Wednesday, 21 July 2010

God damn it another one...

Read this.

No seriously, read this.

Back? Right then...

This is by far the best blog with the best writing style I have seen to so far come out of the The Guristas Associates bloggers to date.

I mean I would think it's easily better than mine. In comparison mine sucks. And NO I'M NOT BEING HELD HOSTAGE BY MR KHA, HE DOES NOT HAVE A GUN TO MY HEAD.

A quick list of all the Guristas associates blogs:

Jarek Kalensa, CEO of TBRA (Just restarted)
8agpuss, Director of Academy
Astral Dominix
My Kha
Yrielle Vandis
Cebits ramblings
A TWR blog by Lotrias
Durzo Smith

I think we now rival Pythons in the amount of active bloggers we have. This is a good thing.

Read through them all while I am moving house, I will be testing you all!

They are good blogs, all of them. And you won't find much repetition as everyone will have there own story or thoughts on the outcomes of fight, the way the have been reported and then there is the fact that not all of us are around for every fight!

Fly dangerous o/



  1. I don't think we even have that many active bloggers. We have lots of members who created blogs and only made 1 post because they wanted to be like me but as far as ACTIVE goes, only like 3.

  2. Wow. Mail, it turns out you are my biggest fan and it makes me proud :)

    Good luck with the move hope to see you back in-game.