Sunday, 8 August 2010

A few interesting things.

Hi all!

Couple of quick things.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last blog post about ship names. I enjoyed reading all of them and if you haven't read them go do so. Some interesting stuff and some good ideas.

Since being back in EvE after moving house I have added a few new ships to my ready-to-fly fleet.

I have recently been flying a shield tanked Brutix and, while I like the DPS of the ship alot, I don't like it's tank at all.

However I still like the Blaster/Shield combo so have bought myself a Ferox and fitted it up. It has a much nicer tank than the Brutix and still puts out enough DPS to lay down some hurt.

I have also added a Jaguar, Wolf and Claw to my fleet. Guess who finished Minmitar Frigate 5 recently?!

I'm looking forward to getting out and flying one of these smaller ships tonight in a frig roam. I think I will take the Claw out first as it has just the right amount of DPS, Speed and Tank to spark my interest in how it handles itself as a fast tackle.

I said I got a Wolf... well actually it's my second Wolf. The first one exploded when I undocked from station with aggression. My thought process went something like this.

See Ticks in his Loki locking me up
See damage coming in, thinking it's from the Loki and will stop
Get told to warp away
Tell Ticks to stop firing as I am in structure
Oh shit i'm in my Pod
Realise Ticks wasn't firing and it was actually station guns
Go mute with disbelief that I was that dumb
Laugh my head off that a 20+ million ship lasted all of 5 minutes because of it's pilots stupidity.

Yeah so that was a fail but at least it wasn't my new, and most expensive toy to date, the Phobos.

I still can't quite fly the thing yet but I have it, fitted and ready to go. Thank for that Hattori and I hope you enjoy the Curse!

Had a few kills since I have been back but the one that stand out the most was a Ferox kill in our home system of Auner.

Over the last week or so we have been running into a certain pilot called Rinolt. He's got a couple of kills on us and we have had a couple of kills on him. The Ferox I mentioned was his and this is how it went down.

I logged on and jumped into a MWD Rifter that I am experimenting with at the moment on TS came a request from Tar'el, a TBRA Director to aviod engaging Rinolt in his Ferox as they were going to 1v1 at the top belt.

Fair enough. I warped on over to a 20okm safe I have at that belt and joined the fleet Tar'el and Rinolt were in so I could do the watchlist trick but Rinolt didn't wanna play and after warping in and starting the engagement he left the fleet.

Tar'el called the fight over TS and the shield of his Drake was holding at about 10% when the Ferox burnt out of range and warped off the field of battle. Leaving Tar'el as the victor.

Now with TGA 1v1's if a pilot warps away from the fight the 1V1 is over and normal hunting is resumed.

As I happened to be in a very fast Rifter and close to the fight I saw where Rinolt had warped to and took a chance.

Warping to the planet at 0 I landed right on top of the Ferox and scrammed and webbed it. Then I called in the rest of the Rabbits. We attempted a Ransom but couldn't agree a price so pop went the Ferox. I had dropped point on the ferox when I knew a number of other had him so when he exploded I managed to snag his Pod.

After a bit of negotiation we netted a 30mil ransom for his pod and let him escape. My Rifter had just paid for itself in one engagement. Nice!

Fly Dangerous o/


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