Thursday, 8 July 2010

A Pirate Roam

I have spent a few days running around with Defi4nt and I'm enjoying my time with them. I have made some nice Iskies and would actively promote Defi4nt to anyone looking for a relatively safe haven in 0.0 and a good, active and fun envioment to enjoy it.

That said, anyone looking to live the life of a rum soaked pirate should obviously join The Black Rabbits Academy or The Black Rabbits themselves depending on your SP and experience. We have a new recruitment drive open on the EvE-O forums found here.

So what will you be getting if you join The Guristas Associates? Well lets go through a typical evening with the rabbits.

I logged on last night at around 1730 ET and, after scouting through a friendly hauler, I started a fleet and spammed it in all the channels. I got 4 members of the Academy sign up (the rest watching the World Cup Semi Finals). Two of them flying Punishers, one flying an Enyo and myself flying a ECM 'Jammy Bastard' Blackbird.

We set our course for Amamake and off we went.

A few jumps in and we found a local we have killed before flying his favorite ship, the Jaguar. We know he fits it MWD and Artilery and loves kiting people. He does it well.

We tried to tempt him into a fight but he kept his range nicely so we sort of figured we would leave him to it and go on.

In Dal we were at a spot close to the Amamake gate and saw a Rifter on scan. He wasn't at the gate so we scanned round for a bit and locked him down to a belt.

Fleet warps in and he bugers off. Fair enough.

Astral Dominix (His Blog here) tells the rest of the fleet to piss off and we go back to our little safe spot and align back to the belt. The Rifter pilot comes back in and Astral gets point.

Fleet warps in and I notice that the Rifter is doing over 980m/s and getting away. I shout to our guys to close range and not to lose the kill. The Rifter is Perma Jammed by my 'Epic Blackbird of win (tm)' and I'm loosing Rockets out to it. Astral, using a MWD Punisher gets closer and sits on him till he pops. Pod got away.

Notice please the 400mm plate, the Armor Rig and nothing but the Afterburner II for speed mods. I would love to see that guys Navigation skills to get the Rifter to go that fast.

Anyway we waited out our GCC, a few other guys come in and join us, we now have a Thrasher, Dramiel and a 3rd Punisher and then we headed to Amamake, the local PVP/FW hub, and started scanning around.

After a few minutes I scanned a Stabber down to the sun and we warp in, get point and pop him. He must of been AFK as he didn't move or try and agress back. Looking at his fit he was obviously doing some exploration sites, to bad he didn't get anything nice for us to loot. Once we all had point on the pod I got a new boy, Cithilu to pop the pod and help him on his way to -10.00

With local up to 60+ we decide to head our fleet home, only to find every gate on the way back camped by interceptors, frigates, cruisers and battlecruisers. Not a problem for our newbies who have yet to get to -5.00 but for us reds it was a bit of a problem.

I managed to get most of the fleet home safe, but unfortunatley we lost our Enyo to a sensor boosted interceptor gang. Oh dear.

So, if your looking for fast moving low sec PVP, hit and run tactics, regular fleets and kills then think about dropping into Guristas Recruitment channel when in EvE and hitting someone up for a chat.

I enjoyed getting my Yarr on last night, especially now that I have a good source of income from Hannibal Vexor and Defi4nt.

Fly Dangerous o/


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  1. Sad I know, but a quick play of EFT tells me that Rifter pilot would need Navigation 5, and then Accelaration Control and Armor Rigging, one to level 3 and the other 4 would let him hit 992 m/s.

    Its a VERY tight fit tho, even with All Fives.