Monday, 8 February 2010

POS bashing and Ransoms

Right, first thing I would like to say is a big thank you to members of the blogging community for linking my carrier kill post in there blogs;

Logan Fyreite - This one actualy had me in proper laughter, not good when on the phone to a client!

Neither of them can spell my name right but never mind!

Ok so what have I been doing on EvE the last few days?

Well Mail Lite got a delivery over the weekend of a Merlin and Caracal and is currently finishing of the training to use T2 Shield extenders. After I have played with the fittings and seen the boats in action I will post the fits and kills that these ships have. I am planning to turn the Caracal into the ultimate anti-frigate platform using lots of assault missile launchers. The Merlin will have T2 hybrid blasters and T2 rocket launchers and a large shield buffer tank and will wipe the smile off any cocky Rifter pilot. Hopefully…

Mail also took his Drake out for its first action, a POS bash.

Someone (stupidly) decided to put up a POS in the home system of the Guristas Alliance on Saturday evening, needless to say our Sunday was made of big ships, missiles, dreads, carriers and anything that could hit more than 30km. The POS was well set up (in my newbie opinion);

1 x Ion Field Projection Battery

2 x Medium Beam Laser

2 x Phase Inversion

5 x Small Beam Laser

8 x Small pulse Laser

4 x Spatial Destabilization Battery

3 x Stasis Web

2 x Warp Disruption

4 x White Noise Generation

2 x Energy Neutrilizing Battery

8 x Photon Scatterin Array

1 x True Sansha Tower

1 x Corporate Hanger

3 x Ballistic Deflection Array

4 x Heat Dissipation Array

1 x Explosion Dampening Array

Unfortunatly for the owner of the above POS he forgot to actuallt configure the defence systems so the actually FIRED. We were all sitting around in BC’s, BS’s and even a number of Stealth bombers and not one of us got attacked by the POS weapon systems!


Anyway with a few Dreads in fleet we primaried his tower, anyone not able to hit the tower from 30km was tasked on taking out an number of modules that were at closer range and outside his POS shield.

The owner turned up in a Blockade runner about halfway through the towers shield and proceeded to set up a number of extra harderners to counter our efforts. We asked him nicely to offline his harderners so we could do this quicker, he politely declined.

So we started a bit of a dialogue with him and came to an arrangement. Pay us 900 million ISK and we will give you 24 hours to remove your POS. Can’t say fairer than that can we? After a bit of a delay (Where we really thought we were about to get hot dropped) he paid our FC the agreed ransom. He has till 1900 EvE time tonight to remove his POS. Can’t wait to get home and see if he has sorted it yet.

Hannibal got a bit of action yesterday too. TWR managed to get a very large mining fleet up and we were happily messing around when a Wolf turned up and flipped 0.13 million of Veldspar. I went to fetch Hannibals’ Drake and re flipped the can. A Incursus of the same corp turned up and scouted me out, then a friend turned up, in his Typhoon Battleship, I could see this going wrong very quickly.

The Incursus warped off and the BS engaged, he had neuts, my Damage Control went down and I was capped out through the entire fight. I survived long enough to get the Typhoon into half armor; I then noticed his friend had returned… In a Proteus T3 Cruiser.

Picture was just before the Proteus came in.

Pop went my Drake and my Pod warped off. I did offer to pay a ransom in Local but was ignored, strange but true. It was a fun fight and I found that my little Drake could punch hard, take a lot of damage and I really did have a great time. (Especially when a friend decided to give me a new Drake free of charge)

In other news, the winners of CK’s blog banter contest are in. I was not one of the winners and offer my congratulations to those who were! Great entries and I loved reading every single one.

I now have my very own loss mail on Gateway1 who was popped by a dread! This is the first Kill mail I have featuring a cap ship and will cherish it always (Thanks Dame =p)

Over the next week it will be business as normal, roams, camps and silly shit and I will keep you all updated as it goes on. However from Saturday, The Guristas Alliance has been called to arms, including TWR.

I am hoping for many, many good stories and intrigue.

Fly dangerous o/


  1. I'm sure I spelled your name correctly....


    Sorry about that! Glad to make you laugh while on the phone though, do that crap all the time myself.

    Can baiting is tough to combat, just use secure cans instead of mining into jet cans if you have to. Otherwise bring some falcon support next time!

  2. Once I get back I'll sit my Scorpion in the belts with you guys. I can train up for a Widow.