Monday, 2 August 2010

How do you name your ships?

My enforced EvE hiatus (only 36 hours left) has made me think about a theme to name my ships after.

I thought first off about famous pirate ships but didn't really like them. Then I thought about Starwars ships. Imperial Cruisers maybe. Na.

Then I started thinking mythological. Dragons was a first thought... But I decided against it as I know Gilg likes using Dragon names.

So I started looking up gods and godesses. Bingo.

So I started with a list of the ships I fly and what I will be flying soon and started naming them.

The Gallente will be named after the gods of War. (I use these most and take them to war more than any other)

IE: My Brutix will be named after the Egyptian god of War, Horus.

The Minmitar will be named after the gods of Thunder. (something to do with the sounds the guns make)

So the Jaguar will be named after the Norse God of Thunder, Thor.

And the Caldari after the gods of Death. (cause they are cool)

And this would mean I could name my Drake after the Egyptian god of Death, Anubis!

So keep an eye out in space, if you see a god of Thunder, god of War or a god of Death coming at you... It well might be me!

How do you name yours? Any ryme or reason? Let me know!

Fly Dangerous o/


  1. I don't really follow any particular scheme, though I do tend to steer towards mythology a bit. I do name all the ships of the same type sequentially. For example, I named the first PvE Drake I ever owned "Atlas." Now I have mission Drakes called "Atlas Mk. IV" and "Atlas Mk. V." Ships that have survived extensive combat and have proved to be trusty get names that sound badass, like my 5 wardec surviving ECM Scorpion, "Unforgiven." Those cool names don't get re-used, so my corp mates always know that when Roo's taking out Unforgiven, the baddies are in for some jams!

  2. Well I always put the little dashes on my ships name. So for example my Fleet Tempest is called -Still Alive!-

    And the actual name itself ususaly has a story behind it. So my fleet tempest is called that because it survived an Invicta hotdrop, so its still alive.

    My canes are usualy called -Hot Chocolate- because I once found a hurricane sitting outisde a pos shield, empty. So i boarded it and stole it. It was called Hot chocolate.

    My Rapier is called -Drakeophobia- Becuase I'm scared of Drakes. (I lose Rapiers to Drakes)

    My Niddy is called -Unfit Niddy- because we once killed an Unfit Niddy and Spectre made a song about it.

    Other names have obscure meanings that sme people wouldnt understand. So for example my Slicer is called -Red Leader- because it looks a little like an A-wing from star wars.

  3. Anyone who flies with me knows when it's my ships they see on scanner, because they are always named after girls.
    But not just any female names, I like the most vacuous, air-head, or teeny-boppy celebrities.

    My favourites are:
    - Jessica Simpson
    - Hannah Montanna
    - Hillary Duff
    - Anna Nicole Smith
    - Lady Gaga
    - Myley Cyrus

    If I have multiple ships of the same type in my hangar, but with different fittings, I'll name them differently. For example, my arty thrashers are always called Cindy Lauper, whereas my armor-autocannons thrashers are always Hannah Montana.

    It's a nice system, makes it easy for naming (without having to think every time) and always gets a laugh from my gang members :)

  4. I read somewhere that it's bad luck to rename a ship, and that if you do rename a ship you need to swim round it three times while explaining why you renamed it.
    Obviously this wasn't referring to internet space ships, but nevertheless I liked the idea of picking a name and sticking to it (or flying my pod around it if I do ever rename it).
    I did rename one stiletto (to "Lucky", after it made through a bubble camp with less than 10% structure), and I've decided that temporary name changes for fleet naming conventions don't count, but everything else gets a . as a placeholder name until I can find a name that seems to fit, and then that name stays until I inevitably get the ship blown up.

    The only naming convention I have at the moment is that Comets get names from hill Street Blues - currently one is called Renko, and one is called Lets Be Careful.
    (also one is called Attack Puffin, because it hasn't blown up for a surprisingly long time, since before I had that naming convention - and I don't rename ships)

  5. I have a systematic, rather complicated-looking naming system. For example my primary mission- and plex-running Hurricane (which is the most powerful ship I can fly, I've only got about six months of playtime under my belt >_>) is called "GFCC-01 Athena", while my salvaging Thrasher is called "GFARS-02 Hefaistos". It works as follows;

    -GF: Ghettexid Fleet (my character is called Ghettex). Prefix to all ship ID codes.
    -Two-or three letter acronym (CC, ARS, YM, DDK, AP, LCS, etc.): The appropriate hull classification symbol as per this list:
    -The number (-01, -02): The iteration of the ship. The Athena is my first Battlecruiser, so it's -01. The Hefaistos is the second salvaging Thrasher I own (the first one got blown up), so it's -02.
    -The name: Mythologically appropriate. Athena is the goddess of war and victory (and wisdom, but also of war and victory). Hefaistos is the god of smiths and craftsmen. The Kyklopes (for my GFYM-01 Kyklope miner, which I haven't used in ages) are associated with Hefaistos. And so on and so forth.

    I don't rename ships either, but I can spend some time mulling over a good name. I don't give two extant ships the same name, but if a ship is lost and I duplicate the fit (or the idea behind the fit), as with the Hefaistos, I do re-use the name and simply iterate the number.

    P.S.: I also always name my pod when I go to pick up a ship. I call it the Suppository Of Doom.

  6. I tend to name mine for what they do - and generally am a bit metaphorical about it.
    - PVE artillery Thrasher is 'Archer'
    - Salvage Thrasher is 'Scavenger' (I was bummed that Buzzard and Vulture are already hull types!)
    - Industrial "workhorses" are 'Mule' (Wreathe) and 'Percheron' (Mammoth).
    - Cheetah is 'Wraith' ... and I plan for a 'Spectre' (Recon) and a 'Banshee' (Black Ops) at some point. Now I just need a ghost horse name for the eventual Prowler...
    - Rupture is 'Anvil' due to its typical role as a slower armor boat - it's the immovable object, not the irresistable force. It also looks like an anvil. Ugly ship, but functional.
    - My fleet of death-consolation-prize Reapers are all 'Runner' with a Roman numeral attached.

    I also will occasionally pick names based on the ship's appearance.
    - My PVP Rifter is 'Castor'. This is a reference to Gemini and the huge twin "engine intakes" that make up most of the ship hull design. Castor is one of the twins in Greek mythology - the other is Pollux (which will eventually be my name for a Jaguar or a Wolf).
    - My first Thrasher was "BNSF" because to me it just looks way too much like a flying train engine, right down to the headlight.

  7. I use a simpler method... they're all named The Klamyydia with the exception of a couple of industrials names Mangyyna.

  8. This is excellent guys, thanks for the imput. I've really enjoyed getting an insight into peoples mind with this, scary and twisted tho some of them are *Looks at Skye*

    Keep em coming!


  9. Oh, and all my rifters are numbered: About a year ago I followed Wensley's advice, got 20 rifters and lost most of them learning to be slightly less bad at PVP. I think I am up past 30 now, although occasionally I do still find one of the original 20 in a hangar. "Old Number One", T1 guns fit and all, is sitting quietly in a hangar as a museum piece now.

  10. Mine tend to be something rude, I always think if you know you are going to blow up you might as well have an entertaining wreck for the a-hole who gets your stuff...

  11. All of my ship names used to be of literary works from the Modernist period with my Favourite being 'Waiting For Godot' and 'Endgame' by Samuel Beckett and 'Finnegans Wake' By James Joyce.

    Now though I just choose names of songs I like!

  12. I always like to pick something witty or clever, sometimes even obscure. (As I am not the wittiest person, this can take a bit of thinking)

    One example would be my Probe, this one was easy I simply named it Anal.

    Another example would be my 2 drakes. The first one took a while but the second was easier. The first time I flew a drake my first thought was "It looks like a flatworm" so I gave it the scientific name for the time being. After putting considerably more time into it. I had a flash of an idea, so I tracked it down. Drake is also another name for a dragon(not spelled the same way but that's not important here) another word for dragon is wyrm(pronounced worm) so my mission drake is named Flat Wyrm. When I built another one to use against sleepers the name choice was simple, Wyrm Holes.

    Others are references to other things not the ship. Like my rupture is Death In A Rocketcan(powerthirst) my rifters are Eat At Joe's or Pwnmobile. My hound is Baskerville. And after reading @Steve's post when I rename my cheeta to something I like better I will be flying my pod around it 3 times.

    I'll leave you with one more example my Raven is called Azeroth.

  13. My Brutix is called "The Chin!"... if you look at the face of that ship you know what i meant :)

    On the other side my little anathema is Ganesha, still a god (indian this time) but actually it is because it remembers me the face of an elephant