Monday, 22 February 2010

Grand Theft Orca

Nothing really interesting has been happening to any of my characters over the last few days, a bit of missioning on Hannibal who has just broke into the level 4 missions, Mail being on standby for fleets and roams etc.

So nothing really to report at the moment, but a great story came to me via one of my corp mates while TKK and the White Rabbits were on a mining op.

For confidentiality reasons the names have been changed.

Jacob used to own an Orca, it got blown up on a low sec mining op with the White Rabbits and he hadn’t bothered to replace it, until now anyway.

Well, Jacob is flying around high sec space in a frigate, just moving from system to system on his way to a local trade hub to pick some stuff up for the corp. As is normal with pirates or alts of pirates after jumping into a system you automatically hit the scan button on your directional scanner, lo and behold an Orca and Hulk show up on scan. This would not normally spike any interest but Jacob checks local, only 2 other pilots apart from him and one of them is a brand new 2010 player. There are no stations in this system so Jacob starts scanning the nearest belts to the gate. The Orca and Hulk are both in the same belt so he warps in to have a look.

The pilot of both ships is mining in the Hulk with the Orca next to him. Jacob lands 3000m from the unpiloted 700million ISK ship and immediately leaves the frigate and jumps into the guys Orca.

The pilot of the ships now makes an even stupider mistake and ejects from his Hulk in an attempt to get his Orca back. Jacob then pulls the Hulk and for giggles, his Frigate, into the Orca’s bay, waves in locals and warps off to the gate and continues on his way to his destination.

Lets list the Orca/Hulk pilots mistakes shall we?
1. Ejecting from a 700mil ship
2. Ejecting from a 700mil ship ON THE WARP IN TO THE BELT!
3. Not keeping a closer eye on local
4. Not having ‘ships only’ on his overview. He might have been able to save the Orca
5. After Jacob had already boarded the Orca, ejecting from the Hulk in ‘Take me’ range of a now hostile ship.

Lets tot up how much Jacob made in 5 minutes of work:
Orca – 700 million ISK
Hulk – 180 million ISK
Orca fittings – 50 million ISK
Hulk Fittings – 40 Millions ISK
Ore in hold – 2 Million ISK
Grand Total – 972 Million ISK

Just because The White Rabbits have positive sec status, they still have piratical tendencies, as this shows nicely.

In other news, Involuntary Confinement (5150) moved into our home base just over a week ago and started playing docking games and fitting smart bombs to Battleships to pop any smaller TGA craft leaving station.

5150 used to be part of TGA but in 2008 Gilgamesh1980, our CEO, expelled them from the alliance due to differences in opinions and the CEO of 5150 vowed they would be back to destroy our Alliance.

They had Carriers and Battleships, we had more Carriers and Battleships. We engaged them; they docked and would never come off station and into a proper fight.

We carried on as normal, roams, camps etc. They dropped an allied corp on us, with 7 Dreads, We counter dropped one of our friendly null sec alliances on them, 5 dreads, 6 carriers and a Nyx. They ran and have now moved out from TGA space again. Come back when you have the stones to engage off station and have bigger friends.

Another large op has been arranged and again, can’t say to much about it accept I am really looking forward to it, and once it’s in motion I should be able to post about it!

Oh and I am still trying to sort out some screen shots and such to go with my blog posts. I realise they are a bit text heavy!

Fly Dangerous o/

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