Friday, 5 February 2010

Carrier killed by TBRA and Python Cartel

Hmmm, ok so real life has bit me in the butt for the last few days; I have had a lot of little, but time consuming things to do on EvE, in regard to the alliance so have not done any pew pew for a few days. I am hoping to rectify this over the weekend.

However I feel I must post this kill of a Carrier that members of The Black Rabbits Academy were involved in yesterday.

I read the TGA battle report and feel the best way to do it justice is to just copy and paste it out of the official forums.

‘A lone drake sits upon a belt happily ratting with the aid of 5 fighter drones....presumably doing very well shooting belt rats with insane overkill DPS.

"Silence on the comms! There's a drake sitting on a belt. With fighters. There's a carrier in here somewhere so we need to be careful. Hopefully we can ninja the drake, at any rate."

"Just so you all know, primary is the drake, and the fighters are secondary, just to make somebody suffer."

Little did we know...our young, capital ship cherries would soon be popped.

"Drake in low shield...." "Chimera on scan!"

Victor's voice cuts clear through the communications. "Decide now. carrier, yay or nay."

"With an overwhelming chorus of "YAY!," we initiate point.

A mere 4 battlecruisers, one blackbird, and an onyx against 12 million cubic meters of solid tritanium alloy.I'll admit, I still didn't believe it possible. Surely a support fleet was on it's way to destroy us in cruel retribution for such a bold attack. Surely....local stayed clear.

Just maybe.....just maybe.

"Guys, let's get Hellcats. Let's get United. Let's get Python....someone!"

The carrier pilot's drone choice is revealing significant desperation. Dragonflies became Wasps...became Vespas....Became Hornets....Became Garde Is....(huh??!?)A

ll of a sudden, Empyric very happily reports "Python Cartel is on it's way!!!!"

Maybe....10 seconds later all sorts of fancy faction ships appear and my screen fills with red...But yet, for now they were green.

How poetic

At this point the Chimera more or less melted like butter on a very hot pan. In fact, more like hot butter being thrown from said hot pan into a fire just next to the stove.

The poor pilot was helplessly webbed and scrammed by so many gunboats. Hot lead and hot lasers poured into his shields and soon punched hole after hole into the armor of the mighty beast.

The chimera at last buckled, and split with a blinding explosion and many penises and yarrs in local.

His pod gone faster than the eye could track. (I got the corpse)

The Black Rabbits Academy departed the scene with many thanks and congratulations in local from the Python Cartel, and we congratulated their quick response.

Someone mentioned something about fraps, and there will be blogs. Oh there will be blogs.’

Written by Adoleo, TBRA

Yes there will indeed be blogs, Thanks Helicity

EDIT: Spectre has posted his thoughts now =)

And I am sure Skye and other Python bloggers will get involved!

A big THANK YOU to our pirate brethren, The Python Cartel, it’s nice to know that even when we are hostile to each other when our fleets meet in lonely low sec areas, the pirate flag still runs high when needed!

EDIT: I would also like to thank the member of United who turned up, Arskeeno and RogueCorsair of The Black Rabbits who I didn't realise was there till I double checked the kill mail!

And well done to TBRA, great kill!


Fly dangerous o/


  1. Was a fun encounter :) Nice blog by the way.

  2. Cheers, looking to hopefuly get Mynxee, Heli, GH and Adrea reading too =D Put in a word for me lol!


  3. u gays im still in dread hotdrop range call me next time :P

  4. Added you to my blog roll too. Thanks for free carrier kill! :)

  5. You know where to find us the next time you find a carrier in a belt. When the carebears need to be put down, we can put petty standings aside and work for the greater gank :D


    You can find one of the Frapses here. I'm too lazy to post the others now but maybe later.

  7. I feel the love from the Pythons!

    In your own words!


    Fly Dangerous and thanks for the Blogroll o/