Tuesday, 9 March 2010

No real EvE time...

I have to admit that over this weekend I really wanted to get out, get some kills and make some ISK either doing plexes with both Hannibal and Mail or just general belt ratting.

Unfortunately RL.exe decided to knock in the form of doing favours for friends. This included waiting at a friends place (with no internet access) for a Sky T.V engineer to arrive for most of Sunday, going shopping with a mate who wanted to buy a new motorbike and then having to focus on doing my own house work and shopping!

Needless to say that EvE was a no-no for me this weekend. The few hours I did manage to grab was mostly getting Mail Lite out of 0.0 and back to Ishomilken and then messing around in a newly fit Vexor Gallente Cruiser.

We have had to postpone moving the alliance out to FD for a few weeks so I already have a new op in planning for the academy to keep their skills nice and sharp. Watch this space.

Hannibal is staying out in 0.0 for the moment to see if ratting in 0.0 will bring some rewards. I will admit the first couple of times I have tried doing some solo ratting in the Nemesis I have had to turn tail and run from the frigate rats in the belt! How does one counter this? Should I grab a cruiser, blow them to smithereens and then go get the Nemesis for the bigger targets that I can outrun? I need some help here!

Tonight I will have to grab at least an hour to help run some logistics for the alliance but I have a feeling that my other half will want some of my game time!

Luckily, at the moment, my other half is going away this weekend to her parents (Sat – Mon) so this weekend should see some great EvE time!

I’m hoping to get online for a few hours Wednesday and get a fleet together. I have invited Astral Dominix to come join a TBRA frigate fleet as he has expressed an interest in PVP. We will have to see if we can find some reds for him to shoot at as he doesn’t want to take a sec hit! (Looks at Mails’ -10 and smiles) He will have to watch from the sidelines if we find some nice mission runners or ratters to go splat!

Mail has finally finished Energy Upgrades level 5 and is now working on Cloaking level 4. He should then be ready for his own Nemesis!

Hannibal is only a few days from T2 Heavy missiles which should make the missioning go a bit quicker. Next for Hannibal will either be maxing some other shield skills to make the Drake even more formidable or thinking about starting the training for the Raven Battleship. Either way… it’s going to take a while.

I haven’t forgotten about the list of goals I had for each character. I am still going for the T3 cruiser on Hannibal but with the new found interest in Caldari ships I am tempted by the Tengu but think I will fold and run back to the Proteus when it actually comes to deciding which one to train for in earnest.

Mail's training for T2 large blasters starts as soon as the Nemesis training has been completed. It will take a while but I won't set foot on the Megathron till I have T2 blasters ready to go.

Fly dangerous o/



  1. Spring is coming here and Eve time is going to start getting harder and harder to find. Grrr, darn nice weather!

  2. I've been doing a fair amount of ratting in 0.0 myself in a stealth bomber, trying to rat my sec stat back up. Works way better than I would have expected.

    First, you have to decide if you're ratting for money or for sec. Sounds like you're out for money. In this case, you chain the rats in a system with a lot of belts. When you see a rat spawn with 2-3 BS and some smaller rats, only kill the BS. This causes the BS to respawn quickly. When you see a spawn of cruisers and frigs only, shoot them all. This causes a new spawn to eventually appear, that will hopefully include BS. In other words, if there's BS present, don't kill the little guys. If there aren't, kill em all.

    Last, you're on the right track - having 2 stealth bombers instead of one makes things MUCH faster and safer. Two SBs means checking belts twice as fast, and more dps to nuke the BS quicker, and someone else to split the damage with. Fit a medium shield extender.

  3. when I fly my SB for ratting it is mostly for sec status, so fire two torps, cloak, wait 10 seconds about(to reset NPC aggro timers), uncloak, fire two more vollies, cloak, etc until they are all dead. Nothing ever locks you so you can fit for max gank. Safe but slow. Only fire on BS.

    2 of anything is better than one :)