Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Alot is happening =)

Ok so where to start? I've been back for a while but this is my first blog post since the awsomeness that is CCP diagnosed my computer with corrupted fonts and explained how to fix them.

First day I was back I took a this Vexor up to Heydeiles to try and stir up some trouble.

After while trouble found me in the form of Adrea Skye of Python Cartel and his Fleet Stabber. Kiting WELL out of my range and me forgetting to group drones meant bye bye Vexor.

[ 2010.03.25 19:38:12 ] Mail Lite > No way skye =P (I run from him, He folloes, I lose badly!)
[ 2010.03.25 19:40:29 ] Mail Lite > lol good fight mate
[ 2010.03.25 19:40:34 ] Andrea Skye > gf :)
[ 2010.03.25 19:41:03 ] Mail Lite > I knew a stabber would be impossible. not close range enough
[ 2010.03.25 19:41:30 ] Mail Lite > Penis =P
[ 2010.03.25 19:41:31 ] Andrea Skye > yeh, not a fair fight at all rly :P
[ 2010.03.25 19:41:45 ] Mail Lite > Fair? In EvE?
[ 2010.03.25 19:41:52 ] Andrea Skye > exactly! :P
[ 2010.03.25 19:42:10 ] Mail Lite > =P Fly dangerous mate
[ 2010.03.25 19:42:18 ] Andrea Skye > o/
[ 2010.03.25 19:42:22 ] Mail Lite > o/
[ 2010.03.25 19:42:32 ] Mail Lite > My first loss to Python btw
[ 2010.03.25 19:43:13 ] Mail Lite > Penis FTW!'

Next day I took a group of new academy members up to Heydieles, they were flying an Incursus and a Punisher. Nice to see someone flying something other than a Rifter! Anyway I was flying an anti Frigate fit Thorax fit for gank and not alot of tank. I taught 2 of the newest members of the Academy how to act in fleet and how to react to orders. We missed out on a few kills by warping in at the wrong distances and not managing to grab a point.

We returned home with no kills but with new experiences for our new TBRA members

Once back I stayed in the Thorax and started baiting a Harbinger piloted by Malek99. He wouldn't engage so I just buzzed around him while he sat at 0 on station. When he left, I followed him and we ended up 4 jumps away in Passari where he had a friend undock in a Nid Carrier and both started targeting my Thorax. I of course targetted back but noone engaged.

Shame really as I had a few friends on call ready to cyno into Passari and rip that Nid a new one...

Day 3 was mostly taken up with TKK and playing at carebear mining, trading and general ISK making.

I did log Mail on in time to take part in a fight against a russian blob running through Uuna.

My Thorax, Jareks 'cane and a friendly neutral Otto and his Drake baited in the most obvious belt and in they came. ECM Blackbird, Harbinger, Hurricane, Drake, Stilleto and a second Hurricane against Thorax, 3 x Hurricane, Drake, Drake and a Apocalypse.

Blackbird was called primary and he had to bug out within seconds of landing and then we called a Drake primary.

Half way through the Drake we lost 1 of the Hurricanes but then we also got the Drake. The Russians bugged out and we left it at 1 - 1 with TGA holding the field.

Next day I got a solo kill of a Bestower Indutrial that was afk in Ishomilken ON THE GATE. My Brutix went in, popped the ship and I had to go get my own industrial to haul the loot back. Thanks for that. Please do it more but with better stuff in your hold please.

Apraxas came along about 5 minutes later and popped the guys pod to give him a free ride home. He was still afk.

Later that day was round 2 with the Russians who like to blob. We started with a small gang of battlecruisers just running around Isho hunting for a couple of members of Bloodmoney Cartel. Another local pirate corp we like to play with and have mixed success in killing. We get info that the same russians we engaged a few days before are on their way through Nikkishina so I contact SGB Dose of Bloodmoney and ask if they would like to take out some russians.

They drop their fleet and join ours to take the fight to the blobby russians. A couple of our members decide to jump into battleships, an Apoc and a Tempest. We now number 2 Frigates, Cruiser, 5 Battlecruisers and 2 battleships. The Russians are fielding an Interceptor, Blackbird a couple of Drakes, A Harbinger and a Hurricane.

One of their Drakes is on the Nikki gate so we jump in and engage and the rest of thier fleet jump in. They primary our Apoc while we primary thier ECM and make it warp out. Drones = problems for Blackbirds.

Our Apoc pilot is going down fast and the Harbinger is kiting our attack so we switch primary to a Hurricane. It melts and they again bug out. This time we our 0-1 and we hold the field. Thats 2 engagements, each time we have held the field and we are one kill up. Looking forward to the next round!

2010.03.28 19:42:48 ] Mail Lite > Careful SGB, Russian Blob incoming
[ 2010.03.28 19:43:00 ] SBG Dose > hm (BMC Join TGA Fleet)
[ 2010.03.28 19:49:37 ] Apraxas1 > spike (Fight goes here)
[ 2010.03.28 19:52:05 ] Tar'el > whats wrong lady's?
[ 2010.03.28 19:52:13 ] Anton Jones > fu blobski
[ 2010.03.28 19:54:16 ] Apraxas1 > LOL
[ 2010.03.28 19:54:34 ] Mail Lite > Lol we blob?
[ 2010.03.28 19:54:42 ] Anton Jones > don't you?
[ 2010.03.28 19:54:56 ] Tar'el > lol
[ 2010.03.28 19:54:59 ] Anton Jones > fu
[ 2010.03.28 19:55:01 ] Tar'el > nab
[ 2010.03.28 19:55:06 ] Anton Jones > fu again)
[ 2010.03.28 19:55:13 ] Tar'el > tis all you guys do at least we 1v1
[ 2010.03.28 19:55:26 ] Anton Jones > hh... 15v8
[ 2010.03.28 19:55:29 ] Anton Jones > ye
[ 2010.03.28 19:55:34 ] Tar'el > yeah thats you
[ 2010.03.28 19:55:46 ] Tar'el > you want a 1v 1 with me right now?
[ 2010.03.28 19:56:10 ] Anton Jones > no on can trust such a bitch :) so fu again
[ 2010.03.28 19:56:32 ] Tar'el > noob im offering you out and ur shitting out
[ 2010.03.28 19:56:53 ] Anton Jones > u dont even know how stup this is what you are telling )
[ 2010.03.28 19:57:06 ] Tar'el > whast that in english?
[ 2010.03.28 19:57:21 ] Mail Lite > Tar'el, dangerously close to smack =P
[ 2010.03.28 19:57:31 ] Tar'el > but not yet
[ 2010.03.28 19:57:35 ] Mail Lite > rofl
[ 2010.03.28 19:58:03 ] Mail Lite > Thanks Blodmoney
[ 2010.03.28 19:58:07 ] Tar'el > thnx guys <3> 0/
[ 2010.03.28 19:58:09 ] SBG Dose > :)
[ 2010.03.28 19:58:10 ] Alyssa Eneas > np, ty
[ 2010.03.28 19:59:00 ] Mail Lite > (Back to hunting each other)
[ 2010.03.28 19:59:05 ] Mail Lite > rofl
[ 2010.03.28 19:59:08 ] SBG Dose > nom nom nom
[ 2010.03.28 20:01:51 ] Anton Jones > bb pussies
[ 2010.03.28 20:01:55 ] Drauxx > lol
[ 2010.03.28 20:01:57 ] Mail Lite > rofl
[ 2010.03.28 20:04:06 ] Tar'el > anyone pick up my drones? hammerheads 2's?
[ 2010.03.28 20:04:39 ] SBG Dose > nah
[ 2010.03.28 20:04:44 ] Tar'el > aww

As you can see TGA are blobbers, not the Russians! Wow that's a twist huh? Guess our Russian friends don't like it when they lose out for once (or twice)

Thanks again to Bloodmoney Cartel who helped us out in the 'Blob' against the Ruskies. SGB puts it best.

[ 2010.03.28 20:00:15 ] SBG Dose > we're the only 2 pirate corps in the area, think we're gonna miss a chance to pop ruskies together?
[ 2010.03.28 20:00:18 ] SBG Dose > fuck no

Fly dangerous o/


P.S TGA have a new toy. No further details till I'm allowed. Then there will be a nice post.


Thursday, 25 March 2010


Hi all,

As you can probably get from the title my EvE is back working and CCP were the ones who diagnosed the problem.

I had issues with missing and/or corrupted fonts so I got a friend to copy his fonts onto a USB pen drive and bring it over. I then copied the info over to my computer, replaced the bad bits with correct and bish bash bosh EvE is back!

Thanks to everyone who tried to help, both bloggers and alliance friends and I'm looking forward to getting back into EvE.

Fly dangerous! I know I will! o/


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Any MMO better than no MMO?

Hmmm well it looks like my sabbatical from EvE will carry on at the moment. I have tried numerous things to try and get my client to work again so I can get back into EvE and go get some pew-pew action. However everything I have tried has made no difference at all and I am out of ideas. I have 3 options left.

1. Buy a new computer – not going to happen, with my other half cooking our first spending out on a computer would be met with the mother of all arguments and that’s not a good idea.

2. My friend who built this computer for me a few months ago is coming round to take a look at some point. He plays/played EvE so understands how it feels to have issues and I’m hoping he will be around soon to sort this out for me. He has some RL issues though so I am not sure when this will be happening.

3. Last and least, CCP. I petitioned the problem after a friend from my alliance and I exhausted everything we could think of. I wrote them a lovely little thing including everything I had tried and they promptly replied with something I had just told them I had already done.

I told them I had done that then they spoke about just restarting the computer… It had been 3 days ofcourse I had restarted the computer and tried reinstalling. Then they told me to run the repair tool. Done that one too… Then they asked for the dxdiag from the computer to try and help further. Will they come through? I hope so!

In the mean time I am at a loss to what to do. I had a 4 day weekend and no EvE. Spent a lot of the time with the other half and that was nice. But what to do computer wise? Well I started by playing through the MW2 campaign again, bored of that so mover onto Dragon Age Origins. Great game but no interaction with other players so got bored.

Sims 3? Ugh, it’s the other halves but I gave it a shot for about 30 minutes and got VERY bored. I have more games but nothing jumped out at me. I’m thinking of getting Supreme Commander 2 and Dawn of War II but that involves money.

One very scary thing though is that throughout my forced EvE break I have started the WoW client (that I have downloaded for a friend to play when I’m not home) a few times. I never log in or anything as I come to my senses but, well, is any MMO better than no MMO?

Fly dangerous and think of me… o/


Sunday, 21 March 2010

Back to no EvE...

Hmmm well one day of EvE went well. Killed a Thorax and lost the Vexor to a couple of frigates. All was going so well!

So yesterday I took my hauler alt over to Jita to get me fittings for a shield tanked gank Thorax, another neut Vexor set up and a couple of frigate setups. *I already had the hulls*

So there I was, on my way back to Ishomilken and the power goes for 30 seconds. When it returns I turned the computer back on and wonder off for a few minutes while the other half checks her Facebook and such.

I try to log into EvE about an hour later and it goes to the Dominion Splash screen.

Then Black

Then crashes to Desktop with the generic Windows error message. 'CCP Exefile has stopped working, Windows is checking for a solution to the problem...' (Off topic but has anyone actually seen this find a solution for ANYTHING?)

Ok, so how to sort it. First off I restarted the computer to see if that would help. No go.

Uninstall and reinstall next. Nothing.

Clear the Cache and Settings from the User>AppData>CCP folder. Done and no help

Cleared my logs and stuff from My Documents>EvE. Zilch and no go.

EvE Repair tool run and no issues found.

Petition to CCP is in, their first reply was to try something I had already told them I had done. (Clear Cache and Settings) So far no other suggestins from CCP.

I am now opening this up to you guys in the hope there are some computer people out there who can suggest a cure for this!

Thanks in advance!


Friday, 19 March 2010

End of Sabatical - First loss

Morning all,

So ok last night was a learning curve. I managed to get my solo kill in the new Vexor I am playing with but I also managed to lose that same Vexor about an hour later.

I was still in Hydeliels and was scanning around again looking for something to get my Yarr' on! I found a Rifter in a belt aparently alone but with a number of other ships on 360 degree scan. I decided to chance it. The ship was fully insured and I needed and acid test on this ship.

I went to the belt, me and the Rifter pilot, Aurical Cryso, closed and started orbiting each other. Both with Warp Scrams running, I let loose a flight of Hammerhead II's and started my Neutrilizers and NOS. The Rifter slows and starts taking damage and an Incursus joins the fight. I focus on the Rifter, being the most dangerous and not notice two facts.

1. Both Frigates were popping my Drones
2. I had run out of cap charge 800's.

I got given a schooling in being prepared and taking more notice of my drones, rather than just letting them go and forgetting about them. I should also remember the fact that this fitting NEEDS cap boosters to survive.

So there I was, no Hammerheads, a set of unuseable Warrior II's in my drone bay (No idea why) and a flight of ECM small drones.

The Rifter has warped off as I had managed to get him into structure so i set the ECM drones on the Incursus to try and get the jam so I can warp out.

No Dice. Rifter warps in and they carry on slowley eroding the armour and structure on the Vexor until it goes pop.

Good fight boys, good fight and I will be around Heyd and OMS more in future!

I have another Vexor in the hanger ready to go. I am going to take Hobgoblin II's and Hammerhead II's instead of the Warriors until I have that skill up to around 3-4.

Going off now, great night and some great lessons learned for next time. Hoping for a rematch!

Fly dangerous! o/


End of Sabatical - First kill

Evening all!

So a good first few hours. Jumped into my new support fit Vexor Gallente Cruiser and decided to go looking for a solo fight to see if it could hold it's own.

Making my way out of Ishomilken I headed up towards one of the most dangerous, and fun, systems in all of EvE and one where I knew I would atleast get a fight when I got there, if not on the way!

Had a few hits on the way down to Old Man Star but nothing that I could pinpoint outside of a POS so I carried on my way down.

One jump out is a system called Heydieles. A good place for a fight. Scan was showing 16 people in local. A few bigger ships on scan that I would have to try and avoid and a few smaller faster ships I would love to get a tackle on.

I decided to make it easy. Picked a random belt 40+ AU from the Abune Gate and off scan from most areas and initiated warp. I kept spamming the scan button on the D Scanner to see what was around and found there was a Thorax in the same system as myself. I tried to locate him to 180 degrees just to see where he could be. I was still in warp and hit scan in the direction of the astroid belt I was heading for and realised he was either in the belt or in a safe very close.

Upon landing the Thorax was less than 10km from me so I targeted it and activated the warp scrambler. I closed on his ship, remembering to activate my Damage Control II (for once) and got nice and close. I jettisoned my 5 Hammerhead II drones and activated 4 Medium Neutralisers and a Medium NOS to suck the Thorak dry of cap and basicaly end any active tank he may have.

My drones made short work of his armour and hull and soon he was in his pod. Have to admit that he was quick to get the pod away so I don't have my first pod kill yet but I will continue to work on it!

A little light chat between me and my new reader:

[18:26:37] EVE System > Channel changed to Heydieles Local Channel
[18:29:17] Bensonius > GF
[18:30:17] Mail Lite > gf
[18:30:31] Bensonius > meh, thrown together fit from what was available in system
[18:30:49] Mail Lite > Not bad tho. First Solo with this fit so not bad
[18:30:51] Bensonius > how the hell fits auto cannons on a thorax, know what i mean :)
[18:30:59] Mail Lite > lol
[18:31:19] Bensonius > either that or small rails :)
[18:33:00] Bensonius > nice bio btw
[18:33:06] Mail Lite > lol thanks
[18:34:30] Bensonius > tell me, was i the first kill in your support vex?
[18:35:02] Mail Lite > Indeed you were, going to be writing that one up in a few hours
[18:35:34] Bensonius > nice, mail me a link and mention lol fit for the thorax :)
[18:35:54] Mail Lite > Will do, should get some haha's
[18:35:58] Mail Lite > ;-)

So with out futher hesitation: THE LOL FIT THORAX!

Thanks Ben and hope you become a follower of the blog ;)

Fly dangerous! o/


Enforced Sabatical

No Idea if I spelt that correctly but never mind.

A quick apology for my absence. Due to a number of factors I have not been on EvE more than just to change a few skills.

However the horizon looks clear, my fingers are itching and I have a 4 day weekend starting at 3pm this afternoon!

TGA have an operation starting Sunday which will see us move to another region of space ripe for the picking and I'm looking forward to getting into my Brutix, making some ISK and leading a few roams over the next few days.

I have fitted up a support Vexor which has 4 medium neuts and a NOS, Cap Booster (Serious need) and lots of droney goodness. I'm hoping to get some fun kills with that over the next few days and weeks.

Nothing else to report really. Just need to get out and pop some pods and loot some hulls to get back in the swing of things.

Hannibal is T2 heavy missile able and Mail can now pilot a Nemesis and Helios. Need to get the scanning skills next but taking a small break to grab T2 assault missiles for the Caracal before going back to Scanning lessons.

So fly dangerous and expect ALOT more posting over the next few days!

Mail o/

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

No real EvE time...

I have to admit that over this weekend I really wanted to get out, get some kills and make some ISK either doing plexes with both Hannibal and Mail or just general belt ratting.

Unfortunately RL.exe decided to knock in the form of doing favours for friends. This included waiting at a friends place (with no internet access) for a Sky T.V engineer to arrive for most of Sunday, going shopping with a mate who wanted to buy a new motorbike and then having to focus on doing my own house work and shopping!

Needless to say that EvE was a no-no for me this weekend. The few hours I did manage to grab was mostly getting Mail Lite out of 0.0 and back to Ishomilken and then messing around in a newly fit Vexor Gallente Cruiser.

We have had to postpone moving the alliance out to FD for a few weeks so I already have a new op in planning for the academy to keep their skills nice and sharp. Watch this space.

Hannibal is staying out in 0.0 for the moment to see if ratting in 0.0 will bring some rewards. I will admit the first couple of times I have tried doing some solo ratting in the Nemesis I have had to turn tail and run from the frigate rats in the belt! How does one counter this? Should I grab a cruiser, blow them to smithereens and then go get the Nemesis for the bigger targets that I can outrun? I need some help here!

Tonight I will have to grab at least an hour to help run some logistics for the alliance but I have a feeling that my other half will want some of my game time!

Luckily, at the moment, my other half is going away this weekend to her parents (Sat – Mon) so this weekend should see some great EvE time!

I’m hoping to get online for a few hours Wednesday and get a fleet together. I have invited Astral Dominix to come join a TBRA frigate fleet as he has expressed an interest in PVP. We will have to see if we can find some reds for him to shoot at as he doesn’t want to take a sec hit! (Looks at Mails’ -10 and smiles) He will have to watch from the sidelines if we find some nice mission runners or ratters to go splat!

Mail has finally finished Energy Upgrades level 5 and is now working on Cloaking level 4. He should then be ready for his own Nemesis!

Hannibal is only a few days from T2 Heavy missiles which should make the missioning go a bit quicker. Next for Hannibal will either be maxing some other shield skills to make the Drake even more formidable or thinking about starting the training for the Raven Battleship. Either way… it’s going to take a while.

I haven’t forgotten about the list of goals I had for each character. I am still going for the T3 cruiser on Hannibal but with the new found interest in Caldari ships I am tempted by the Tengu but think I will fold and run back to the Proteus when it actually comes to deciding which one to train for in earnest.

Mail's training for T2 large blasters starts as soon as the Nemesis training has been completed. It will take a while but I won't set foot on the Megathron till I have T2 blasters ready to go.

Fly dangerous o/


Friday, 5 March 2010

Jumping on the band wagon yet again.

Ok so an interview was done at ten ton hammer about the new Tyrannis expansion coming out in the summer of 2010. I just wanted to give my very grief thoughts on this.

Planets that are in empire will be so east to get to will be very much over industralised by the empire carebears.

Null Sec planets will be taken over by the large alliances and thier pets in alot of cases as far as i can see.

WH planets will be taken over by the people who live in each. Unoccupied WH's are quite rare these days and if you want a planet in one of these I would say you will have to fight for it every time you want to bring produce out to sell in K-Space.

The most interesting bit of this from my, and anyone living an outlaw existence in Low-Sec will be the planets of our so-called home systems and regular hunting grounds.

I hope, pray and dance naked around my comuter chanting, that they buff the planets in Low-Sec so that they have a distinct advantage over empire planets, unlike the rats they put in low-sec which aren't worth a bucket of spit.

Low-sec is a dead area, fact, the only people you find out there are other pirates or lost newbies. I have no issues with this but a new influx of meat, coming to play with thier planets and export thier goods out will make things alot more interesting.

In other news, Hannibal took his Nemesis out with the wrong torpedoes and nearly got popped by a Battleship rat =/ Now I have the right torps I am planning another field test this evening, as soon as a station camping git in a Drake fucks off. (Sitting in undock, you bump of him as you undock and keep bumping when you try to warp. Fail for me but legitimate game play for him..,)
Anyway, dinner is burning.

Fly dangerous! o/

OOC: Blogger help!

Right ok this has nothing to do with EvE but is going out to the nice people out there that might be able to help me with a serious issue regarding my blog.

If you are reading this via Capsuleer or Googlereader RSS you may not notice it but anyone who is coming to my URL are being transported to another website as soon as they land on my blog. (http://deplayer.net/ptp.html)

The website they go to is blank but seems to play music in the background. I have no idea how to stop this happening, or even if it is just me! (I tried it on both a WE and Firefox and it continued to happen)

Does anyone know how I could get rid of this without changing URL? Or will changing URL even work?! Is there a piece of code I should get rid of in HTML?

Hope someone can help.


Thursday, 4 March 2010

Hannibal is useful

In my last EvE related post I said I had Mail training for the Nemesis and I was about a week away from being able to fly some cloaky cloaky goodness. I then logged on to Hannibal and realised I was sitting in a Helios and that Hannibal could ALREADY fly a Nemesis if I wanted to buy one for him.

So guess what, I have a lovely little Nemesis stealth bomber sitting in FD pretty much fully fitted at a reasonable cost. Hannibal already has some lovely missile skills for the Drake so that’s not a worry. I only need to get the Torpedo and Bomb Deployment skill books and I can go cause some mayhem in 0.0.

Mail will continue training for the SB as well and will also get a Nemesis on station in FD sometime next week.

My list of ships now available for flight in 0.0 is a Brutix, Caracal and Merlin for Mail Lite and a Nemesis, Helios and Drake for Hannibal. This gives me some nice options for roaming and I should be able to field a ship for whatever fleet is called for.

I took Hannibal’s Helios out for a spin last night to check my scanning skills were still at an acceptable level. Got a couple of nice Screen shots from the plexes I scanned down:

So tonight I am out, having dinner at friends, but I’m going to try and get 30 minutes of EvE before we go so I can get those skills into Hannibals head. By Friday evening I should be able to take my Nemesis ‘TARP!’ out for a spin.

My fitting at the moment for the Nemesis is;

‘TARP!’ – Nemesis

3 x Siege Missile Launchers I > (Mix of Torpedoes)

Covert Ops Cloaking Device II

Bomb Launcher I > Concussion Bomb

Parallel Target Painter I

Parallel Target Painter I

Sensor Booster I > Targeting Range

1MN Microwarpdrive I

Ballistic Control System II

Ballistic Control System II

Small Hydraulic Bay Thrusters I

Small Hydraulic Bay Thrusters I

Not bad and I will soon have two characters fielding these ships. That’s nice.

Fly Dangerous o/

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

OOC: Fun Teaser

This requires you to be honest so please do be!

Think of a number between 1 and 10.
Multiply this number by 9.
You should now have two digits in your mind. (0 and 9, if required)
Add these two digits together.
Deduct 5.
Think of the letter in the alphabet that coincides with this number i.e. 1 = a, 2 = b, 3 = c etc.
Think of a country that begins with this letter.
Think of the next letter in the alphabet.
Think of an animal that begins with this letter.

You Don't get Elephants in Denmark!
If you got anything other than this answer please feel free to post below. But be honest =)

Fly dangerous! o/

5 Frigs Versus... HOW MANY?!

Well I promised you I would go out and try and stir up some trouble and that’s exactly what I tried to do last night.

Getting online and straight into my Merlin I put out a request for a wolf pack, anything frigate sized that wanted to come play was welcome.

Unfortunatly from my point of view many people had returned to our low sec base due to ship requirements and such and only a limited number were still available in FD-MLJ.

Deciding to go it alone I sped to the nearest stargate and just kept warping around, exploring this strange new place and seeing if I could get into a fight. I set up safes, checked random belts for rat types. I went about 20 jumps without seeing a soul. And when I did they were either in POS’s or docked in station. What a waste of time.

I got the call from one of my alliance mates saying he was going to put up a drag bubble between the FD and X-M gate to see what he could catch, We managed to get a 5 man fleet up for this. My Merlin, Navy Comet, Vigil (Epic Fail), Punisher and an Ishkur, not the best fleet in TGA memory but anything was better than nothing at this point.

We missed a Crusader who was dragged into the bubble, and that was my mistake. I was targeting the Vigil at the time and activated my Scram and Web on him rather than the enemy interceptor. I fail, thank you very much.

We played a little peek-a-boo with a Celestis who kept warping around from annoying 400km safe spot to annoying 400km safe spot. Every time we even got close (Within 100km) he would warp of and warp back at yet another safe.

I tried to engage a fellow Merlin pilot on the PF gate but he jumped as soon as I engaged. He then came back with a second Merlin friend and tried to bait me again. Reports had come in by this time of a large fleet holding on the other side of the gate ‘IT’S A TARP!’ was all that was heard on TS once we had that info. (No I didn’t misspell Trap. It’s a TGA joke)

So back to the bubble, waiting for a bit of action, then a Gate activation. Vagabond is now burning towards us and locking me up. I get a web and scram on him and we pile on the beastly T2 cruiser, and then come the local spike. From 8 people in local it climbs all the way to 36 in a matter of seconds and they all burn to our little gang of 5 frigates. A lovely large blob of T2 Cruisers, Destroyers and even a beautiful T3 Loki, The funniest bit was after I lost my Merlin I warped of and heard Adeleo say ‘I’m scrambled by the Loki!’ I almost fell of my chair in laughter. We had a small laugh in local with the blobbers and retired to the station.

I will be fitting up another ship shortly for going on roams. I’m thinking of grabbing a bubble, a Nemesis and trying my hand at a solo camp for the giggles, not sure if it will work but worth a try. I am also hoping to get my Caracal delivered shortly. Along with Hannibals’ Drake and Helios so that I can go rat some of the really empty systems I found last night. A bit of ratting and plexing would help my wallet no end and might even raise my standings with Gallente a bit (Hannibal is a -4.71 with the Federation at the moment which makes things a bit worrying!)

Anyway I am looking to go out again tonight and tomorrow and see what I can do. It’s only a week until I can field that Nemesis for the solo gate camp idea.

On quick amendment, I am looking to get Hannibal into a Wormhole at some point to help with my ISK flow. I’m going for a T3 Strategic cruiser shortly and want to put it to good use. If anyone knows a WH corp looking for a capable pilot with PVP experience and also PVE experience give me a shout on either Hannibal Vexor or Mail Lite in game. Class 3 would be ideal.

Fly dangerous o/

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

GOONIES! Oh and Null Sec stuff

Ok so Null Sec.

Never been here before, still getting used to warping from safe spots to gates rather than just straight to gate like you would in low sec and still getting used to feeling amazingly vulnerable in a frigate every time I jump through a gate! I need to kill me a few Sabre’s to feel better I think.

In my normal stomping grounds a Frigate is basically a free passage to anywhere you want to go. No one is going to get a lock on you before you can warp off. And if they do get a lock on you… well it’s because you FAIL! Null sec, not so much!

Didn’t get much play time last night as the other half wanted a night together (Misses + Happy = More EvE Time) but the little bit I did get was very interesting. I was docked in the station TGA was calling home and looking at my available ships, a Reaper and a Brutix. Not exactly an arsenal of destruction, so I decided I needed a frigate, something small and nippy that I can mess around with.

I searched the market and found a 0.0 trade hub 3 jumps down the pipe. Taking my Reaper I thought, fuck it, lets give this a go.

Nothing, not a soul until I got to my destination and even once I got there no one was on gate. 50 in local and none on gate! My lucky day!

I went over to the station, hitting scan as I go and realise I am about to land in the middle of a war. GOONS!

I had inadvertently just warped into the Goonwaffe taking a system in Syndicate! I had heard about Goons, written about Goons and laughed about Goons, but never actually met Goons.

Luckily they seemed focused on there task and completely ignored my little rookie frigate, probably more interested in the Aeon Super Capital they were guarding.

Docked and safe for the moment I bought a Merlin and the fittings, all readily available in the same station and for a reasonable price! Score!

I undocked, with still 30 odd in local, all Goons. Warped to the gate from station, luckily no bubbles and no one on gate yet again then went to the next gate. Then I had a heart attack, caught on a bubble with a Claw interceptor 6000m off me, not the best position to be in with a brand new Merlin. Luckily I think I caught the guy napping and managed to warp away before he got a lock on me.

In hindsight I could maybe have taken him. He wouldn’t be particularly well tanked, and I was sporting a web and scram along with a Medium Shield Extender II and tank rigs. But hey, hindsight is a beautiful thing.

I made it back to FD-MLJ and docked up for the night and when I get home this evening, I am planning on going out into the big bad beyond and trying to stir up some trouble.

I will let you know how it goes!

Fly dangerous o/

Monday, 1 March 2010

Very late to the game!

Ok so I am probably the last to do this but I thought i would upload pictures of my EvE space just like the rest of the gang.

First off this is how my 'Pod' used to look. This was taken when my other half was a way for the night at her parents.

Shortly after this was taken this laptop went 'poof' so I was forced (Really?) to buy a gaming PC. I looked all around until a friend heard what I was after and built me my current PC for £300 it is Quad Core 500gb Hardrive and 4gb Ram,

Here is what I did with that...Pic might be a bit poor but it's a Dell 19" LCD monitor, Wireless (Cheap) keyboard and a mouse from Maplins. The controller just stopped working so is only there for show. It is soon to be replaced with a Xbox360 controller.

Yes, I am on BT.

Yes I smoke Amber Leaf, drink rum, drink coke and drink cider.

Yes that ashtray has a pirate theme to it. A flag over the monitor on the wall is to come. (YARR)

Hope you enjoyed my POD. Please be nice... =P


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Alot to live up to...

Ok so, first things first.

CK has added me to his esteemed blog pack! Unbelievable really as I have only been blogging for just over 2 months! A big thank you to CK for the opportunity and I will not let you down sir!

A quick congrats out to the other new and returning CK blog packers, especially the Python, Hellfleet, and Tusker bloggers out there who insired me to first become a low-sec pirate, and now to blog about it! (To Pythons: PENISSSS!)

Also congrats to Astral, I'm a follower and regular commenter to his blog and it's nice to see him in the blog pack too!

Now i've stroked some ego's and made me sound like a fanboi (I am) on to other news.

Mail Lite is still undecided on where to go after finishing Medium Blasters T2 but is filling time by training for a stealth bomber. Only a few day away now!

Having a stealth bomber will be a big BIG plus in the next few months as alot of TGA have gone on a little holiday over to 0.0! (Or should that be o.0)

Never been in null sec before and have so far lost a shuttle, 3 reapers and 4 pods. And i only got there sunday morning. I hate Sabre's!

It was a general cause for giggles on voice chat yesterday though, me laughing everytime I got podded, laughing when my corp mates got podded trying to get back to their other ships.

Scouting through what looked like an unoccupied gate, only to linger a bit to long and not notice the 10 stealthbombers uncloaking 50km from me.

Basically it was hilarious and I have loved every minute of it so far. It will be even nicer when i get a few Merlins, Rifters and Caracals in to go pew pew with immunity!

Hannibal is also coming along. He has his Helios and his Drake so will be ratting like a bitch for the next few weeks. ISK ISK ISK.

And I wouldn't be suprised if he got in on a little PVP action either.

TKK is still around and is currently mining when the occasion arises. I've never been big on the mining side so I normally only go out with the Coverter (Or borrowed Hulk) when TWR has a mining op planned (Every sunday from 12:45 ish ET)

What else? Hmm not alot really. Been involved in a few vannila kills but nothing solo recently. Lost a Caracal to a Rupture who has a bitch of a tank but thats about it.

I will endeavour to keep you updated about the op in null and how many little fuckers in sabre's we can kill. A couple of TGA carriers were jumped through last night so at least we will have some ships to go shoot shit now! Malacii Lee's Sabre is mine!

Fly dangerous o/