Friday, 5 March 2010

OOC: Blogger help!

Right ok this has nothing to do with EvE but is going out to the nice people out there that might be able to help me with a serious issue regarding my blog.

If you are reading this via Capsuleer or Googlereader RSS you may not notice it but anyone who is coming to my URL are being transported to another website as soon as they land on my blog. (

The website they go to is blank but seems to play music in the background. I have no idea how to stop this happening, or even if it is just me! (I tried it on both a WE and Firefox and it continued to happen)

Does anyone know how I could get rid of this without changing URL? Or will changing URL even work?! Is there a piece of code I should get rid of in HTML?

Hope someone can help.



  1. All sorted, damn widget fucker!

  2. I've got a similar problem. I removed a counter widget, but this has not helped. Please could you tell me how you sorted this very irritating intrusion?

  3. You got it sorted then? That is a very strange problem to have, if it was brought on by a widget can you share with us which one?

  4. Dear Bryan,
    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. It was a real time counter widget. I removed it. Even so I still got transferred from my blog to a nearly blank page with this url.
    No music, instead a message in Danish telling me that I had been selected as a potential winner.
    Best wishes

  5. Thanks for once again responding to my message. I shall follow your advice and will let you know whether it works.

  6. Dear Bryan,
    After dismantling most of my widgets I finally found the other one that was messing up the works; a twitter widget (unofficial, I think). I have now been able to get back into my blog and have learnt two useful lessons today:
    1.How to ask and get help from kind people like you.
    2.To be less trusting about all the widgets waiting to be downloaded.
    Have a nice weekend and thanks once again.

  7. No problem, imo thats one of the reasons to even have a Eve blogging community, to help each other. Glad to hear things got resolved. Watch out for those widgets!