Monday, 5 July 2010

A Defi4nt Bunny!

First of, don't worry! Mail Lite is still a pirate and still flying under the banner of The Black Rabbits Academy.

Hannibal Vexor however has split from The White Rabbits and joined Domini Umbrus, a member of Defi4nt.

I've been in Defi4nt 3 days now and I have to say, I'm loving it. I've been carebearing it up over the last couple of days, including running The Maze twice and have made some nice Iskies. I also have met some great people who keep inviting me to run amazing plexes with them and hopefully split some great loot.

The best so far was a 3 way split of a Rattlesnake BPC. So to all the guys I have run plexes with so far, Thank you!

I've decided that, due to now being out in 0.0 that a good DPS/Tank ship is called for, so I have started training for a Sentry Drone using Ishtar. These seem to be generaly acknowledged as one of the best PVE ships in the game and it's not a long skill plan to being able to fly it well. It's also sort of on the way to the Archon (Sentry Drones etc) so I'm not losing much time on that goal.

So far I have not been involved in any defence fleets or PVP out here in the north but I am kitted out for PVP if I want to (and I do) so thats definetly on the agenda. Get into a large NC fleet and pew pew.

Mail is currently training for a Sabre, not sure what the use of this ship will be but as it's so close to the Phobos in what is needed I thought 'hey, what the hell.' Plus I am sort of enjoying flying a Thrasher recently as evidenced the kills in Amamake of this Cyclone, the pod and then a Harpy. Unfortunately I then lost the Thrasher and we also lost a Taranis.

I will keep you updated with what happens in Defi4nt, I will also continue to pirate for your general enjoyment.

We have a corp frig duel comming up soon so I will try to get some pics of the gang fighting each other and will announce the winner here, with a full battle report of course ;-)

Though aparently my so called 'friends' in TGA are only joining the tournament so they get, and I quote, 'A chance to pop Mail!'


Fly Dangerous o/

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  1. Defy is a good 0.0 starter alliance and i enjoyed my time there :D the pvp although could be pretty lame tho as you have to go way far away for roams D:

    tell the kypps that nitor says hi for me :D