Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Guest spot: Volstrius, first fleet pod log.

I have decided to give a guest spot on this blog to a new member of The Guristas Associates, Volstruis.

He convo'd me and asked if I have ever done this before and I admitted I hadn't given it much thought before. He sent me a small IC piece and I decided it was really good, good enough to post for all to enjoy.

Excerpt taken from Volstruis ‘The Ostrich’ Nakajima’s Pod Log.

First Fleet

Get your shit together, get your ass to Auner and get involved. Great, from the Rabbit himself.

Truth be told high sec is no good for a capsuleer. Too much time schmoozing agents and too little time keeping your wits about you. Those high sec rats barely even put up a good fight. Maybe it was the third bottle of whisky or maybe it was the not so subtle truth behind his command but he was right. Playtime was over. It was time to get involved.

I fired up my personal communications platform and logged into the fleet finder. Cebit’s fleet. FC looking for personnel to help defend a nul-sec outpost. Good an opportunity as any I thought as the Thukker engineers were bringing the last my Incursus’ modules online and pod fluid started blurring my vision. Good number and mix of spaceships and clear, crisp leadership had me genuinely excited for the first time in a long time.

The journey was short and uneventful. We made our way to the last low-sec en route, docked up and waited for intel. We didn’t like what we heard. Our scouts painted a pretty bleak picture of the force we were up against and it was time to let discretion best enthusiasm. So we did what any sane group of pirates would in that situation. We roamed.

First couple of systems slipped by pretty uneventfully. Our cruiser pilots managed to grab a few targets on gates but I’ve learnt the hard way not to get involved that close to sentry guns in a frigate. I certainly didn’t want to make my back to Auner first day out in a capsule.

We reached our first waypoint. Gusandal. Pilots moved to safes and we started scanning. Just when we thought it was time to move on, two battleships chose to engage us. The word that comes to mind is foolish. As soon as the call came over the comms, he’s engaged us, the frigate wing warped in and we started our assault. The Drake popped quickly, the Mega docked up to lick his wounds, and the Black Rabbits were the only ones smiling after the encounter.

The whisky at the Thukker Bar back home in Auner was tasting sweeter by the day.!

If this gets a good reception I may ask other members of TBRA, TBR and TWR to contribute to this blog aswell. But for that to happen I would like to get some feed back. Comments please!

I would also like to quickly do a shout out to Kane Rizzel who, today, posted his intent to leave EvE. This will be a great loss not only to EvE but to the whole EvE Blog Network. Don't do it!

Fly Dangerous o/


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  1. This is excellent, except the drake was ours and the ship we killed was a Vagabond. Love the style tho, and look forward to reading more.