Monday, 12 July 2010

A new TGA Blog arrives...

So we have me and Astral blogging about the adventures of our maniacal and wicked pirate ways. And I'm sure you all love it!
But one corp has always been forgotten, sort of like the red haired step child of our alliance. The White Rabbits.

Next up, I posted a couple days ago about the recruitment drive for the Academy. Well we have a great response and, after accepting 12 new pilots and a couple still waiting for interviews, our new CEO decided to close recruitment for a couple of weeks.

This should help our newest pilots.get the training from our older and more experienced members.

If you looking to start a life of piracy keep your eye's on this Blog, Astrals' blog and the EvE-O forums as we will be taking a new influx of students in a couple of weeks.

I also enjoyed doing my Top Five 'Kickass Looking Pirate Ships' and think I may do a couple more Top Five lists in the coming weeks. Just need some idea's!

Fly Dangerous o/


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