Friday, 19 March 2010

End of Sabatical - First loss

Morning all,

So ok last night was a learning curve. I managed to get my solo kill in the new Vexor I am playing with but I also managed to lose that same Vexor about an hour later.

I was still in Hydeliels and was scanning around again looking for something to get my Yarr' on! I found a Rifter in a belt aparently alone but with a number of other ships on 360 degree scan. I decided to chance it. The ship was fully insured and I needed and acid test on this ship.

I went to the belt, me and the Rifter pilot, Aurical Cryso, closed and started orbiting each other. Both with Warp Scrams running, I let loose a flight of Hammerhead II's and started my Neutrilizers and NOS. The Rifter slows and starts taking damage and an Incursus joins the fight. I focus on the Rifter, being the most dangerous and not notice two facts.

1. Both Frigates were popping my Drones
2. I had run out of cap charge 800's.

I got given a schooling in being prepared and taking more notice of my drones, rather than just letting them go and forgetting about them. I should also remember the fact that this fitting NEEDS cap boosters to survive.

So there I was, no Hammerheads, a set of unuseable Warrior II's in my drone bay (No idea why) and a flight of ECM small drones.

The Rifter has warped off as I had managed to get him into structure so i set the ECM drones on the Incursus to try and get the jam so I can warp out.

No Dice. Rifter warps in and they carry on slowley eroding the armour and structure on the Vexor until it goes pop.

Good fight boys, good fight and I will be around Heyd and OMS more in future!

I have another Vexor in the hanger ready to go. I am going to take Hobgoblin II's and Hammerhead II's instead of the Warriors until I have that skill up to around 3-4.

Going off now, great night and some great lessons learned for next time. Hoping for a rematch!

Fly dangerous! o/



  1. use 400's for smaller then duel rep bc trust me

  2. Reason? 800's give more cap back per charge than 400's and I only just make the 10 second reload time as it is...


  3. Aurical here.

    I'd be happy for a rematch. Vexors are my favorite foes. Keep up the good work!

    The Incursus was named Three Bear

  4. Three Bear here.

    That was the longest fight I have been in to date, I look forward to more challenges now that you got the drones straightened out.