Friday, 19 March 2010

End of Sabatical - First kill

Evening all!

So a good first few hours. Jumped into my new support fit Vexor Gallente Cruiser and decided to go looking for a solo fight to see if it could hold it's own.

Making my way out of Ishomilken I headed up towards one of the most dangerous, and fun, systems in all of EvE and one where I knew I would atleast get a fight when I got there, if not on the way!

Had a few hits on the way down to Old Man Star but nothing that I could pinpoint outside of a POS so I carried on my way down.

One jump out is a system called Heydieles. A good place for a fight. Scan was showing 16 people in local. A few bigger ships on scan that I would have to try and avoid and a few smaller faster ships I would love to get a tackle on.

I decided to make it easy. Picked a random belt 40+ AU from the Abune Gate and off scan from most areas and initiated warp. I kept spamming the scan button on the D Scanner to see what was around and found there was a Thorax in the same system as myself. I tried to locate him to 180 degrees just to see where he could be. I was still in warp and hit scan in the direction of the astroid belt I was heading for and realised he was either in the belt or in a safe very close.

Upon landing the Thorax was less than 10km from me so I targeted it and activated the warp scrambler. I closed on his ship, remembering to activate my Damage Control II (for once) and got nice and close. I jettisoned my 5 Hammerhead II drones and activated 4 Medium Neutralisers and a Medium NOS to suck the Thorak dry of cap and basicaly end any active tank he may have.

My drones made short work of his armour and hull and soon he was in his pod. Have to admit that he was quick to get the pod away so I don't have my first pod kill yet but I will continue to work on it!

A little light chat between me and my new reader:

[18:26:37] EVE System > Channel changed to Heydieles Local Channel
[18:29:17] Bensonius > GF
[18:30:17] Mail Lite > gf
[18:30:31] Bensonius > meh, thrown together fit from what was available in system
[18:30:49] Mail Lite > Not bad tho. First Solo with this fit so not bad
[18:30:51] Bensonius > how the hell fits auto cannons on a thorax, know what i mean :)
[18:30:59] Mail Lite > lol
[18:31:19] Bensonius > either that or small rails :)
[18:33:00] Bensonius > nice bio btw
[18:33:06] Mail Lite > lol thanks
[18:34:30] Bensonius > tell me, was i the first kill in your support vex?
[18:35:02] Mail Lite > Indeed you were, going to be writing that one up in a few hours
[18:35:34] Bensonius > nice, mail me a link and mention lol fit for the thorax :)
[18:35:54] Mail Lite > Will do, should get some haha's
[18:35:58] Mail Lite > ;-)

So with out futher hesitation: THE LOL FIT THORAX!

Thanks Ben and hope you become a follower of the blog ;)

Fly dangerous! o/


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