get them to engage and then drop 2 of our carriers on them.

Fair enough.

So we put the call out on TS and in alliance and get a get result for a fleet. 20 or so answered the call and shipped up in whatever heavy hitter they could find in their hangers..

So we undock and with the MIGHTY TAR'EL acting as FC we fleet warp to one gate from where the enemy was reported. While we are warping our scouts in the frigs Cithilu and Nogusha are keeping tabs and keeping up with intel. Well done boys!

Then squad one, including me in the CYNO ship of death... A borrowed Brutix (Sorry 8agpuss), jumped through and waited for the main of their fleet to go red box. Then I dropped the Cyno, squad 2 jumped in and death insued.

Myself as the Cyno was primary and went down very quickly... but not before our 2 caps jumped in. Tar'el went down next followed very quickly by Apraxas and his Huginn.

Yeah thats right, 2 Battlecruisers and a Recon lost in return for 5 battleships kills, 2 Battlecruisers and a Stealthbomber.

Thanks, We'll take that!

I make this now 'one all' in engagements... Bring on the next!

Fly Dangerous o/

Monday, 19 July 2010

TBRA Frig Tourney

Now as you may or may not have read in other blogs, last night was the TBRA frigate tournament open to members of The Black Rabbits Academy (plus a guest appearence of a TBR member)

Rules were simple. T1 Frigates only. No faction Drones, Hulls or Modules (ammo was OK). No T2 Modules or Drones and No Rigs.

So I decided to fly a Rifter, no tank what so ever except for speed and artilary cannons for guns.

My reasons for this is that generally the TBRA guys all fly Punishers with AC's, Rifters with AC's and Incursus with Blasters. All close range fits so I went for a kiter. Unfotuantley so did many others.

My first fight saw me go up against a close range Punisher and I won that one. Getting my opponent into armor but not managing to complete it. I won by doing more damage than he could do to me.


Here's my Rifter in action. Yes I fired off a rocket...

I then went up against the defending champion, Otto Jarvis, and made a mistake, I got in web range, double web range at that. And my Rifter melted. Bad.

So I was out.

Jarek, CEO went up against another Rifter and just manage to squeak through. I think it ended at 2% Shield 4% Armour and 9% Structure as seen below.

But you know what the main fun of the night actually was? It was sitting with friends, laughing, joking, betting and being general guys. I went into the fight with 25mil ISK and left with 30mil ISK due to doing some good bets but losing others. And i got to chat to some of the newer members of the Academy, got to know some of them and I can say with confidence that the current crop of TBRA is a good one.

The final went down to a 4 man BattleRoyal. Jarek Kalensa CEO of TBRA, 8agpuss the pussy cat of the alliance, Gratth the Jammy Griffin pilot and the defending champion who smushed yours truly, Otto.

It was a good fight, 8agpuss cover the fight well over at his blog, many props and a Guristas Worm goes to Otto Jarvis. Gratz mate, least I went down to the overall winner =D And made 10mil to break even after a night of betting.

Would just like to say congratulation to Astral Dominix for his 100th Blogpost. I sent him some spirits so he could celebrate!

And by the way, The Black Rabbits Academy are recruiting again so if anything I have written about has intrested you in a life of piracy some check us out.

Last thing, I am moving house in RL on Friday 23rd and I will be AFK while this happens and until the new service gets installed. No date for this as yet.

I will be back, and I might post before I leave if something fun happens.

Fly Dangerous o/


Friday, 16 July 2010

A good night, fun times and Revenge


I logged on last night not really feeling in the mood for much action and just wanting to read some EvE mails and play with some fittings etc.

I then get the call that a certain Dame Death is sitting outside our station in Auner in a Cynabal. I remind the new members of the academy not to engage on station and to ignore the local smack. Now Dame Death has been a member of The Black Rabbits Academy and was kicked for 'Accidently' engaging blues a number of times. He then was given the benefit of the doubt a couple of weeks later and was allowed to rejoin.

He then left again, joined a alliance that was red to TGA and started being a prat.

He then convinced Gilgamesh to let him back in. So he was back for a couple of weeks, then after a number of arguements between members of the alliance he again, left.

He then AGAIN rejoined the alliance, and after some unpleasentness left once again, this time with a life time ban on all his toons.
Dame disapeared from local and a Python Cartel member, Amanda sat on the station we call home at 0 in an Abbadon. So what do TGA do? Why we undock a couple of Battleships and a few Battlecruisers of course. We are just about to engage the Abbadon when it suddenly drops a Cyno field and Dame Death jumps in with the Archon and Nauticaa soon joins the party in a Thanatos.

Fail on their part, if they had waited a few more seconds we would of been engaged, as it was we all just went 'Meh' and docked up. We may be pirate but we ain't dump pirates...

A couple of minutes later a few of us undock in frigs and cruisers and insta warp out to hunt a couple of FW dude in a plex in Auner. Nice.

We ran around, playing cat and mouse with a Taranis, Punisher and Sabre. The Sabre pilot keeps bouncing around planets. When the call comes that the Sabre is off scan I decided to try warping to the only planet off scan from my position. At 0 at that.

Guess what? Yep, got him. I land less than 5000m away get point and web and keep him locked down. I pour on the damage and advise fleet that they can come in when they want.

Sabre Vs Ishkur 1v1 at the moment and I have to admit, it was close. I got him to about 10% structure before Stuart in his Rupture lands the 121 damage to end him.

As you can see... I got out in structure too! 34% to be exact. Good fight!

Anyway after waiting out the GCC I docked and repaired my Ishkur and Gilgamesh came online and said he wanted a number of heavy hitters. I accidently undocked in my shield Brutix and while I'm out I get locked up by Dame Death, now in an Abbadon with a TBR member as my back up in a Vulture.
Dame Death agresses me and after a couple of hits, Gilg tells me to engage and for eveyone in Auner station to undock and attack. My Brutix is going down quick but is doing a good amount of damage so I hold on and overheat as much as I dare.

The fleet undocks in an assortment of Battleships and Battlecruisers. My Brutix is now going down quick and I send out a broadcast for reps. I get a couple but it is not enough. The Abbadon goes down but with it's LAST SHOT it takes out my Brutix. We also manage to pod Dame Death. I like.

I swiftly reship and rejoin fleet as they start locking up Nauticaa in the Thanatos, and join in as we engage, but it docks back up.

I request to borrow another Brutix from a fleet member and manage to get another shield Brutix to take on a roam that Gilg has put together.

We have a scout in front and a tackle Vulture. We don't get any kills on the way down and when in Amamake we manage to get a Hurricane to engage our Drake and Vulture but is is very quick and motors away from the engagement.

We hang around for a minute but it's quite obvious we ain't going to get any kills here today so we start heading back. On the Dal gate from Amamake we run into this Thrasher who is on autopilot and quickly dispatch him and his pod.

On the way back we see a Back to Yarr fleet of 2 x Hurricanes, 2 x Drake and a Brutix. Fleet splits up on different sides of the same gate. One side has a Hurricane pointed and tries to pop it while the other side has a Brutix locked down.

The Hurricane manages to get back to gate and unfotunatley we have chased the Brutix to far off the gate to get point. However we do get the Brutix. Revenge for my Blackbird loss the day before! Yay!

So we arte back home and I call it a night. For someone who wasn't planning on doing much I seemed to have a damn good night.

I think we now have a TWR Blog, TBR Blog and 3 TBRA blogs. Not bad, not bad at all.

I think thats everything.

Fly dangerous o/


Thursday, 15 July 2010

Jammy Bastard Down!

Hey all,

Just a quick one to let you know that my first Blackbird finally went down in flames last night due to a 'Back to Yarr' gatecamp. Fair play gentlemen.

I immediately went and purchased a new one as I got 10 kills to the 1 loss with the first and really enjoyed flying it.

Maybe I should get a Falcon? I'll think about it after the Arazu and Phobos training is complete.

Another thing, I found out today that a new member of the Academy is keeping a secret blog! Well it ain't secret anymore! It's actually quite good and I will be reading it and I suggest others do as well.

Fly Dangerous o/


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Guest spot: Volstrius, first fleet pod log.

I have decided to give a guest spot on this blog to a new member of The Guristas Associates, Volstruis.

He convo'd me and asked if I have ever done this before and I admitted I hadn't given it much thought before. He sent me a small IC piece and I decided it was really good, good enough to post for all to enjoy.

Excerpt taken from Volstruis ‘The Ostrich’ Nakajima’s Pod Log.

First Fleet

Get your shit together, get your ass to Auner and get involved. Great, from the Rabbit himself.

Truth be told high sec is no good for a capsuleer. Too much time schmoozing agents and too little time keeping your wits about you. Those high sec rats barely even put up a good fight. Maybe it was the third bottle of whisky or maybe it was the not so subtle truth behind his command but he was right. Playtime was over. It was time to get involved.

I fired up my personal communications platform and logged into the fleet finder. Cebit’s fleet. FC looking for personnel to help defend a nul-sec outpost. Good an opportunity as any I thought as the Thukker engineers were bringing the last my Incursus’ modules online and pod fluid started blurring my vision. Good number and mix of spaceships and clear, crisp leadership had me genuinely excited for the first time in a long time.

The journey was short and uneventful. We made our way to the last low-sec en route, docked up and waited for intel. We didn’t like what we heard. Our scouts painted a pretty bleak picture of the force we were up against and it was time to let discretion best enthusiasm. So we did what any sane group of pirates would in that situation. We roamed.

First couple of systems slipped by pretty uneventfully. Our cruiser pilots managed to grab a few targets on gates but I’ve learnt the hard way not to get involved that close to sentry guns in a frigate. I certainly didn’t want to make my back to Auner first day out in a capsule.

We reached our first waypoint. Gusandal. Pilots moved to safes and we started scanning. Just when we thought it was time to move on, two battleships chose to engage us. The word that comes to mind is foolish. As soon as the call came over the comms, he’s engaged us, the frigate wing warped in and we started our assault. The Drake popped quickly, the Mega docked up to lick his wounds, and the Black Rabbits were the only ones smiling after the encounter.

The whisky at the Thukker Bar back home in Auner was tasting sweeter by the day.!

If this gets a good reception I may ask other members of TBRA, TBR and TWR to contribute to this blog aswell. But for that to happen I would like to get some feed back. Comments please!

I would also like to quickly do a shout out to Kane Rizzel who, today, posted his intent to leave EvE. This will be a great loss not only to EvE but to the whole EvE Blog Network. Don't do it!

Fly Dangerous o/


Monday, 12 July 2010

A new TGA Blog arrives...

So we have me and Astral blogging about the adventures of our maniacal and wicked pirate ways. And I'm sure you all love it!
But one corp has always been forgotten, sort of like the red haired step child of our alliance. The White Rabbits.

Next up, I posted a couple days ago about the recruitment drive for the Academy. Well we have a great response and, after accepting 12 new pilots and a couple still waiting for interviews, our new CEO decided to close recruitment for a couple of weeks.

This should help our newest pilots.get the training from our older and more experienced members.

If you looking to start a life of piracy keep your eye's on this Blog, Astrals' blog and the EvE-O forums as we will be taking a new influx of students in a couple of weeks.

I also enjoyed doing my Top Five 'Kickass Looking Pirate Ships' and think I may do a couple more Top Five lists in the coming weeks. Just need some idea's!

Fly Dangerous o/


Saturday, 10 July 2010

Best pirate ships in EvE?

Kirth Darkblade posted on his blog today about a question from one of his wingmen Kishin asked.

What is the best pirate ship in EvE?

Now Kirth went down the way of how the ship looks. I have to agree with Kirth that this is a very difficult question to answer as everyone has there own opinion and different ships are best for different engagements.
Personally I love Assault Ships, the Ishkur in particular, and am currently falling in love with the Blackbird as a ECM support ship. Those are two of my favorites.

However look wise, neither come close. So I decided to do what Kirth has done and select my top 5 best looking ships from a 'Kickass!' point of view.

Numer Five: Thrasher

Number Four: Megathron Navy Issue

Number Three: Taranis

Number Two: Pilgrim
Number One: Wolf

These are my personal favorites in the way of how they look. Whats about yours?

EDIT: Thanks to a reader for pointing out that I totaly fail and put a picture of a Kronos up instead of the Megathron Navy Issue. This has now been fixed. And to be honest I actually like ALL the Megathron Hulls, the Navy just being my Favorite due to the cool paint job.

Fly Dangerous o/


Friday, 9 July 2010

Gilgamesh1980 is FREE!

Last night we got a large fleet together as we believed that we were going to war, in the end it turned out our services were not required but as we still had a large fleet we decided to take out out for a roam. Stuart killed a fail fit Purifier who decided to attack his Harbinger solo in a belt.

We had a fleet of tackle frigates supported by a number of battlecruisers and myself, again in the 'Jammy Bastard' Blackbird. We ran around Minmitar low sec and managed to kill this Drake on a gate. Followed by a Bestower.

We also managed to kill a station gaming Vagabond but unfortunatley the Stabber Fleet Issue and the Megathron docked before we could turn them into space dust.

We lost a Drake of our own who had tackled the Mega, Stabber and Vaga on station and got them to agress, A Rifter who had suicide tackled the Vaga when it had made speed away from the station and a Wolf belonging to the new CEO of The Black Rabbits Academy, Jarek Kalensa. Congratulations on your promotion Jarek, and a big thanks to Hattori Yasunaga, who has gone on to The Black Rabbits proper.

I think we came out on top ISK wise so thats all to the good.

But the main news of the night. Gilgamesh1980 suddenly logged on while we were on a Bio break. This caused something of a stir in Comms as you can imagine and Gilgamesh was bombarded by PM's to see if it was actually it was him, and it WAS!

Gilg has had all his accounts reactivated and the only thing that has been taken away is the Aeon. Apparently the petition was finally elevated past the low GM's and it percolated with Senior GM's and finally went all the way to CCP, who decided that it was a case of 'benefit of the doubt'.

I would like to thank all the people who supported Gilgamesh either through posting on this blog, making there own blog posts and contacting me ingame. Your support was appreciated and I believe it helped a great deal.

CCP finally did the right thing and Kudos to them. I believe the right outcome was achieved and would like to thank CCP for returning a good EvE player to the game.

Fly Dangerous o/


Thursday, 8 July 2010

A Pirate Roam

I have spent a few days running around with Defi4nt and I'm enjoying my time with them. I have made some nice Iskies and would actively promote Defi4nt to anyone looking for a relatively safe haven in 0.0 and a good, active and fun envioment to enjoy it.

That said, anyone looking to live the life of a rum soaked pirate should obviously join The Black Rabbits Academy or The Black Rabbits themselves depending on your SP and experience. We have a new recruitment drive open on the EvE-O forums found here.

So what will you be getting if you join The Guristas Associates? Well lets go through a typical evening with the rabbits.

I logged on last night at around 1730 ET and, after scouting through a friendly hauler, I started a fleet and spammed it in all the channels. I got 4 members of the Academy sign up (the rest watching the World Cup Semi Finals). Two of them flying Punishers, one flying an Enyo and myself flying a ECM 'Jammy Bastard' Blackbird.

We set our course for Amamake and off we went.

A few jumps in and we found a local we have killed before flying his favorite ship, the Jaguar. We know he fits it MWD and Artilery and loves kiting people. He does it well.

We tried to tempt him into a fight but he kept his range nicely so we sort of figured we would leave him to it and go on.

In Dal we were at a spot close to the Amamake gate and saw a Rifter on scan. He wasn't at the gate so we scanned round for a bit and locked him down to a belt.

Fleet warps in and he bugers off. Fair enough.

Astral Dominix (His Blog here) tells the rest of the fleet to piss off and we go back to our little safe spot and align back to the belt. The Rifter pilot comes back in and Astral gets point.

Fleet warps in and I notice that the Rifter is doing over 980m/s and getting away. I shout to our guys to close range and not to lose the kill. The Rifter is Perma Jammed by my 'Epic Blackbird of win (tm)' and I'm loosing Rockets out to it. Astral, using a MWD Punisher gets closer and sits on him till he pops. Pod got away.

Notice please the 400mm plate, the Armor Rig and nothing but the Afterburner II for speed mods. I would love to see that guys Navigation skills to get the Rifter to go that fast.

Anyway we waited out our GCC, a few other guys come in and join us, we now have a Thrasher, Dramiel and a 3rd Punisher and then we headed to Amamake, the local PVP/FW hub, and started scanning around.

After a few minutes I scanned a Stabber down to the sun and we warp in, get point and pop him. He must of been AFK as he didn't move or try and agress back. Looking at his fit he was obviously doing some exploration sites, to bad he didn't get anything nice for us to loot. Once we all had point on the pod I got a new boy, Cithilu to pop the pod and help him on his way to -10.00

With local up to 60+ we decide to head our fleet home, only to find every gate on the way back camped by interceptors, frigates, cruisers and battlecruisers. Not a problem for our newbies who have yet to get to -5.00 but for us reds it was a bit of a problem.

I managed to get most of the fleet home safe, but unfortunatley we lost our Enyo to a sensor boosted interceptor gang. Oh dear.

So, if your looking for fast moving low sec PVP, hit and run tactics, regular fleets and kills then think about dropping into Guristas Recruitment channel when in EvE and hitting someone up for a chat.

I enjoyed getting my Yarr on last night, especially now that I have a good source of income from Hannibal Vexor and Defi4nt.

Fly Dangerous o/


Monday, 5 July 2010

A Defi4nt Bunny!

First of, don't worry! Mail Lite is still a pirate and still flying under the banner of The Black Rabbits Academy.

Hannibal Vexor however has split from The White Rabbits and joined Domini Umbrus, a member of Defi4nt.

I've been in Defi4nt 3 days now and I have to say, I'm loving it. I've been carebearing it up over the last couple of days, including running The Maze twice and have made some nice Iskies. I also have met some great people who keep inviting me to run amazing plexes with them and hopefully split some great loot.

The best so far was a 3 way split of a Rattlesnake BPC. So to all the guys I have run plexes with so far, Thank you!

I've decided that, due to now being out in 0.0 that a good DPS/Tank ship is called for, so I have started training for a Sentry Drone using Ishtar. These seem to be generaly acknowledged as one of the best PVE ships in the game and it's not a long skill plan to being able to fly it well. It's also sort of on the way to the Archon (Sentry Drones etc) so I'm not losing much time on that goal.

So far I have not been involved in any defence fleets or PVP out here in the north but I am kitted out for PVP if I want to (and I do) so thats definetly on the agenda. Get into a large NC fleet and pew pew.

Mail is currently training for a Sabre, not sure what the use of this ship will be but as it's so close to the Phobos in what is needed I thought 'hey, what the hell.' Plus I am sort of enjoying flying a Thrasher recently as evidenced the kills in Amamake of this Cyclone, the pod and then a Harpy. Unfortunately I then lost the Thrasher and we also lost a Taranis.

I will keep you updated with what happens in Defi4nt, I will also continue to pirate for your general enjoyment.

We have a corp frig duel comming up soon so I will try to get some pics of the gang fighting each other and will announce the winner here, with a full battle report of course ;-)

Though aparently my so called 'friends' in TGA are only joining the tournament so they get, and I quote, 'A chance to pop Mail!'


Fly Dangerous o/

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Alliance leader down!

I'm posting this as a show of support for our Alliance leader Gilgamesh1980 and as a warning for the enitre eve universe.

Has anyone ever bought a ship off contract in Jita or from an unknown source elsewhere? Have you ever bought in to a friends EvE business, fincanced a POS network or just donated someone some in game ISK for a return later down the line?

Do you know that if you do any of these things you could risk losing your account? Permantley banned by CCP?

Well Gilgamesh now knows this.

A few weeks ago Gilgamesh1980 and his other 2 accounts got banned for 14 days for breaking the EULA. When he first started the game he had a RL friend who asked him to put up some hard earned ISK to go towards a POS network in exchange for monthly/quartkey payouts down the line.

He missioned, saved and bought a few GTC's to donate to this friend in return for a stable revenue to help him in his EvE career. So far so good. It lasted a 3 year period.

Then one day a few weeks ago he got a message from GM Nova. His accounts had been banned as his 'friend' had been selling and buying ISK for real money out of game. He had also been selling high end items for real life money.

Gilgamesh knew none of this and when he got banned for the 14 days he asked the GM for a full investigation to clear his name. The outcome? Permanent ban of all characters.

Gilgamesh was in Iceland this last wekk and managed to speak to two GM's, A member of the new CSM Teadaze and also with CCP Navigator. They all recomended him to appeal again and CCP Navigator also asked for a copy of the petition to be sent to him.

Now, Gilgamesh, last night, sent a long email explaining the circumstances in which he finds himself. Gilgamesh works for an IT security company in Ireland and has dedicated himself to protecting peoples identities while online.

Unfortunatley, the person who was scamming, breaking EULA etc, was a RL friend so most conversations took place out of game on a private work email, these can not be shared with CCP due to the confidentiality clauses most companies have these days.

GM Nova answered Gilgs email this morning. He flat out refused to let him appeal. He has also refused to forward the petition on to CCP Navigator or to escalate this matter any further.

Now I'm going to rant a little here about CCP. I don't know what they are thinking. Yes, Gilgamesh1980 financed a character in game which he was led to believe was kosher, he had no idea what was going on, he thought it was a legitimate in game business.

So this leads to a question. If you buy a ship of contract from an unknown source and that person has broken the EULA to gain those assets, through ISK buying whatever, does this mean you have now broken EULA cause you are now part fo this and may finance the unknown player into selling more ISK out of game?

If you buy into a friends POS business and get a return on it over the next few years, could you be breaking EULA because that person decides to buy some ISK out of game? Apparently so.

You know what, I really hope Mynxee reads this. As head of CSM this year does she have the contacts to maybe get someone to look into this case. Someone ABOVE GM Nova, who is refusing to escalate this innocent persons petition?

I know alot of Pirates have blogs. I also know alot of people read my blog through Capsuleer, and there are some really influential people in the blog pack, some who might of even dealt with Gilgamesh in the past. Python Cartel used to be in the Associates. HellCats and Mynxee used to be/are good friends with the Associates even tho we all pew pew together.

This is not right. CCP need to look into this matter further. And I'm not talking about GM's I'm talking about people like Claw, Mindstar, Navigator. People who can look into this matter and come to a fair conlusion.

I leave you with these words.

I bought a pre-rigged ship on contract a couple of weeks ago it cost about as much as the ship would off market but had rigs also.

If that person had have been doing RMT etc and got caught, whats to stop CCP coming back to me and banning my accounts, they've got as much proof there as they have for you that im in on it and can ban me? Seriously...

Fly Dangerous but most of all, stick to market or contracts from people you know! o/

Thursday, 17 June 2010

BB18: Ch-ch-changes

Welcome to the eighteenth installment of the EVE Blog Banter, the monthly EVE Online blogging extravaganza created by none other than me, CrazyKinux. The EVE Blog Banter involves an enthusiastic group of gaming bloggers, a common topic within the realm of EVE Online, and a week to post articles pertaining to the said topic. The resulting articles can either be short or quite extensive, either funny or dead serious, but are always a great fun to read! Any questions about the EVE Blog Banter should be directed to Check out other EVE Blog Banter articles at the bottom of this post!

"On May 6th 2010, EVE Online celebrated its 7th Anniversary. Quite a milestone in MMO history, especially considering that it is one of the few virtual worlds out there to see its population continually grow year after year. For some of you who’ve been here since the very beginning, EVE has evolved quite a lot since its creation. With the expansion rolling out roughly twice a year, New Eden gets renewed and improved regularly. But, how about you the player? How has you gaming style evolved through the years or months since you’ve started playing? Have you always been a carebear, or roleplayer? Have you only focused on PvP or have you given other aspects of the game a chance – say manufacturing. Let’s hear your story!"

So this is about changes, and really there hasn't been many. Except I'm no longer a newb! What do i mean by that? Well lets go back to the start and have a look how I began my EvE career.

I inherited Mail Lite, the character from a friend when he quit EvE. He had more powerful accounts and this was just a general 4 mil SP character in a random corp called 'Order of the Dragon' and despite the cool name it was a industrial corp. I started out running level one and two missions in a Rifter for my first month and a half, getting bored and logging after a few hours and not really making alot of cash if I'm honest.

However the CEO of the corp wanted a new director and it seemed I was the most active player, even though I had only been around for a few weeks and had no idea what I was ment to be doing in the corp and how I could get involved, I was made a director with full access to everything. Only problem? I was too newb to take advantage of this. I didn't know what a corp hanger was, what the corp wallet was. Apparently I had access to over 5 billion in assets when i was a director for that corp.

I then read Spectre's blog while at work one day. And when I say read, I mean READ EVERY POST HE EVER MADE IN ONE DAY! And that night I went home, Jumped in a Rifter, fitted to Spectre's Rifter post and made my way to Aurohen. Why Aurohen? Cause thats apparently where Spectre had lived at one time or another.

I jumped in and started practising with the D Scanner and on my very first night I killed a Retriever mining in a belt. Adreniline rush or what! I was hooked.

I had my CEO at the time contact me about the killing of the miner in Aurohen and said it wasn't the sort of thing he wanted in his corp and to keep away from neuts, red were fine but not neutral indutrialists.

I had joined the Hellcats Pub and asked a few times in there if anyone knew a corp where I could learn to pirate. Gilgamesh1980 was in the chat at the time and pointed me to TBRA where I found a great number of friends and eventually become a Personell Manager and then Director. I love the people, love the style of flying, love the ops and love being in the corp and flying the TGA banner.

I was then contacted out of game by the same friend who gave me Mail Lite, Aparently he had been following my progress and was now offering me another account for free. Hannibal Vexor, TKK and Gateway1.

Hannibal Vexor was just shy of 19mil and TKK is a miner and hauler alt at 7 mil. Gateway is a Cyno alt and Trader.

Hannibal is now my 'Main' and runs Level 4 missions, Wormholes and basically anything that will make me some extra cash and help out The White Rabbits. TKK is a Miner and is useful when TWR start mining ops, it means I can contribute in most ways. The Frieghter comes in handy too.

So the main changes in me over my EvE Career? Finding where I belonged, responsibility and having the tools to keep me nicely stable in my PVP endeveaurs.


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Saturday, 12 June 2010

A few small things ;-)

[17:28:31] Hannibal Vexor: Make sure all pilots are on there balls please FC's from now on. Specially Logistics, they really need to be firmly seated on their balls.

Anyone who watched Alliance Tournament 8 today from the start will know what this means. I said this in Alliance Tournament Public and it immediatly got added to a number of poeples BIO's.

Sweet! Lol!

Love you Brianna Tempest!

Anyway, going to watch England Vs USA now, then will catch up with AT8 and F1. Busy busy.

Lets hope England are firmly on thier balls tonight too! =P

Oh and by the way Erebus Alliance fail, they just do, watch the AT8 match if you don't belive me.

Star Fraction, two words... 'Oh dear!' 2 matches and 0 points. Not a single ship destroyed? Epic lulzs, thanks!

Fly dangerous! o/


Friday, 11 June 2010

Ishkur day one.

So Phobos? Not yet.
Myself and a corp mate were chatting about Assault ships, he flys an Ishkur and I have never flown an assault ship myself, though I do have all the needed support skills and Gallente Frigate 5. He linked a nice Ishkur fit in corp and I had a look. Very nice fit, very nice indeed.

Now I have on occasion flown an Incursus, but never really rated it, prefering the Rifter or Merlin for frig gang PVP, and sometimes the Taranis if I feel rich! But something clicked in my head and I went and bought the Assault frigate book,stopped my training for the Phobos and crammed the AS skill to level 4 so that I could fly the Ishkur with at least some confidence.

Once this was done I organised a roam and was delighted to see 9 people from TBRA and a TBR member join up. We had a nice fleet, myself in the Ishkur, Harpy, five Rifters, Punisher and a Caracal.

So we set off. We had the Harpy run inteference one system from the main fleet to try and get into a fight so we could jump in and either ransom (our favorite) or kill something.
A Claw decided to try and take our Harpy, once the point was called we all jumped and headed for our pilot. We all got lock and I loosed one shot off from the Ishkurs Neutrons but was miles out of range and the Claw was running away. The Rifters went after him and new boy Astral Dominix of Astral's Trials by Fire fame got his first final blow and killmail. Good going Astral.
During the fight we had a Rupture and a Wolf land on us. Unfortunatley for us they warped off before anyone could switch point. A bit of a fail there. Next time I will order for someone to get point on atleast one other ship!

So thats one kill for the Ishkur on it's first day out. Not bad huh? Well yes and no... 2 is alwasy better than one.

So still in the system where we caught the Claw, we were waiting on our Harpy pilot to find something he was scanning down one system over when I noticed a Bestower on scan. Hmmm.

Now with the new PI system in place a few people are starting to pop haulers at these new Customs offices that apear around plantes now. Otto got one earlier in the day so I thought I would try my luck and warped in the general direction of where the Bestower was. Nothing there but I thought I would keep trying so I warped to another customes office. Still nothing.
Ok so lets try something else. I warped to the PLANET of the first customs office I checked. And there he was in all his glory.

Industrial at 0 on a planet in low sec. One of a pirates favorite sights! Scrammed and bang. A few of my corpies managed to get in on the kill which is cool but I still got the Killmail and a 2nd kill in my new Ishkur.

I'm liking my new ship! Reminds me of what Kirth said about the Dramial, God Mode.

Last but not leat I would just like to put a shout out to a new friend I made yesterday 343guilty1 who convo'd me to say how much he liked the blog and told me a funny story which I may be posting on here at some point in the future.
I love that so please feel free to contact me if you have any criticism, praise, or just wanna say hello and tell me a funny story. EvE Mail would probably be best as if you contact me while I'm pewpewing I will probably ignore you =P
Another quick shout out goes to Larepyns who sent me a nice mail in game about the blog so o/ to both of you!

Hannibal is still in training for the Archon however I forgot to update a clone and lost Recons 5 so am doing that for the next 9 days. I know, I know. A PVP orientated person forgetting to sort out a clone. FAIL!

I have actually been given the nick name 'Fail Lite' by my CEO. Thanks Hattori =/

Anyway, signing out.

Fly Dangerous! o/

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Oh dear...

Hi all,
I'm having a problem with blogging at the moment because everything that The Guristas Alliance are currently undertaking needs to be kept classified. I'm sure you all understand.

So what to talk about? Mail is now less than a week from being able to fly the Phobos. I had to take a small 5 day break from training for it as I decided it was time to get T2 AC's for the Rifter. I used to fly this ship alot in the early days and got my first solo kills in this ship.

I then switched focus to Gallente and never bothered with T2 AC's. Happily that oversight is now rectified and i can field a T2 fitted Rifter for when the occasion arises.

Hannibal has been on a long skill for the last month. Trajectory Analysis 5. Why? Dunno really it was just something that may be useful in the future.

I said at the beginning of the year about getting a legion for Hannibal... Well that is on hold as i train for Amarr Battleship LvL 5. I'm sure you can see where this is going...

Well thats pretty much all I can say... Alot of logistics to sort out for one thing or another so,

Mail Signing out!

Fly dangerous o/

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Back and Blogging

Hello all,

First of let me appologise for my absence on the blogging scene. A number of things have been happening in RL that has stopped me from blogging.

Now to business. Whats been happening in EvE?

Well first of lets revisit Hannibal Vexor, my high sec brother in arms. You might remember a few months ago I got very excited at being able to fly the Drake Battlecruiser in Lvl 3 missions for CPF. Well I have now traded up and am currently running Lvl 4 missions in an Abaddon.
This marked a milestone for me personally as it was my first character to ever fly a Battleship. And let me tell you... I love it. The immense firepower of the Abbadon, the cap stable tank and the beauty of the ship itself is magnificent. The ISK from the LvL 4 missions will be going to fund a few more pirate ships for Mail.

Moving on to Mail, well first off TBRA is doing well, recruitment is still open and we are getting some new and enthusiastic pilots joining up.

The Alliance has moved and is currently basing out of Jan and we are trying to rebrand our alliance away from 'piracy' and towards a more 'terrorist' movement. What this means? Not totaly clear yet. Stay tuned.

Back in January I made a list of things that I want to achieve for each character. Mail Lite was meant to be heading towards a Megatron and maybe the Phobos. Well Gallente Cruiser 5 is complete, Signiture Analysis 5 is complete and I am now finishing up Propulsion Jamming 5 too. Bring on the expensive shiney of the Phobos Heavy Interdictor!

Hannibal now has most of the support skills needed for the Legion. I just haven't taken the plunge and bought the books yet. It's still on the list but is on the back burner for the moment.

The live events of CCP have been going down all around us in low sec and we have been able to help out the Sansha by terrorising the enemies of the Nation. IT's been fun and has managed to bring some people into Low Sec who wouldn't have been there otheriwse. If CCP could keep this going on some scale it might revitalise Low Sec to some extent and open Piracy up as a career choice for new EvE subscribers.

Other than that it's been business as normal for the last onth or so. Gatecamps, Roams and such. Only 2 operations to mention.

The first was a destroyer roam. Thrashers, Comorants and Catalysts running from Ishomliken and up towards Heydieles with a stop over in Tama. It was good fun, we got a Blackbird kill in Tama but didn't find much else. We even tried to get a fight in Old Man Star but alas noone wanted to play =(

We then suicided our fleet into a 0.5 system and ganked a poor Hulk pilot.

Another op of mention was a RR Osprey op. 3 of us were in high DPS gank cruisers and another was in a Blackbird. The rest of the fleet were in Shield RR Osprey's.

We managed to take out a Harbinger but again, couldn't find mush else. It did however give the newer TBRA members good oportunity to learn how to use RR and the broadcast system.

Both ops were good fun, we just need to get lucky and find some real fights.

I'm now back to blogging and will try to update once a week if not twice.

Fly Dangerous o/


Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Alot is happening =)

Ok so where to start? I've been back for a while but this is my first blog post since the awsomeness that is CCP diagnosed my computer with corrupted fonts and explained how to fix them.

First day I was back I took a this Vexor up to Heydeiles to try and stir up some trouble.

After while trouble found me in the form of Adrea Skye of Python Cartel and his Fleet Stabber. Kiting WELL out of my range and me forgetting to group drones meant bye bye Vexor.

[ 2010.03.25 19:38:12 ] Mail Lite > No way skye =P (I run from him, He folloes, I lose badly!)
[ 2010.03.25 19:40:29 ] Mail Lite > lol good fight mate
[ 2010.03.25 19:40:34 ] Andrea Skye > gf :)
[ 2010.03.25 19:41:03 ] Mail Lite > I knew a stabber would be impossible. not close range enough
[ 2010.03.25 19:41:30 ] Mail Lite > Penis =P
[ 2010.03.25 19:41:31 ] Andrea Skye > yeh, not a fair fight at all rly :P
[ 2010.03.25 19:41:45 ] Mail Lite > Fair? In EvE?
[ 2010.03.25 19:41:52 ] Andrea Skye > exactly! :P
[ 2010.03.25 19:42:10 ] Mail Lite > =P Fly dangerous mate
[ 2010.03.25 19:42:18 ] Andrea Skye > o/
[ 2010.03.25 19:42:22 ] Mail Lite > o/
[ 2010.03.25 19:42:32 ] Mail Lite > My first loss to Python btw
[ 2010.03.25 19:43:13 ] Mail Lite > Penis FTW!'

Next day I took a group of new academy members up to Heydieles, they were flying an Incursus and a Punisher. Nice to see someone flying something other than a Rifter! Anyway I was flying an anti Frigate fit Thorax fit for gank and not alot of tank. I taught 2 of the newest members of the Academy how to act in fleet and how to react to orders. We missed out on a few kills by warping in at the wrong distances and not managing to grab a point.

We returned home with no kills but with new experiences for our new TBRA members

Once back I stayed in the Thorax and started baiting a Harbinger piloted by Malek99. He wouldn't engage so I just buzzed around him while he sat at 0 on station. When he left, I followed him and we ended up 4 jumps away in Passari where he had a friend undock in a Nid Carrier and both started targeting my Thorax. I of course targetted back but noone engaged.

Shame really as I had a few friends on call ready to cyno into Passari and rip that Nid a new one...

Day 3 was mostly taken up with TKK and playing at carebear mining, trading and general ISK making.

I did log Mail on in time to take part in a fight against a russian blob running through Uuna.

My Thorax, Jareks 'cane and a friendly neutral Otto and his Drake baited in the most obvious belt and in they came. ECM Blackbird, Harbinger, Hurricane, Drake, Stilleto and a second Hurricane against Thorax, 3 x Hurricane, Drake, Drake and a Apocalypse.

Blackbird was called primary and he had to bug out within seconds of landing and then we called a Drake primary.

Half way through the Drake we lost 1 of the Hurricanes but then we also got the Drake. The Russians bugged out and we left it at 1 - 1 with TGA holding the field.

Next day I got a solo kill of a Bestower Indutrial that was afk in Ishomilken ON THE GATE. My Brutix went in, popped the ship and I had to go get my own industrial to haul the loot back. Thanks for that. Please do it more but with better stuff in your hold please.

Apraxas came along about 5 minutes later and popped the guys pod to give him a free ride home. He was still afk.

Later that day was round 2 with the Russians who like to blob. We started with a small gang of battlecruisers just running around Isho hunting for a couple of members of Bloodmoney Cartel. Another local pirate corp we like to play with and have mixed success in killing. We get info that the same russians we engaged a few days before are on their way through Nikkishina so I contact SGB Dose of Bloodmoney and ask if they would like to take out some russians.

They drop their fleet and join ours to take the fight to the blobby russians. A couple of our members decide to jump into battleships, an Apoc and a Tempest. We now number 2 Frigates, Cruiser, 5 Battlecruisers and 2 battleships. The Russians are fielding an Interceptor, Blackbird a couple of Drakes, A Harbinger and a Hurricane.

One of their Drakes is on the Nikki gate so we jump in and engage and the rest of thier fleet jump in. They primary our Apoc while we primary thier ECM and make it warp out. Drones = problems for Blackbirds.

Our Apoc pilot is going down fast and the Harbinger is kiting our attack so we switch primary to a Hurricane. It melts and they again bug out. This time we our 0-1 and we hold the field. Thats 2 engagements, each time we have held the field and we are one kill up. Looking forward to the next round!

2010.03.28 19:42:48 ] Mail Lite > Careful SGB, Russian Blob incoming
[ 2010.03.28 19:43:00 ] SBG Dose > hm (BMC Join TGA Fleet)
[ 2010.03.28 19:49:37 ] Apraxas1 > spike (Fight goes here)
[ 2010.03.28 19:52:05 ] Tar'el > whats wrong lady's?
[ 2010.03.28 19:52:13 ] Anton Jones > fu blobski
[ 2010.03.28 19:54:16 ] Apraxas1 > LOL
[ 2010.03.28 19:54:34 ] Mail Lite > Lol we blob?
[ 2010.03.28 19:54:42 ] Anton Jones > don't you?
[ 2010.03.28 19:54:56 ] Tar'el > lol
[ 2010.03.28 19:54:59 ] Anton Jones > fu
[ 2010.03.28 19:55:01 ] Tar'el > nab
[ 2010.03.28 19:55:06 ] Anton Jones > fu again)
[ 2010.03.28 19:55:13 ] Tar'el > tis all you guys do at least we 1v1
[ 2010.03.28 19:55:26 ] Anton Jones > hh... 15v8
[ 2010.03.28 19:55:29 ] Anton Jones > ye
[ 2010.03.28 19:55:34 ] Tar'el > yeah thats you
[ 2010.03.28 19:55:46 ] Tar'el > you want a 1v 1 with me right now?
[ 2010.03.28 19:56:10 ] Anton Jones > no on can trust such a bitch :) so fu again
[ 2010.03.28 19:56:32 ] Tar'el > noob im offering you out and ur shitting out
[ 2010.03.28 19:56:53 ] Anton Jones > u dont even know how stup this is what you are telling )
[ 2010.03.28 19:57:06 ] Tar'el > whast that in english?
[ 2010.03.28 19:57:21 ] Mail Lite > Tar'el, dangerously close to smack =P
[ 2010.03.28 19:57:31 ] Tar'el > but not yet
[ 2010.03.28 19:57:35 ] Mail Lite > rofl
[ 2010.03.28 19:58:03 ] Mail Lite > Thanks Blodmoney
[ 2010.03.28 19:58:07 ] Tar'el > thnx guys <3> 0/
[ 2010.03.28 19:58:09 ] SBG Dose > :)
[ 2010.03.28 19:58:10 ] Alyssa Eneas > np, ty
[ 2010.03.28 19:59:00 ] Mail Lite > (Back to hunting each other)
[ 2010.03.28 19:59:05 ] Mail Lite > rofl
[ 2010.03.28 19:59:08 ] SBG Dose > nom nom nom
[ 2010.03.28 20:01:51 ] Anton Jones > bb pussies
[ 2010.03.28 20:01:55 ] Drauxx > lol
[ 2010.03.28 20:01:57 ] Mail Lite > rofl
[ 2010.03.28 20:04:06 ] Tar'el > anyone pick up my drones? hammerheads 2's?
[ 2010.03.28 20:04:39 ] SBG Dose > nah
[ 2010.03.28 20:04:44 ] Tar'el > aww

As you can see TGA are blobbers, not the Russians! Wow that's a twist huh? Guess our Russian friends don't like it when they lose out for once (or twice)

Thanks again to Bloodmoney Cartel who helped us out in the 'Blob' against the Ruskies. SGB puts it best.

[ 2010.03.28 20:00:15 ] SBG Dose > we're the only 2 pirate corps in the area, think we're gonna miss a chance to pop ruskies together?
[ 2010.03.28 20:00:18 ] SBG Dose > fuck no

Fly dangerous o/


P.S TGA have a new toy. No further details till I'm allowed. Then there will be a nice post.


Thursday, 25 March 2010


Hi all,

As you can probably get from the title my EvE is back working and CCP were the ones who diagnosed the problem.

I had issues with missing and/or corrupted fonts so I got a friend to copy his fonts onto a USB pen drive and bring it over. I then copied the info over to my computer, replaced the bad bits with correct and bish bash bosh EvE is back!

Thanks to everyone who tried to help, both bloggers and alliance friends and I'm looking forward to getting back into EvE.

Fly dangerous! I know I will! o/


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Any MMO better than no MMO?

Hmmm well it looks like my sabbatical from EvE will carry on at the moment. I have tried numerous things to try and get my client to work again so I can get back into EvE and go get some pew-pew action. However everything I have tried has made no difference at all and I am out of ideas. I have 3 options left.

1. Buy a new computer – not going to happen, with my other half cooking our first spending out on a computer would be met with the mother of all arguments and that’s not a good idea.

2. My friend who built this computer for me a few months ago is coming round to take a look at some point. He plays/played EvE so understands how it feels to have issues and I’m hoping he will be around soon to sort this out for me. He has some RL issues though so I am not sure when this will be happening.

3. Last and least, CCP. I petitioned the problem after a friend from my alliance and I exhausted everything we could think of. I wrote them a lovely little thing including everything I had tried and they promptly replied with something I had just told them I had already done.

I told them I had done that then they spoke about just restarting the computer… It had been 3 days ofcourse I had restarted the computer and tried reinstalling. Then they told me to run the repair tool. Done that one too… Then they asked for the dxdiag from the computer to try and help further. Will they come through? I hope so!

In the mean time I am at a loss to what to do. I had a 4 day weekend and no EvE. Spent a lot of the time with the other half and that was nice. But what to do computer wise? Well I started by playing through the MW2 campaign again, bored of that so mover onto Dragon Age Origins. Great game but no interaction with other players so got bored.

Sims 3? Ugh, it’s the other halves but I gave it a shot for about 30 minutes and got VERY bored. I have more games but nothing jumped out at me. I’m thinking of getting Supreme Commander 2 and Dawn of War II but that involves money.

One very scary thing though is that throughout my forced EvE break I have started the WoW client (that I have downloaded for a friend to play when I’m not home) a few times. I never log in or anything as I come to my senses but, well, is any MMO better than no MMO?

Fly dangerous and think of me… o/


Sunday, 21 March 2010

Back to no EvE...

Hmmm well one day of EvE went well. Killed a Thorax and lost the Vexor to a couple of frigates. All was going so well!

So yesterday I took my hauler alt over to Jita to get me fittings for a shield tanked gank Thorax, another neut Vexor set up and a couple of frigate setups. *I already had the hulls*

So there I was, on my way back to Ishomilken and the power goes for 30 seconds. When it returns I turned the computer back on and wonder off for a few minutes while the other half checks her Facebook and such.

I try to log into EvE about an hour later and it goes to the Dominion Splash screen.

Then Black

Then crashes to Desktop with the generic Windows error message. 'CCP Exefile has stopped working, Windows is checking for a solution to the problem...' (Off topic but has anyone actually seen this find a solution for ANYTHING?)

Ok, so how to sort it. First off I restarted the computer to see if that would help. No go.

Uninstall and reinstall next. Nothing.

Clear the Cache and Settings from the User>AppData>CCP folder. Done and no help

Cleared my logs and stuff from My Documents>EvE. Zilch and no go.

EvE Repair tool run and no issues found.

Petition to CCP is in, their first reply was to try something I had already told them I had done. (Clear Cache and Settings) So far no other suggestins from CCP.

I am now opening this up to you guys in the hope there are some computer people out there who can suggest a cure for this!

Thanks in advance!


Friday, 19 March 2010

End of Sabatical - First loss

Morning all,

So ok last night was a learning curve. I managed to get my solo kill in the new Vexor I am playing with but I also managed to lose that same Vexor about an hour later.

I was still in Hydeliels and was scanning around again looking for something to get my Yarr' on! I found a Rifter in a belt aparently alone but with a number of other ships on 360 degree scan. I decided to chance it. The ship was fully insured and I needed and acid test on this ship.

I went to the belt, me and the Rifter pilot, Aurical Cryso, closed and started orbiting each other. Both with Warp Scrams running, I let loose a flight of Hammerhead II's and started my Neutrilizers and NOS. The Rifter slows and starts taking damage and an Incursus joins the fight. I focus on the Rifter, being the most dangerous and not notice two facts.

1. Both Frigates were popping my Drones
2. I had run out of cap charge 800's.

I got given a schooling in being prepared and taking more notice of my drones, rather than just letting them go and forgetting about them. I should also remember the fact that this fitting NEEDS cap boosters to survive.

So there I was, no Hammerheads, a set of unuseable Warrior II's in my drone bay (No idea why) and a flight of ECM small drones.

The Rifter has warped off as I had managed to get him into structure so i set the ECM drones on the Incursus to try and get the jam so I can warp out.

No Dice. Rifter warps in and they carry on slowley eroding the armour and structure on the Vexor until it goes pop.

Good fight boys, good fight and I will be around Heyd and OMS more in future!

I have another Vexor in the hanger ready to go. I am going to take Hobgoblin II's and Hammerhead II's instead of the Warriors until I have that skill up to around 3-4.

Going off now, great night and some great lessons learned for next time. Hoping for a rematch!

Fly dangerous! o/