Saturday, 31 July 2010

CCP gets kicked in the nuts... HARD.

CCP Zymurgist posted this on the EvE O forums.

The European Games Award is the first award exclusively for European games and
is now looking for votes from gamers for the best European video and computer
games. EVE Online has been nominated for best Online Game but needs your vote to
win the competition. Check out what games are being nominated for here and then
cast your vote for EVE Online for best online game!

If I'm totally honest I feel slightly sorry for Zymurgist as I feel he may of drawn the short straw when someone said that they needed that message posted on the EvE online forums.

However if he did it of his own free will... eh...

The first reply sort of showed where this thread was going to go

You're serious?

I bet within minutes the whole of CCP had there heads in their hand and where thinking 'Why the hell did we post that...'
Que 39 pages of 'Fix the fucking game and then we will see where the votes go' and the 'I'll vote for EvE online... in about 18 months!'

The 18 months bit comes from this recent Dev Blog which basically says that for the next 18 months teams will be focused on new features, Dust and Incarna rather than fixing fleet lag and Low Sec.

Of course gaming sites soon got wind the general outrage of EvE customers. Being asked to vote for a game which is putting new features and unwanted content to attract new subscribers in front of fixing the game as it is for loyal and somewhat obsessed fan base.

EVE Solicits Player Support, Players Solicit Lag Fix


XBOX Center


EVE players trash CCP in European Games Award thread

Eve Online 'broken' by in-game lag


Size Doesn't Matter

No Prisoner No Mercy

Poor CCP, but maybe they will listen to the EvE customer base more now... We can but hope I guess...

Oh and yeah, the move went well. Internet is up and running and I will be back in game soon.

Fly Dangerous! o/


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