Monday, 1 March 2010

Alot to live up to...

Ok so, first things first.

CK has added me to his esteemed blog pack! Unbelievable really as I have only been blogging for just over 2 months! A big thank you to CK for the opportunity and I will not let you down sir!

A quick congrats out to the other new and returning CK blog packers, especially the Python, Hellfleet, and Tusker bloggers out there who insired me to first become a low-sec pirate, and now to blog about it! (To Pythons: PENISSSS!)

Also congrats to Astral, I'm a follower and regular commenter to his blog and it's nice to see him in the blog pack too!

Now i've stroked some ego's and made me sound like a fanboi (I am) on to other news.

Mail Lite is still undecided on where to go after finishing Medium Blasters T2 but is filling time by training for a stealth bomber. Only a few day away now!

Having a stealth bomber will be a big BIG plus in the next few months as alot of TGA have gone on a little holiday over to 0.0! (Or should that be o.0)

Never been in null sec before and have so far lost a shuttle, 3 reapers and 4 pods. And i only got there sunday morning. I hate Sabre's!

It was a general cause for giggles on voice chat yesterday though, me laughing everytime I got podded, laughing when my corp mates got podded trying to get back to their other ships.

Scouting through what looked like an unoccupied gate, only to linger a bit to long and not notice the 10 stealthbombers uncloaking 50km from me.

Basically it was hilarious and I have loved every minute of it so far. It will be even nicer when i get a few Merlins, Rifters and Caracals in to go pew pew with immunity!

Hannibal is also coming along. He has his Helios and his Drake so will be ratting like a bitch for the next few weeks. ISK ISK ISK.

And I wouldn't be suprised if he got in on a little PVP action either.

TKK is still around and is currently mining when the occasion arises. I've never been big on the mining side so I normally only go out with the Coverter (Or borrowed Hulk) when TWR has a mining op planned (Every sunday from 12:45 ish ET)

What else? Hmm not alot really. Been involved in a few vannila kills but nothing solo recently. Lost a Caracal to a Rupture who has a bitch of a tank but thats about it.

I will endeavour to keep you updated about the op in null and how many little fuckers in sabre's we can kill. A couple of TGA carriers were jumped through last night so at least we will have some ships to go shoot shit now! Malacii Lee's Sabre is mine!

Fly dangerous o/



  1. Congrats on being added to CK's pack, good luck!

    As for after t2 blasters, if in doubt skill up your support skills, those are sp that are never wasted! Have fun in 0.0!