Friday, 5 March 2010

Jumping on the band wagon yet again.

Ok so an interview was done at ten ton hammer about the new Tyrannis expansion coming out in the summer of 2010. I just wanted to give my very grief thoughts on this.

Planets that are in empire will be so east to get to will be very much over industralised by the empire carebears.

Null Sec planets will be taken over by the large alliances and thier pets in alot of cases as far as i can see.

WH planets will be taken over by the people who live in each. Unoccupied WH's are quite rare these days and if you want a planet in one of these I would say you will have to fight for it every time you want to bring produce out to sell in K-Space.

The most interesting bit of this from my, and anyone living an outlaw existence in Low-Sec will be the planets of our so-called home systems and regular hunting grounds.

I hope, pray and dance naked around my comuter chanting, that they buff the planets in Low-Sec so that they have a distinct advantage over empire planets, unlike the rats they put in low-sec which aren't worth a bucket of spit.

Low-sec is a dead area, fact, the only people you find out there are other pirates or lost newbies. I have no issues with this but a new influx of meat, coming to play with thier planets and export thier goods out will make things alot more interesting.

In other news, Hannibal took his Nemesis out with the wrong torpedoes and nearly got popped by a Battleship rat =/ Now I have the right torps I am planning another field test this evening, as soon as a station camping git in a Drake fucks off. (Sitting in undock, you bump of him as you undock and keep bumping when you try to warp. Fail for me but legitimate game play for him..,)
Anyway, dinner is burning.

Fly dangerous! o/

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