Monday, 1 March 2010

Very late to the game!

Ok so I am probably the last to do this but I thought i would upload pictures of my EvE space just like the rest of the gang.

First off this is how my 'Pod' used to look. This was taken when my other half was a way for the night at her parents.

Shortly after this was taken this laptop went 'poof' so I was forced (Really?) to buy a gaming PC. I looked all around until a friend heard what I was after and built me my current PC for £300 it is Quad Core 500gb Hardrive and 4gb Ram,

Here is what I did with that...Pic might be a bit poor but it's a Dell 19" LCD monitor, Wireless (Cheap) keyboard and a mouse from Maplins. The controller just stopped working so is only there for show. It is soon to be replaced with a Xbox360 controller.

Yes, I am on BT.

Yes I smoke Amber Leaf, drink rum, drink coke and drink cider.

Yes that ashtray has a pirate theme to it. A flag over the monitor on the wall is to come. (YARR)

Hope you enjoyed my POD. Please be nice... =P


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  1. Where is the mouse? Tell me you weren't playing Eve on that laptop mouseless :)

    P.S. I want that minifridge.

  2. Is that Apocrypha running on that laptop of yours?! Adding your EVESpace to the list!

  3. Yes that was Apocrypha. I took that ages ago, just before the laptop died a horrible death.

    And yes Spectre, I was playing EvE without a mouse. I was using the touch pad on the laptop.

    That fridge is ok. I'm trying to get my other half to 'OK' a large fridge next to the computer desk, and a kettle on the desk...

    That way I will never have to move! Yay!

  4. are those warhemmer figures on the top mail and if so which sort?

  5. Recently painted me a few 40k Orks (Gretchin) and Fanatsy Goblins. Whats on my computer are the finished ones at the moment for those.

    I have a large Space Marine (Relictors) army for 40k (about 10k points in all) and Orcs/Goblins and Dark Elves for Fantasy.

    I also play Bloodbowl, Mordheim, Necromunda and a little Inquisitor. Tho I prefer painting and modeling to playing the games these days.

    (In the first picture you can see my grey model case)