Saturday, 10 July 2010

Best pirate ships in EvE?

Kirth Darkblade posted on his blog today about a question from one of his wingmen Kishin asked.

What is the best pirate ship in EvE?

Now Kirth went down the way of how the ship looks. I have to agree with Kirth that this is a very difficult question to answer as everyone has there own opinion and different ships are best for different engagements.
Personally I love Assault Ships, the Ishkur in particular, and am currently falling in love with the Blackbird as a ECM support ship. Those are two of my favorites.

However look wise, neither come close. So I decided to do what Kirth has done and select my top 5 best looking ships from a 'Kickass!' point of view.

Numer Five: Thrasher

Number Four: Megathron Navy Issue

Number Three: Taranis

Number Two: Pilgrim
Number One: Wolf

These are my personal favorites in the way of how they look. Whats about yours?

EDIT: Thanks to a reader for pointing out that I totaly fail and put a picture of a Kronos up instead of the Megathron Navy Issue. This has now been fixed. And to be honest I actually like ALL the Megathron Hulls, the Navy just being my Favorite due to the cool paint job.

Fly Dangerous o/



  1. Your number 4 is actually a picture of a Kronos.
    I would have agreed with the navy mega before the skin change though and it would have been my #1 but ccp ruined it with the woodland camo.

  2. It looks like my idle musing has made a small but visual ripple in the blogging world!

    I like the choices here, some really nice looking ships, especially the Taranis. (I love how it is all wonky and such)

    All the best o/