Friday, 16 July 2010

A good night, fun times and Revenge


I logged on last night not really feeling in the mood for much action and just wanting to read some EvE mails and play with some fittings etc.

I then get the call that a certain Dame Death is sitting outside our station in Auner in a Cynabal. I remind the new members of the academy not to engage on station and to ignore the local smack. Now Dame Death has been a member of The Black Rabbits Academy and was kicked for 'Accidently' engaging blues a number of times. He then was given the benefit of the doubt a couple of weeks later and was allowed to rejoin.

He then left again, joined a alliance that was red to TGA and started being a prat.

He then convinced Gilgamesh to let him back in. So he was back for a couple of weeks, then after a number of arguements between members of the alliance he again, left.

He then AGAIN rejoined the alliance, and after some unpleasentness left once again, this time with a life time ban on all his toons.
Dame disapeared from local and a Python Cartel member, Amanda sat on the station we call home at 0 in an Abbadon. So what do TGA do? Why we undock a couple of Battleships and a few Battlecruisers of course. We are just about to engage the Abbadon when it suddenly drops a Cyno field and Dame Death jumps in with the Archon and Nauticaa soon joins the party in a Thanatos.

Fail on their part, if they had waited a few more seconds we would of been engaged, as it was we all just went 'Meh' and docked up. We may be pirate but we ain't dump pirates...

A couple of minutes later a few of us undock in frigs and cruisers and insta warp out to hunt a couple of FW dude in a plex in Auner. Nice.

We ran around, playing cat and mouse with a Taranis, Punisher and Sabre. The Sabre pilot keeps bouncing around planets. When the call comes that the Sabre is off scan I decided to try warping to the only planet off scan from my position. At 0 at that.

Guess what? Yep, got him. I land less than 5000m away get point and web and keep him locked down. I pour on the damage and advise fleet that they can come in when they want.

Sabre Vs Ishkur 1v1 at the moment and I have to admit, it was close. I got him to about 10% structure before Stuart in his Rupture lands the 121 damage to end him.

As you can see... I got out in structure too! 34% to be exact. Good fight!

Anyway after waiting out the GCC I docked and repaired my Ishkur and Gilgamesh came online and said he wanted a number of heavy hitters. I accidently undocked in my shield Brutix and while I'm out I get locked up by Dame Death, now in an Abbadon with a TBR member as my back up in a Vulture.
Dame Death agresses me and after a couple of hits, Gilg tells me to engage and for eveyone in Auner station to undock and attack. My Brutix is going down quick but is doing a good amount of damage so I hold on and overheat as much as I dare.

The fleet undocks in an assortment of Battleships and Battlecruisers. My Brutix is now going down quick and I send out a broadcast for reps. I get a couple but it is not enough. The Abbadon goes down but with it's LAST SHOT it takes out my Brutix. We also manage to pod Dame Death. I like.

I swiftly reship and rejoin fleet as they start locking up Nauticaa in the Thanatos, and join in as we engage, but it docks back up.

I request to borrow another Brutix from a fleet member and manage to get another shield Brutix to take on a roam that Gilg has put together.

We have a scout in front and a tackle Vulture. We don't get any kills on the way down and when in Amamake we manage to get a Hurricane to engage our Drake and Vulture but is is very quick and motors away from the engagement.

We hang around for a minute but it's quite obvious we ain't going to get any kills here today so we start heading back. On the Dal gate from Amamake we run into this Thrasher who is on autopilot and quickly dispatch him and his pod.

On the way back we see a Back to Yarr fleet of 2 x Hurricanes, 2 x Drake and a Brutix. Fleet splits up on different sides of the same gate. One side has a Hurricane pointed and tries to pop it while the other side has a Brutix locked down.

The Hurricane manages to get back to gate and unfotunatley we have chased the Brutix to far off the gate to get point. However we do get the Brutix. Revenge for my Blackbird loss the day before! Yay!

So we arte back home and I call it a night. For someone who wasn't planning on doing much I seemed to have a damn good night.

I think we now have a TWR Blog, TBR Blog and 3 TBRA blogs. Not bad, not bad at all.

I think thats everything.

Fly dangerous o/



  1. lols mail i kiled 4 of ur guys solo that night u blobed me with 24ish and desyncd dame so grats :P

    also i never shoot blues was a misunderstanding with gil once but u wanst even playing then

    as for the isk yeh gils geting that back tho much more smack and ill just keep it.

  2. Hi Dame,

    I found 3 Solo kills on our board by you for that day. One was, of course, my Brutix and I give you props for that... The others were a newbie in his Incursus who hasn't quite got the hang of insta undocks and Jixx in an Amarr Shuttle. So gratz.

    I agree I don't know the whole story of the 'Blues' thing but I was just going by what I was told and the reasons you left the Academy the first time. I think you even told me about it...

    As for the ISK. I didn't mean to imply anything by that, I trust you when it comes to ISK and your word etc.

    As to the smack thing. Don't just keep using it as an excuse to hid behind everytime you want a fight. Send me and Jarek the chat logs if it's a member of the Academy and we will deal with it. A number of reminders have gone out about smack and if one of our boys is ignoring it then I want to know.

    If it's a member of TBR send a message over to Gilg and I'm sure it will be dealt with.

    Tbh Dame, the last time you were with us I thought you made some good progress and it was a shame to see you go.


  3. Oh and you should remember this Dame =)

    "We don't blob, we just apply force in a disproportionate manner during an uneven tactical combat situation to maximize revenue and increase shareholder value"

  4. i think u better read ur laince mail as this breaks a rule gil said :P

  5. Yeah you ran crying to Gilg, just like you do everytime a member of the Academy or TBR responds to your smack. You use it as an excuse.

    I have ommitted about 4 words from my blog post and it now complies with Gilg's Alliance EvE mail.

    Unfortuantley I took a few days to do it so most people would of read it by now anyway...

    Fly Dangerous o/