Monday, 1 February 2010

Best day to be a pirate!

One of the best days in my low sec pirate career yesterday, it had it all, ransoms, kills, mad chases across low-sec and missed opportunities.

It was Sunday, we were idly camping our home systems high sec entrance when our scout in one of the adjoining low-sec systems spoke up on vent. A Raven was on his scanner and looked to be coming to the gate, so we aligned and warped to the gate, then came the call, ‘he’s on gate, and he’s jumped!’

Our HIC did its job and locked the Battleship down for us, while the rest of the fleet started pounding on the BS. The Raven went down quickly and we even managed to snag his pod.

One of the guys checked the loot and a cry went up over vent ‘RAVEN BLUEPRINT and loads of T2 stuff!’ We had a little ‘We’re rich!’ and ‘wooohooo!’ in vent as we knew a good BPO of this is worth over a billion ISK but when we got back to station and sorted the loot out it was seen to be only a one run BPC worth about 80mil.

Ah well better luck next time.

I quickly went for something to eat and missed out on a Comorant kill. The fit was all T1 but the character was over three years old… hmm?

Anyway after a few more minutes of having no targets it was generally decided to take a trip up to one of the other systems we camp, and which is fast becoming one of our favourites. Our scouts preceded us and we headed up the pipe with no incidents.

Once in system we hung around and looked menacing for a while. Our scout stayed in the High Sec system and reported numbers and traffic to us. Most of it was shuttles. Then we got the call that a Helios was jumping through. We have managed to catch one before so our HIC pilot thought he would give it a go.

The Helios pilot was quick and managed to cloak and warp before we could get him locked so everyone started to align back to the safe spot. I lagged slightly and was glad I did, gate activation. Our scout hadn’t given any reports so I cancelled my warp and waited. Dominix Battleship, I targeted and pointed and requested back up from my fleet. I engaged my weapons. He had me locked but not engaged and then the rest of the fleet landed.

I have never seen a BS move as quick as that Domi did. He burnt back to the gate and, as we got him into low structure, managed to jump back into high sec space. I would love to see the fit on that ship. How did he make it so damn quick??

Next we got a call from our scout in one of the adjoining systems that a Mammoth Hauler was on scan. We aligned and waited for the call. ‘Warp to gate, Mammoth jumped’. We all landed on the gate in time to see the Mammoth cloak. We had a quick chat in vent and came to the correct conclusion that he couldn’t warp while cloaked so the fleet started orbiting the gate at speed and at different radials. After about 5 minutes of this we finally uncloaked the hauler and insta popped him.

We had just got back to our warp in point when our High Sec scout shouted in disbelief that a Hulk was on the gate. We warped in and waited and then a gate activation. He had jumped. Our FC ordered points, webs and scrams on the ship, no damage. I was then asked to conduct a ransom.

Once the Hulk had been caught and wasn’t going anywhere fast I opened a private conversation. Unfortunatly I forgot to copy the chat!

I asked for 100 million ISK and he could leave. He didn’t have the cash but asked if we would take a Maelstrom Minmitar BS in payment. I said that if he would contract it now, while still locked down then yes I would. My contracts flashed a moment later and I was now in possession of a fully fitted Maelstrom (Fail fit but w/e). I ordered all points and webs to be removed and the ‘customer’ to jump back to high sec space. We waited till he had jumped before leaving the gate.

A few minutes later we got another call from our scout on one of the other gates. A Myrmidon and Drake were approaching the gate. We aligned and warped to the gate. The Drake had jumped but the Gallente BC had held. We melted the Drake and his pod but we had to let the Myrm leave as everyone had aggressed and couldn’t jump after him.

We then got word of a Sleipnir on a gate one system over and decided to try and catch it as it jumped. We warped to the gate, jumped and started warping to the gate where the Sleipnir had been spotted. He had already jumped and we decided to follow again. On the next gate he had held for slightly too long and we managed to jump with him and aggress on the other side. Man, those bastards are fast! He happily sped out of our range and warped out.

We followed him for another 4 gates with the same issues, when we did get to aggress he sped out of range and was away, after one jump we hovered for a moment and managed to catch a Ishtar HAC which unwisely decided to follow us. Pop. In the end we chased the Sleipnir all the way back to our home system and decided to leave him and take a half hour break.

Upon resuming our fleet took another quick roam up the same pipe we had just chased the Sleipnir down. Our scout was trying to scan a T3 cruiser down but with no luck. We decided to head back home and try our luck in another system. On heading back down the pipe we ran into a Harbinger. He melted.

Then as we got close to our home system our scout had found something interesting. A Mrymidon ratting in the top belt of our home system, bait, without a question. However feeling good about our day of kills we decided to spring the trap. We warped in pointed and melted the Myrm to find a Thorax warp in, he was popped and podded just as a Sleipnir warped in. The same Sleipnir we had chased earlier. However this time we were ready for him. A couple of the fleet, noticing our issue with speed had changed their ships for fast, warp scram ships just for this sort of engagement. And thank god for them! He was popped and I will never laugh at a shield tanked Hurricane again!

We then got info on a Harbinger on a gate in another one of our connecting systems. He melted. As did the Myrmidon on the other side of the same gate, he was to late to help his friend but got popped and podded for his trouble! We then went back to our home system yet again.

To be met with information about a Moa, who we had scanned down missioning in our system. We warped in for point but all of us forgot that MWD’s don’t work in missions! He managed to escape but warped to the high sec gate at 10km! We warped at 0 and managed to web, scram and blow his little cruiser to bits. We also caught his pod but we made him sing a nursery rhyme in local chat, and he was allowed to go. He was only 16 days old.

However the night wasn’t over. In a neighbouring system another scout had been playing peak-a-boo with a Typhoon and Vexor, who were running through the belts. We sent in our fast point Phobos to get a point on the Typhoon. One he had the point the fleet jumped and warped. The fast tackle had missed his point on the Vexor but we still had the Battleship. We pounded him into space dust and we even managed to snag his pod with points and webs. I opened a window for Ransom and the pilot was more than happy to pay as he had implants. Just as we came to a price the Vexor warped back in and we pointed and popped him and his pod. Unfortunatly a few of the more senior members of the Academy forgot to change targets to the Vexor and podded the Typhoon pilot! Gah, so much for the ransom!

That was it for Mail Lite, I docked up and had a bit of a conflab with some of the Directors and the CEO about some issues and said Goodnight and logged.

In other news Mail Lite and Hannibal Vexor have both been banned from the public channel of Bright Star Corporation, I would just like to apologise if I caused any offence and that I understand your decision.

Hannibal has just bought and fitted out a Drake for Level 3 missions. I will now be keeping my Harbinger fitted for PVP just in case one of the people I can flip gets a bit antsy. I will also be doing some more Ninja Salvaging shortly though I am missing being close to the main body of TGA so may move my base of operations back out to Caldari space soon.

Hannibals’ Drake has also sparked an interest in missile boats for PVP. Mail is going to be trained for small T2 missiles and T2 assault missiles and give the Merlin and Caracal a bit of a try before deciding whether to get a Drake and/or Hawk.

This was a very long post and I hope you have found it interesting. Next time a day like this happens I am going to be trying for screenshots and chat copying.

Fly dangerous o/

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