Friday, 19 March 2010

Enforced Sabatical

No Idea if I spelt that correctly but never mind.

A quick apology for my absence. Due to a number of factors I have not been on EvE more than just to change a few skills.

However the horizon looks clear, my fingers are itching and I have a 4 day weekend starting at 3pm this afternoon!

TGA have an operation starting Sunday which will see us move to another region of space ripe for the picking and I'm looking forward to getting into my Brutix, making some ISK and leading a few roams over the next few days.

I have fitted up a support Vexor which has 4 medium neuts and a NOS, Cap Booster (Serious need) and lots of droney goodness. I'm hoping to get some fun kills with that over the next few days and weeks.

Nothing else to report really. Just need to get out and pop some pods and loot some hulls to get back in the swing of things.

Hannibal is T2 heavy missile able and Mail can now pilot a Nemesis and Helios. Need to get the scanning skills next but taking a small break to grab T2 assault missiles for the Caracal before going back to Scanning lessons.

So fly dangerous and expect ALOT more posting over the next few days!

Mail o/

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  1. Was wondering what had happened to you, welcome back.