Wednesday, 3 March 2010

5 Frigs Versus... HOW MANY?!

Well I promised you I would go out and try and stir up some trouble and that’s exactly what I tried to do last night.

Getting online and straight into my Merlin I put out a request for a wolf pack, anything frigate sized that wanted to come play was welcome.

Unfortunatly from my point of view many people had returned to our low sec base due to ship requirements and such and only a limited number were still available in FD-MLJ.

Deciding to go it alone I sped to the nearest stargate and just kept warping around, exploring this strange new place and seeing if I could get into a fight. I set up safes, checked random belts for rat types. I went about 20 jumps without seeing a soul. And when I did they were either in POS’s or docked in station. What a waste of time.

I got the call from one of my alliance mates saying he was going to put up a drag bubble between the FD and X-M gate to see what he could catch, We managed to get a 5 man fleet up for this. My Merlin, Navy Comet, Vigil (Epic Fail), Punisher and an Ishkur, not the best fleet in TGA memory but anything was better than nothing at this point.

We missed a Crusader who was dragged into the bubble, and that was my mistake. I was targeting the Vigil at the time and activated my Scram and Web on him rather than the enemy interceptor. I fail, thank you very much.

We played a little peek-a-boo with a Celestis who kept warping around from annoying 400km safe spot to annoying 400km safe spot. Every time we even got close (Within 100km) he would warp of and warp back at yet another safe.

I tried to engage a fellow Merlin pilot on the PF gate but he jumped as soon as I engaged. He then came back with a second Merlin friend and tried to bait me again. Reports had come in by this time of a large fleet holding on the other side of the gate ‘IT’S A TARP!’ was all that was heard on TS once we had that info. (No I didn’t misspell Trap. It’s a TGA joke)

So back to the bubble, waiting for a bit of action, then a Gate activation. Vagabond is now burning towards us and locking me up. I get a web and scram on him and we pile on the beastly T2 cruiser, and then come the local spike. From 8 people in local it climbs all the way to 36 in a matter of seconds and they all burn to our little gang of 5 frigates. A lovely large blob of T2 Cruisers, Destroyers and even a beautiful T3 Loki, The funniest bit was after I lost my Merlin I warped of and heard Adeleo say ‘I’m scrambled by the Loki!’ I almost fell of my chair in laughter. We had a small laugh in local with the blobbers and retired to the station.

I will be fitting up another ship shortly for going on roams. I’m thinking of grabbing a bubble, a Nemesis and trying my hand at a solo camp for the giggles, not sure if it will work but worth a try. I am also hoping to get my Caracal delivered shortly. Along with Hannibals’ Drake and Helios so that I can go rat some of the really empty systems I found last night. A bit of ratting and plexing would help my wallet no end and might even raise my standings with Gallente a bit (Hannibal is a -4.71 with the Federation at the moment which makes things a bit worrying!)

Anyway I am looking to go out again tonight and tomorrow and see what I can do. It’s only a week until I can field that Nemesis for the solo gate camp idea.

On quick amendment, I am looking to get Hannibal into a Wormhole at some point to help with my ISK flow. I’m going for a T3 Strategic cruiser shortly and want to put it to good use. If anyone knows a WH corp looking for a capable pilot with PVP experience and also PVE experience give me a shout on either Hannibal Vexor or Mail Lite in game. Class 3 would be ideal.

Fly dangerous o/

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