Thursday, 25 March 2010


Hi all,

As you can probably get from the title my EvE is back working and CCP were the ones who diagnosed the problem.

I had issues with missing and/or corrupted fonts so I got a friend to copy his fonts onto a USB pen drive and bring it over. I then copied the info over to my computer, replaced the bad bits with correct and bish bash bosh EvE is back!

Thanks to everyone who tried to help, both bloggers and alliance friends and I'm looking forward to getting back into EvE.

Fly dangerous! I know I will! o/



  1. Fonts killed my computer the last time I had a major crash, good to hear you got everything sorted!

  2. I ran into a similar problem a while back when trying to run EvE in linux. I was thinking of mentioning it in a comment to one of your previous posts but I figured it couldn't be an issue since you were running Windows. Shows how much I know. Anyway congrats on getting it working again.

  3. Nice :D

    CCP are actualy really quite helpful, they just take a while to get anything done. Ive never been disappointed by thier work, just disappointed by their scheudule