Monday, 22 February 2010

Grand Theft Orca

Nothing really interesting has been happening to any of my characters over the last few days, a bit of missioning on Hannibal who has just broke into the level 4 missions, Mail being on standby for fleets and roams etc.

So nothing really to report at the moment, but a great story came to me via one of my corp mates while TKK and the White Rabbits were on a mining op.

For confidentiality reasons the names have been changed.

Jacob used to own an Orca, it got blown up on a low sec mining op with the White Rabbits and he hadn’t bothered to replace it, until now anyway.

Well, Jacob is flying around high sec space in a frigate, just moving from system to system on his way to a local trade hub to pick some stuff up for the corp. As is normal with pirates or alts of pirates after jumping into a system you automatically hit the scan button on your directional scanner, lo and behold an Orca and Hulk show up on scan. This would not normally spike any interest but Jacob checks local, only 2 other pilots apart from him and one of them is a brand new 2010 player. There are no stations in this system so Jacob starts scanning the nearest belts to the gate. The Orca and Hulk are both in the same belt so he warps in to have a look.

The pilot of both ships is mining in the Hulk with the Orca next to him. Jacob lands 3000m from the unpiloted 700million ISK ship and immediately leaves the frigate and jumps into the guys Orca.

The pilot of the ships now makes an even stupider mistake and ejects from his Hulk in an attempt to get his Orca back. Jacob then pulls the Hulk and for giggles, his Frigate, into the Orca’s bay, waves in locals and warps off to the gate and continues on his way to his destination.

Lets list the Orca/Hulk pilots mistakes shall we?
1. Ejecting from a 700mil ship
2. Ejecting from a 700mil ship ON THE WARP IN TO THE BELT!
3. Not keeping a closer eye on local
4. Not having ‘ships only’ on his overview. He might have been able to save the Orca
5. After Jacob had already boarded the Orca, ejecting from the Hulk in ‘Take me’ range of a now hostile ship.

Lets tot up how much Jacob made in 5 minutes of work:
Orca – 700 million ISK
Hulk – 180 million ISK
Orca fittings – 50 million ISK
Hulk Fittings – 40 Millions ISK
Ore in hold – 2 Million ISK
Grand Total – 972 Million ISK

Just because The White Rabbits have positive sec status, they still have piratical tendencies, as this shows nicely.

In other news, Involuntary Confinement (5150) moved into our home base just over a week ago and started playing docking games and fitting smart bombs to Battleships to pop any smaller TGA craft leaving station.

5150 used to be part of TGA but in 2008 Gilgamesh1980, our CEO, expelled them from the alliance due to differences in opinions and the CEO of 5150 vowed they would be back to destroy our Alliance.

They had Carriers and Battleships, we had more Carriers and Battleships. We engaged them; they docked and would never come off station and into a proper fight.

We carried on as normal, roams, camps etc. They dropped an allied corp on us, with 7 Dreads, We counter dropped one of our friendly null sec alliances on them, 5 dreads, 6 carriers and a Nyx. They ran and have now moved out from TGA space again. Come back when you have the stones to engage off station and have bigger friends.

Another large op has been arranged and again, can’t say to much about it accept I am really looking forward to it, and once it’s in motion I should be able to post about it!

Oh and I am still trying to sort out some screen shots and such to go with my blog posts. I realise they are a bit text heavy!

Fly Dangerous o/

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Caracals and T2 Blasters

So T2 Medium Blasters are done!

Took a while and I had a few breaks to quickly throw some other stuff in there too, but yesterday, it finally happened, I fitted T2 Medium Blasters to my Brutix, but haven’t tried them out yet as I didn’t get a lot of play time last night! Sucks!

Now I have the T2 guns for the BC and can fit the rest of the ship to T2 standards already, I feel my skills in that size hulls are now at an acceptable level. I can now field a nice, hard hitting; fleet fit Brutix with all the nice trimmings.

However this has now caused me an issue. What do I go for next? I am currently having great fun in flying (and losing) a lot of anti frigate Caracals and plan to do a lot more work with this ship. Maybe I should quickly concentrate on upping my Caldari Cruiser and Missile skills? Caldari Cruiser to level 4 and T2 Assault missiles with level 4 missile support skills all round? That’s a few weeks so maybe…

Or should I do something I have been looking into for the last few months? And start going for the Megathron? T2 fitted including the Blasters? That’s a good few months training and I have already loved the look of the ship, and it would be nice to be able to field a Battleship when the need arises.

Going back to the Caracal I have had one kill in the Caracal so far, a Taranis pilot trailed me around some of the belts in Mara, I warped to a nice, obvious planet at 0 and waited. He landed at 20km and started burning towards my poor little cruiser! Oh noes!

Oh wait, scrambled, double webbed and 5 assault missile launchers tearing holes in the T2 frigates hull. Bye Bye Taranis!

Feeling cocky I went into Dantumi and found a Jaguar pilot and a Rifter pilot running around, perfect fun! I tried to get the Rifter to engage but hey ignored me so I warped to a planet, on top of the Jag. I double webbed, scrammed and let loose on assault missiles. His tank was awesome, mine was screwed! He popped my Caracal and I warped away before he could take my pod.

I chatted to the guy after and he was shield tanking the Jaguar, very nice, and I had made a stupid mistake! TURN YOUR DAMAGE CONTROL ON!

Bugger, but it was a great fight and I enjoyed every second.

Couple of days later and back in a Caracal I went up to Tama and was picking a fight when a Rapier appeared next to me. Uh oh, the Caracal is a great ship but Rapiers are deadly little fuckers. And when he was joined by his corp mate in a Slepnir I knew I was toast!

Good fight to those boys of Blood Money Inc though.

In other news, Hannibal is currently playing support for Mail Lite and TGA on an operation of undisclosed nature. My other characters are spread around home systems doing some ISK making duties.

At this moment a number of other great things are happening in and around The Guristas Alliance but for the moment, for operational security, none of these things can be reported yet, however a number of blog posts have been written and once the operation is over and I am given the green light, I will post about these exploits.

Fly dangerous! o/

Monday, 8 February 2010

POS bashing and Ransoms

Right, first thing I would like to say is a big thank you to members of the blogging community for linking my carrier kill post in there blogs;

Logan Fyreite - This one actualy had me in proper laughter, not good when on the phone to a client!

Neither of them can spell my name right but never mind!

Ok so what have I been doing on EvE the last few days?

Well Mail Lite got a delivery over the weekend of a Merlin and Caracal and is currently finishing of the training to use T2 Shield extenders. After I have played with the fittings and seen the boats in action I will post the fits and kills that these ships have. I am planning to turn the Caracal into the ultimate anti-frigate platform using lots of assault missile launchers. The Merlin will have T2 hybrid blasters and T2 rocket launchers and a large shield buffer tank and will wipe the smile off any cocky Rifter pilot. Hopefully…

Mail also took his Drake out for its first action, a POS bash.

Someone (stupidly) decided to put up a POS in the home system of the Guristas Alliance on Saturday evening, needless to say our Sunday was made of big ships, missiles, dreads, carriers and anything that could hit more than 30km. The POS was well set up (in my newbie opinion);

1 x Ion Field Projection Battery

2 x Medium Beam Laser

2 x Phase Inversion

5 x Small Beam Laser

8 x Small pulse Laser

4 x Spatial Destabilization Battery

3 x Stasis Web

2 x Warp Disruption

4 x White Noise Generation

2 x Energy Neutrilizing Battery

8 x Photon Scatterin Array

1 x True Sansha Tower

1 x Corporate Hanger

3 x Ballistic Deflection Array

4 x Heat Dissipation Array

1 x Explosion Dampening Array

Unfortunatly for the owner of the above POS he forgot to actuallt configure the defence systems so the actually FIRED. We were all sitting around in BC’s, BS’s and even a number of Stealth bombers and not one of us got attacked by the POS weapon systems!


Anyway with a few Dreads in fleet we primaried his tower, anyone not able to hit the tower from 30km was tasked on taking out an number of modules that were at closer range and outside his POS shield.

The owner turned up in a Blockade runner about halfway through the towers shield and proceeded to set up a number of extra harderners to counter our efforts. We asked him nicely to offline his harderners so we could do this quicker, he politely declined.

So we started a bit of a dialogue with him and came to an arrangement. Pay us 900 million ISK and we will give you 24 hours to remove your POS. Can’t say fairer than that can we? After a bit of a delay (Where we really thought we were about to get hot dropped) he paid our FC the agreed ransom. He has till 1900 EvE time tonight to remove his POS. Can’t wait to get home and see if he has sorted it yet.

Hannibal got a bit of action yesterday too. TWR managed to get a very large mining fleet up and we were happily messing around when a Wolf turned up and flipped 0.13 million of Veldspar. I went to fetch Hannibals’ Drake and re flipped the can. A Incursus of the same corp turned up and scouted me out, then a friend turned up, in his Typhoon Battleship, I could see this going wrong very quickly.

The Incursus warped off and the BS engaged, he had neuts, my Damage Control went down and I was capped out through the entire fight. I survived long enough to get the Typhoon into half armor; I then noticed his friend had returned… In a Proteus T3 Cruiser.

Picture was just before the Proteus came in.

Pop went my Drake and my Pod warped off. I did offer to pay a ransom in Local but was ignored, strange but true. It was a fun fight and I found that my little Drake could punch hard, take a lot of damage and I really did have a great time. (Especially when a friend decided to give me a new Drake free of charge)

In other news, the winners of CK’s blog banter contest are in. I was not one of the winners and offer my congratulations to those who were! Great entries and I loved reading every single one.

I now have my very own loss mail on Gateway1 who was popped by a dread! This is the first Kill mail I have featuring a cap ship and will cherish it always (Thanks Dame =p)

Over the next week it will be business as normal, roams, camps and silly shit and I will keep you all updated as it goes on. However from Saturday, The Guristas Alliance has been called to arms, including TWR.

I am hoping for many, many good stories and intrigue.

Fly dangerous o/

Friday, 5 February 2010

Carrier killed by TBRA and Python Cartel

Hmmm, ok so real life has bit me in the butt for the last few days; I have had a lot of little, but time consuming things to do on EvE, in regard to the alliance so have not done any pew pew for a few days. I am hoping to rectify this over the weekend.

However I feel I must post this kill of a Carrier that members of The Black Rabbits Academy were involved in yesterday.

I read the TGA battle report and feel the best way to do it justice is to just copy and paste it out of the official forums.

‘A lone drake sits upon a belt happily ratting with the aid of 5 fighter drones....presumably doing very well shooting belt rats with insane overkill DPS.

"Silence on the comms! There's a drake sitting on a belt. With fighters. There's a carrier in here somewhere so we need to be careful. Hopefully we can ninja the drake, at any rate."

"Just so you all know, primary is the drake, and the fighters are secondary, just to make somebody suffer."

Little did we know...our young, capital ship cherries would soon be popped.

"Drake in low shield...." "Chimera on scan!"

Victor's voice cuts clear through the communications. "Decide now. carrier, yay or nay."

"With an overwhelming chorus of "YAY!," we initiate point.

A mere 4 battlecruisers, one blackbird, and an onyx against 12 million cubic meters of solid tritanium alloy.I'll admit, I still didn't believe it possible. Surely a support fleet was on it's way to destroy us in cruel retribution for such a bold attack. Surely....local stayed clear.

Just maybe.....just maybe.

"Guys, let's get Hellcats. Let's get United. Let's get Python....someone!"

The carrier pilot's drone choice is revealing significant desperation. Dragonflies became Wasps...became Vespas....Became Hornets....Became Garde Is....(huh??!?)A

ll of a sudden, Empyric very happily reports "Python Cartel is on it's way!!!!"

Maybe....10 seconds later all sorts of fancy faction ships appear and my screen fills with red...But yet, for now they were green.

How poetic

At this point the Chimera more or less melted like butter on a very hot pan. In fact, more like hot butter being thrown from said hot pan into a fire just next to the stove.

The poor pilot was helplessly webbed and scrammed by so many gunboats. Hot lead and hot lasers poured into his shields and soon punched hole after hole into the armor of the mighty beast.

The chimera at last buckled, and split with a blinding explosion and many penises and yarrs in local.

His pod gone faster than the eye could track. (I got the corpse)

The Black Rabbits Academy departed the scene with many thanks and congratulations in local from the Python Cartel, and we congratulated their quick response.

Someone mentioned something about fraps, and there will be blogs. Oh there will be blogs.’

Written by Adoleo, TBRA

Yes there will indeed be blogs, Thanks Helicity

EDIT: Spectre has posted his thoughts now =)

And I am sure Skye and other Python bloggers will get involved!

A big THANK YOU to our pirate brethren, The Python Cartel, it’s nice to know that even when we are hostile to each other when our fleets meet in lonely low sec areas, the pirate flag still runs high when needed!

EDIT: I would also like to thank the member of United who turned up, Arskeeno and RogueCorsair of The Black Rabbits who I didn't realise was there till I double checked the kill mail!

And well done to TBRA, great kill!


Fly dangerous o/

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I feel dirty...

Hi all,

Just wanted to share with you my absoloute disgust in myself.

I decided about a week ago that I would get Hannibal, my PVE mission runner out of his Harby and into a Drake, I had a fit from a collegue and trained up specificly for that fit. I had heard that Drakes can easily do level 3 missions and even some of the level 4's with good skills.

So i thought I would give it a go.

I finally got round to flying the Drake yesterday, a level 3 mission for Corporate Police Force in Oipo. And, this is why I feel dirty, I loved it!

Yes I have very basic skills for the ship, yes my missile skills suck and yes I have trained the bare minimum for the fittings... But I STILL kicked a hard level 3 mission in the nuts!

I even forgot to bring my drones for the Frigs, no worries, missiles will work, and they did!

Problem is I am now even more determined to get Mail Lite into a PVP H.A.M Drake!

Missiles? FTW! (Though I still love my Brutix =D)

Fly dangerous o/

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Still a great day to be a Pirate, but maybe expensive?

Ok so from a day of great victories to a Monday evening of losses. And you know what? I loved every second of it!

When I logged in to EvE last night I wasn’t planning on playing much. I was just going to do some admin stuff, mess around with Hannibal’s new mission Drake and see if it can do the mission that my Harbinger found a bit difficult.

However logging onto Mail Lite I found a fleet was running 5 jumps out of home, the same system where we had the fun yesterday, Ikoskio. I joined fleet, jumped in my Brutix and made my way to join them.

Jumping through one of the gates I found an Onyx HIC sitting on the gate. He was red, like me, and I knew as soon as I uncloaked he would engage me. I advised the fleet of my intentions and broke cloak and started burning back to the gate. He locked and engaged me and I locked back. A friendly Arazu jumped in from the other end of the system and I tanked the Onyx for a few moments, and then jumped out of the system.

Looking back in hindsight I should of engaged that Onyx. I was in a Brutix and with the Arazu as support I could probably have popped his HIC quite easily but my discretion played a part and I made the decision not to.

The fleet had arrived on the other side of the Mushikegi gate and were holding there. The Arazu jumped out to join them and I jumped back to Manjonako with the Onyx to try and get him to engage again. Unfortunatly the HIC pilot had his own scouts and knew my fleet was waiting. We had a bit of a chat in local, where he admitted he was surprised I had not engaged as he was sure I could have taken him, especially with the help from the Arazu.

At that moment the fleet jumped through to me and we made our way back to home base and sent some scouts to a notorious system a few jumps down a different pipe, known well for it’s Russian bait blob fests, Mara. Our fleet reported back a mixture of Battlecruisers, a few Battleships and 5 unaccounted for, which normally means ECM support. While idling on the Nikkishina gate in our home system a red Rupture jumped in and, while we got points and DPS on him he managed to jump through and get away before we could finish him off. We got him to structure but missed on actually popping his Cruiser.

After the FC’s and scouts had had a bit of a discussion on where to go next, they decided that the Russian fleet was too big for us and to head back up to Ikoskio and see what was going on there. So we reformed on the Unna gate and made our way back up the pipe, having a quick chat with the Onyx pilot again as we passed. I must watch out for him if he is going to be in that system for a while, could make for some fun times. We held on the Ikoskio - Asakai gate as we were getting intel of a large fleet in the high sec system we were heading for. They were holding on there Ikoskio gate and had a scout in a Cheetah and another in a Falcon buzzing around. Both the Cheetah and the Falcon got eyes on us as they jumped through scouting the surrounding gates, so they knew our forces just as well as we knew theres.

We had a Falcon, Arazu, 6 x Hurricanes 2 x Drakes, Harbinger, Brutix and a Phobos in our fleet. They on the other hand had 2 x Falcon, Rook, 3 x Myrmidon, 2 x Harbinger, 2 x Drake 2 x Hurricane. We idled around for a while, deciding on whether to engage a fleet that had slightly more ECM support but pretty equal numbers. The major advantage over us that they had would be the gate guns. We are all red outlaws so they can engage us without sentry aggression, however when we engage them we would have to take sentry fire as well.

In the end we jumped into system and warped to our safe spot just off the gate. As we got there the scout advised that they had jumped into system with us and were on the gate. The FC called the warp order and the fight was on.

Rook was called primary and he went pop, our Falcon pilot was doing his best to keep the enemy Falcons jammed but was having issues, the enemy Falcon pilots were good. The DPS fleet primaried a Hurricane and he went down next. The enemy fleet were organized and were calling primaries really well. My Brutix was the first ship to go down. They had 3 Myrmidons, and being able to engage without sentry aggression meant their drones could come into play too. The next ship primaried was a Harbinger, and he went pop as well, though by this point a number of our fleet was lost. A Drake was primaried next but it was decided that retreat was needed and the remainder of the fleet warped to safety, with the aid of our Falcon Pilot, before they could finish the kill.

All in all we lost A Harbinger, Phobos, Brutix and five Hurricanes, for 3 of their ships. Well done Dust to Dust alliance.

The night didn’t end there. Our IRISH CEO was a bit late to the party and was a few jumps out in his Armageddon BS but as the fleet was lost he turned around to go back to home base, where we were to reship and go back for another go at that fleet. This time with Battleships and one of my alts, Gateway1, flying a Kessie of DOOM!

On the way back our CEO ran into a little problem of his own, 2 Drakes and 2 Harbingers in our home system. They popped his Armageddon and he warped back to station and reshipped himself.

Once we all had the ships ready and the fleet had reformed we made haste back up to Ikoskio to find a few of their fleet still in Ikoskio and the rest back in the High Sec system, still hugging the gate. We arrived on gate and engaged, but alas I was too quick with the Cyno and they jumped out just as our Carrier jumped in!


We waited for the Carrier to warp out to a deep safe and then warped the fleet in to stand guard around it, while my poor little Kessie was left defenceless on the gate! Luckily the only things that came past was a neutral Hurricane (my cyno alt is neutral) and a couple of shuttles.

On the way back our CEO ran into a little problem of his own, 2 Drakes and 2 Harbingers in our home system. They popped his Armageddon and he warped back to station and reshipped himself.

Gilg was going to do the Cyno for the Carrier in Ikoskio, but Gateway1 had finally cycled through her countdown and made all haste back to base to light it so Gilg undocked his own Archon carrier, to escort our other carrier, a Chimera, home.

So a tale of losses and premature ecynolation but a good fight was had, some good laughs were had and, even though we came of worse in the fight! We loved every second of it.

In other news, Hannibal is now at his level 3 mission hub in Caldari space and will be trying out his new Drake tonight.

Mail Lite has ordered his next Brutix from our friendly white rabbits, I’m pretty sure I am owed a discount for providing some ore a few weeks ago? *Cough*

Mail Lite also had a Drake delivered, it was meant for Hannibal but he got his from another source so now it's Mail's new toy! A Caracal and Merlin + fittings and fittings for the Drake are on order and should be delivered tomorrow.

I also got recognized in our home system by a reader! First time! I’M FAMOUS! So a shout out to Nivea (I think that’s how it was spelt anyway…) who reads this blog when bored at work, just like I write it when bored at work!

I also have a small computer problem. I was trying to take screen shots yesterday but every time I pressed ‘Prt Scrn’ it took a picture of my desktop instead of the EvE client that I was looking at.

Anyone help me with this issue? Comments below please!

Signing off,

Fly dangerous o/

Monday, 1 February 2010

Best day to be a pirate!

One of the best days in my low sec pirate career yesterday, it had it all, ransoms, kills, mad chases across low-sec and missed opportunities.

It was Sunday, we were idly camping our home systems high sec entrance when our scout in one of the adjoining low-sec systems spoke up on vent. A Raven was on his scanner and looked to be coming to the gate, so we aligned and warped to the gate, then came the call, ‘he’s on gate, and he’s jumped!’

Our HIC did its job and locked the Battleship down for us, while the rest of the fleet started pounding on the BS. The Raven went down quickly and we even managed to snag his pod.

One of the guys checked the loot and a cry went up over vent ‘RAVEN BLUEPRINT and loads of T2 stuff!’ We had a little ‘We’re rich!’ and ‘wooohooo!’ in vent as we knew a good BPO of this is worth over a billion ISK but when we got back to station and sorted the loot out it was seen to be only a one run BPC worth about 80mil.

Ah well better luck next time.

I quickly went for something to eat and missed out on a Comorant kill. The fit was all T1 but the character was over three years old… hmm?

Anyway after a few more minutes of having no targets it was generally decided to take a trip up to one of the other systems we camp, and which is fast becoming one of our favourites. Our scouts preceded us and we headed up the pipe with no incidents.

Once in system we hung around and looked menacing for a while. Our scout stayed in the High Sec system and reported numbers and traffic to us. Most of it was shuttles. Then we got the call that a Helios was jumping through. We have managed to catch one before so our HIC pilot thought he would give it a go.

The Helios pilot was quick and managed to cloak and warp before we could get him locked so everyone started to align back to the safe spot. I lagged slightly and was glad I did, gate activation. Our scout hadn’t given any reports so I cancelled my warp and waited. Dominix Battleship, I targeted and pointed and requested back up from my fleet. I engaged my weapons. He had me locked but not engaged and then the rest of the fleet landed.

I have never seen a BS move as quick as that Domi did. He burnt back to the gate and, as we got him into low structure, managed to jump back into high sec space. I would love to see the fit on that ship. How did he make it so damn quick??

Next we got a call from our scout in one of the adjoining systems that a Mammoth Hauler was on scan. We aligned and waited for the call. ‘Warp to gate, Mammoth jumped’. We all landed on the gate in time to see the Mammoth cloak. We had a quick chat in vent and came to the correct conclusion that he couldn’t warp while cloaked so the fleet started orbiting the gate at speed and at different radials. After about 5 minutes of this we finally uncloaked the hauler and insta popped him.

We had just got back to our warp in point when our High Sec scout shouted in disbelief that a Hulk was on the gate. We warped in and waited and then a gate activation. He had jumped. Our FC ordered points, webs and scrams on the ship, no damage. I was then asked to conduct a ransom.

Once the Hulk had been caught and wasn’t going anywhere fast I opened a private conversation. Unfortunatly I forgot to copy the chat!

I asked for 100 million ISK and he could leave. He didn’t have the cash but asked if we would take a Maelstrom Minmitar BS in payment. I said that if he would contract it now, while still locked down then yes I would. My contracts flashed a moment later and I was now in possession of a fully fitted Maelstrom (Fail fit but w/e). I ordered all points and webs to be removed and the ‘customer’ to jump back to high sec space. We waited till he had jumped before leaving the gate.

A few minutes later we got another call from our scout on one of the other gates. A Myrmidon and Drake were approaching the gate. We aligned and warped to the gate. The Drake had jumped but the Gallente BC had held. We melted the Drake and his pod but we had to let the Myrm leave as everyone had aggressed and couldn’t jump after him.

We then got word of a Sleipnir on a gate one system over and decided to try and catch it as it jumped. We warped to the gate, jumped and started warping to the gate where the Sleipnir had been spotted. He had already jumped and we decided to follow again. On the next gate he had held for slightly too long and we managed to jump with him and aggress on the other side. Man, those bastards are fast! He happily sped out of our range and warped out.

We followed him for another 4 gates with the same issues, when we did get to aggress he sped out of range and was away, after one jump we hovered for a moment and managed to catch a Ishtar HAC which unwisely decided to follow us. Pop. In the end we chased the Sleipnir all the way back to our home system and decided to leave him and take a half hour break.

Upon resuming our fleet took another quick roam up the same pipe we had just chased the Sleipnir down. Our scout was trying to scan a T3 cruiser down but with no luck. We decided to head back home and try our luck in another system. On heading back down the pipe we ran into a Harbinger. He melted.

Then as we got close to our home system our scout had found something interesting. A Mrymidon ratting in the top belt of our home system, bait, without a question. However feeling good about our day of kills we decided to spring the trap. We warped in pointed and melted the Myrm to find a Thorax warp in, he was popped and podded just as a Sleipnir warped in. The same Sleipnir we had chased earlier. However this time we were ready for him. A couple of the fleet, noticing our issue with speed had changed their ships for fast, warp scram ships just for this sort of engagement. And thank god for them! He was popped and I will never laugh at a shield tanked Hurricane again!

We then got info on a Harbinger on a gate in another one of our connecting systems. He melted. As did the Myrmidon on the other side of the same gate, he was to late to help his friend but got popped and podded for his trouble! We then went back to our home system yet again.

To be met with information about a Moa, who we had scanned down missioning in our system. We warped in for point but all of us forgot that MWD’s don’t work in missions! He managed to escape but warped to the high sec gate at 10km! We warped at 0 and managed to web, scram and blow his little cruiser to bits. We also caught his pod but we made him sing a nursery rhyme in local chat, and he was allowed to go. He was only 16 days old.

However the night wasn’t over. In a neighbouring system another scout had been playing peak-a-boo with a Typhoon and Vexor, who were running through the belts. We sent in our fast point Phobos to get a point on the Typhoon. One he had the point the fleet jumped and warped. The fast tackle had missed his point on the Vexor but we still had the Battleship. We pounded him into space dust and we even managed to snag his pod with points and webs. I opened a window for Ransom and the pilot was more than happy to pay as he had implants. Just as we came to a price the Vexor warped back in and we pointed and popped him and his pod. Unfortunatly a few of the more senior members of the Academy forgot to change targets to the Vexor and podded the Typhoon pilot! Gah, so much for the ransom!

That was it for Mail Lite, I docked up and had a bit of a conflab with some of the Directors and the CEO about some issues and said Goodnight and logged.

In other news Mail Lite and Hannibal Vexor have both been banned from the public channel of Bright Star Corporation, I would just like to apologise if I caused any offence and that I understand your decision.

Hannibal has just bought and fitted out a Drake for Level 3 missions. I will now be keeping my Harbinger fitted for PVP just in case one of the people I can flip gets a bit antsy. I will also be doing some more Ninja Salvaging shortly though I am missing being close to the main body of TGA so may move my base of operations back out to Caldari space soon.

Hannibals’ Drake has also sparked an interest in missile boats for PVP. Mail is going to be trained for small T2 missiles and T2 assault missiles and give the Merlin and Caracal a bit of a try before deciding whether to get a Drake and/or Hawk.

This was a very long post and I hope you have found it interesting. Next time a day like this happens I am going to be trying for screenshots and chat copying.

Fly dangerous o/