Tuesday, 2 March 2010

GOONIES! Oh and Null Sec stuff

Ok so Null Sec.

Never been here before, still getting used to warping from safe spots to gates rather than just straight to gate like you would in low sec and still getting used to feeling amazingly vulnerable in a frigate every time I jump through a gate! I need to kill me a few Sabre’s to feel better I think.

In my normal stomping grounds a Frigate is basically a free passage to anywhere you want to go. No one is going to get a lock on you before you can warp off. And if they do get a lock on you… well it’s because you FAIL! Null sec, not so much!

Didn’t get much play time last night as the other half wanted a night together (Misses + Happy = More EvE Time) but the little bit I did get was very interesting. I was docked in the station TGA was calling home and looking at my available ships, a Reaper and a Brutix. Not exactly an arsenal of destruction, so I decided I needed a frigate, something small and nippy that I can mess around with.

I searched the market and found a 0.0 trade hub 3 jumps down the pipe. Taking my Reaper I thought, fuck it, lets give this a go.

Nothing, not a soul until I got to my destination and even once I got there no one was on gate. 50 in local and none on gate! My lucky day!

I went over to the station, hitting scan as I go and realise I am about to land in the middle of a war. GOONS!

I had inadvertently just warped into the Goonwaffe taking a system in Syndicate! I had heard about Goons, written about Goons and laughed about Goons, but never actually met Goons.

Luckily they seemed focused on there task and completely ignored my little rookie frigate, probably more interested in the Aeon Super Capital they were guarding.

Docked and safe for the moment I bought a Merlin and the fittings, all readily available in the same station and for a reasonable price! Score!

I undocked, with still 30 odd in local, all Goons. Warped to the gate from station, luckily no bubbles and no one on gate yet again then went to the next gate. Then I had a heart attack, caught on a bubble with a Claw interceptor 6000m off me, not the best position to be in with a brand new Merlin. Luckily I think I caught the guy napping and managed to warp away before he got a lock on me.

In hindsight I could maybe have taken him. He wouldn’t be particularly well tanked, and I was sporting a web and scram along with a Medium Shield Extender II and tank rigs. But hey, hindsight is a beautiful thing.

I made it back to FD-MLJ and docked up for the night and when I get home this evening, I am planning on going out into the big bad beyond and trying to stir up some trouble.

I will let you know how it goes!

Fly dangerous o/


  1. If you land that close to a Claw in a Merlin then you should definitely go for him. Lock and scram him and then open fire with guns. That way if he's sharp and you miss the scram you can just burn for the gate without getting aggro. Odds are that a lone Claw is close range fit, though, so you should be able to take him.

  2. Thanks Wensely,

    My current fit is

    2x Light Neutron Blasters II
    2x Rocket Launcher II

    Small Shield Extender II

    Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
    Damage Control II

    3 x Small Core Defence Field Extenders

    I'm hoping to meet him one on one in a dark alley somewhere tonight and see what I can do.


  3. Aww bro rocket launchers? come on man Longest range are what 15K? The blasters are 8400 w/ Iron? I would just orbit you at 19k or so and pepper away , no I dont think I'd win. Granted if you get the scram all bets are off.

  4. This is Anti-frig fit and I don't know any frig pilot who fights at more than 5km to be honest. Except the Arti fit Jag.

    The nice thing about this is, if i really wanted to stay out of the Rifters/Punisher/Incursus way I would orbit at 9km, load Null into the blasters, keep a web and scram online and pepper it from 8-9km with null and rockets and hope for the best while staying out of the opponents optimal. Most of the time I just shout 'YARRR' orbit at 500m and activate and overload EVERYTHING!

    Another nice thing about Rockets, doesn't matter if I can track you or not, your going to get hit.


  5. most frigs i fly engage at 15kmish then again im a kiting fag ;p

  6. you lying little shit dd you dont fly anything smaller than a bc (unless ive missed some major change in your fighting philosophy)

  7. I would have to agree with Kharn. I've heard you TALK about flying smaller ships (Purifier & Jaguar) but the smallest I have ever seen you in at ANY time is a Battleship Dame, but most of the time your in Capitals! =P


  8. Kharn=vosx/hat and as i explained to him i dogfight a lot hell i hang around fw land and or provi :P

  9. Thats Hattori? I never knew!

    And he slags me off.