Friday, 27 August 2010

Recruitment drive...again

Hello to all.

As of yesterday The Black Rabbits Academy is reopening it's door to pilots, new and old, to leanr the ways of low-sec PVP, Pirating and terrorism.

We have opened an astonishing 75, yes 75, new places in the Academy. We will be taking people from any timezone. We will be trying to get a good spread of all the timezones and not 70 EU and 5 US or something stupid!

If you are just starting out in EvE and want to get into the low sec piracy route or an old hand looking for something new The Black Rabbits Academy could be exactly what your looking for.


•No Trial Accounts.
•Mature players only
•You must submit your LIMITED API to a Director for review.
•Voice Communication software MUST be used. Team Speak is the current Guristas Associates standard.
•Willingness to go to -10 security status
•Willingness to stay IN CHARACTER in local and during ransoms

If you feel you meet our requirements you are welcome to drop off an application at our website found here.

Or if you want to have a chat with some of us please feel free to come to our public recruitment channel. Guristas Recruitment.

The Black Rabbits are also recruiting still.

The Recruitment requirements for The Black Rabbits are as follows:

•20 mil PVP/Combat skillpoints
•Must be able to fly a T2 Fitted Battle Cruiser.
•RP experience is an advantage
•Mature player
•18+ preferred
•Active player
•Voice Communication software MUST be used.
•Willingness to go to -10 sec
•Willingness to stay IN CHARACTER in local, and during ransoms

If your an experienced PVP'er and know which end fo the gun spits death then look into The black Rabbits.

Fly Dangerous o/


Thursday, 26 August 2010


No, not a plex escalation, a PVP Escalation.

Earlier in the day a Back To Yarr fleet had been harrasing TGA members in the area surrounding our home system. It was not a specific attack, just oportunities that opened up to them.

So when I logged on I jumped onto teamspeak to find a counter fleet getting ready to head out as a scout has reported an 8 man Back To Yarr gang 3 jumps out. Jumping into my Ferox, Morrigan, I joined up and headed for the rendevous point. Our scout kept eye's on the gang while we formed up on the gate to the system they were in.

Our FC jumped his Tengu in and started trying to scan them down. They had all just got GCC so had obviously just engaged in a fight somewhere.

Our FC scanned them down to a belt and warped in to get a tackle.

'Point' was called and in we jumped, warped to our FC and landed just as most of the BTY fleet were running away. We caught and destroyed a Hurricane but nothing else wanted to play so we headed back to Auner for a quick break and decided what we wanted to do with our now 13 man fleet.

We decided to take it out for a roam up to Amamake so the fleet formed up again and we started making our way there.

Our scout was in a Malediction, Amarr Interceptor, and jumping ahead of us. He called the fact that there was a Abbadon on the outgate of the system we were in. We were already in warp at the time so we figured we could take it out and carry on. Then our scout in the next system laid out the bomb shell.
The Abbadon was Back To Yarr and we had a fleet on the other side of the gate consisting of another Battleship, A Command Ship and 7 Battlecruisers. They had obviously not liked our ninja kill of their Hurricane earlier and decided to come back with bigger guns.

We landed on the gate and the FC fleet warped us out to a safe. One of our hurricanes and one of our Myrmidons got stuck. The Myrm decided to engage the Abbadon while the Hurrican jumped into the next system and held his cloak. When it dropped he tried burning back to the gate but the combined DPS of the BTY fleet was to much and one of our Hurricanes went splat.

I believe the Myrm went splat also by the Abbadon.

We decided to go back to Auner and ecalate this further. 3 of our boys hopped out of their Battlecruisers and into Carriers and 2 others switched to Battleships. We also called up some friends to see if they could get involved and they answered with a couple of pilots, tho i think they were to late to the show to actually shoot anything! Sorry guys =(.

I fitted a Cyno to my Ferox and was made FC for the duration of the fight.

We got one of our cloaky guys in a Falcon to see if he could find the fleet but no go, they were in system but not in space. I checked the station and all the gang were in there.

Probably going to the loo and getting a coffee.

I undocked and ordered the fleet to get to the safe spot we use for camping. My thought was to get them to bait us to a gate, take the bait and get all of thier ships to engage and then drop a the Carriers on them.

Unfortuantly word came that the BTY fleet went to the other gate and was baiting us there. I ordered one of our battleships to play bait and get them to engage.

They locked out Battleship up and engaged, thier Abbadon had jumped so he burnt back to gate and joined his friends on our side of the gate.

Once that happened I lit the cyno and continued to call primaries. As soon as the Cyno had been lit my Ferox was Primary and went down like a sack of shit. I didn't even bother asking for reps knowning it would be to late. I was in my pod and int#stead of warping out i just sat in the middle of the fight and continued to call the primaries.

First to go down was my Ferox. I didn't get on any killmails, that sucks but hey thats the price you pay for lighting a Cyno I guess.

First Primary was a Absolution. the Amarr Command Ship, it went down slowly but it did go down.

Next was the Hurricane. The same pilot the we destroyed earlier, I did that one just for the comic factor. (Please note the Sentry Gun. Not often you see that on OUR side!)

The last ship to go down was the Abbadon. He had jumped through from the other side and had been succesfully bumped a couple of times during the fight to keep him off the gate. He melted before our eye's.

The rest of the BTY gang had started to deagress and jump through into the next system. We got a couple more shots off on a Dominix but he jumped through in armor.

This all started when a small back to yarr fleet preyed on a couple of single TGA ships. It then escalated to a small fleet on fleet skirmish were we got one of their canes. They then came back with battleships and melted a Hurrican and Myrm of ours. That then escalated to Battleships, Battlecruisers , Commandships and Carriers on a gate.

Will there be another escalation in hostilities between ourselves and BTY? I hope so. This was the most fun fight I have been in for a while. Even though I was out early and was in my pod for 90% of the fight just calling primaries.

Fly Dangerous o/


Sunday, 8 August 2010

A few interesting things.

Hi all!

Couple of quick things.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last blog post about ship names. I enjoyed reading all of them and if you haven't read them go do so. Some interesting stuff and some good ideas.

Since being back in EvE after moving house I have added a few new ships to my ready-to-fly fleet.

I have recently been flying a shield tanked Brutix and, while I like the DPS of the ship alot, I don't like it's tank at all.

However I still like the Blaster/Shield combo so have bought myself a Ferox and fitted it up. It has a much nicer tank than the Brutix and still puts out enough DPS to lay down some hurt.

I have also added a Jaguar, Wolf and Claw to my fleet. Guess who finished Minmitar Frigate 5 recently?!

I'm looking forward to getting out and flying one of these smaller ships tonight in a frig roam. I think I will take the Claw out first as it has just the right amount of DPS, Speed and Tank to spark my interest in how it handles itself as a fast tackle.

I said I got a Wolf... well actually it's my second Wolf. The first one exploded when I undocked from station with aggression. My thought process went something like this.

See Ticks in his Loki locking me up
See damage coming in, thinking it's from the Loki and will stop
Get told to warp away
Tell Ticks to stop firing as I am in structure
Oh shit i'm in my Pod
Realise Ticks wasn't firing and it was actually station guns
Go mute with disbelief that I was that dumb
Laugh my head off that a 20+ million ship lasted all of 5 minutes because of it's pilots stupidity.

Yeah so that was a fail but at least it wasn't my new, and most expensive toy to date, the Phobos.

I still can't quite fly the thing yet but I have it, fitted and ready to go. Thank for that Hattori and I hope you enjoy the Curse!

Had a few kills since I have been back but the one that stand out the most was a Ferox kill in our home system of Auner.

Over the last week or so we have been running into a certain pilot called Rinolt. He's got a couple of kills on us and we have had a couple of kills on him. The Ferox I mentioned was his and this is how it went down.

I logged on and jumped into a MWD Rifter that I am experimenting with at the moment on TS came a request from Tar'el, a TBRA Director to aviod engaging Rinolt in his Ferox as they were going to 1v1 at the top belt.

Fair enough. I warped on over to a 20okm safe I have at that belt and joined the fleet Tar'el and Rinolt were in so I could do the watchlist trick but Rinolt didn't wanna play and after warping in and starting the engagement he left the fleet.

Tar'el called the fight over TS and the shield of his Drake was holding at about 10% when the Ferox burnt out of range and warped off the field of battle. Leaving Tar'el as the victor.

Now with TGA 1v1's if a pilot warps away from the fight the 1V1 is over and normal hunting is resumed.

As I happened to be in a very fast Rifter and close to the fight I saw where Rinolt had warped to and took a chance.

Warping to the planet at 0 I landed right on top of the Ferox and scrammed and webbed it. Then I called in the rest of the Rabbits. We attempted a Ransom but couldn't agree a price so pop went the Ferox. I had dropped point on the ferox when I knew a number of other had him so when he exploded I managed to snag his Pod.

After a bit of negotiation we netted a 30mil ransom for his pod and let him escape. My Rifter had just paid for itself in one engagement. Nice!

Fly Dangerous o/


Monday, 2 August 2010

How do you name your ships?

My enforced EvE hiatus (only 36 hours left) has made me think about a theme to name my ships after.

I thought first off about famous pirate ships but didn't really like them. Then I thought about Starwars ships. Imperial Cruisers maybe. Na.

Then I started thinking mythological. Dragons was a first thought... But I decided against it as I know Gilg likes using Dragon names.

So I started looking up gods and godesses. Bingo.

So I started with a list of the ships I fly and what I will be flying soon and started naming them.

The Gallente will be named after the gods of War. (I use these most and take them to war more than any other)

IE: My Brutix will be named after the Egyptian god of War, Horus.

The Minmitar will be named after the gods of Thunder. (something to do with the sounds the guns make)

So the Jaguar will be named after the Norse God of Thunder, Thor.

And the Caldari after the gods of Death. (cause they are cool)

And this would mean I could name my Drake after the Egyptian god of Death, Anubis!

So keep an eye out in space, if you see a god of Thunder, god of War or a god of Death coming at you... It well might be me!

How do you name yours? Any ryme or reason? Let me know!

Fly Dangerous o/