Friday, 9 July 2010

Gilgamesh1980 is FREE!

Last night we got a large fleet together as we believed that we were going to war, in the end it turned out our services were not required but as we still had a large fleet we decided to take out out for a roam. Stuart killed a fail fit Purifier who decided to attack his Harbinger solo in a belt.

We had a fleet of tackle frigates supported by a number of battlecruisers and myself, again in the 'Jammy Bastard' Blackbird. We ran around Minmitar low sec and managed to kill this Drake on a gate. Followed by a Bestower.

We also managed to kill a station gaming Vagabond but unfortunatley the Stabber Fleet Issue and the Megathron docked before we could turn them into space dust.

We lost a Drake of our own who had tackled the Mega, Stabber and Vaga on station and got them to agress, A Rifter who had suicide tackled the Vaga when it had made speed away from the station and a Wolf belonging to the new CEO of The Black Rabbits Academy, Jarek Kalensa. Congratulations on your promotion Jarek, and a big thanks to Hattori Yasunaga, who has gone on to The Black Rabbits proper.

I think we came out on top ISK wise so thats all to the good.

But the main news of the night. Gilgamesh1980 suddenly logged on while we were on a Bio break. This caused something of a stir in Comms as you can imagine and Gilgamesh was bombarded by PM's to see if it was actually it was him, and it WAS!

Gilg has had all his accounts reactivated and the only thing that has been taken away is the Aeon. Apparently the petition was finally elevated past the low GM's and it percolated with Senior GM's and finally went all the way to CCP, who decided that it was a case of 'benefit of the doubt'.

I would like to thank all the people who supported Gilgamesh either through posting on this blog, making there own blog posts and contacting me ingame. Your support was appreciated and I believe it helped a great deal.

CCP finally did the right thing and Kudos to them. I believe the right outcome was achieved and would like to thank CCP for returning a good EvE player to the game.

Fly Dangerous o/



  1. CCP are always slow in these situations, but at least they get there in the end and make a sensible decision.

  2. I'm glad Gilgamesh has been given the benefit of the doubt and got his characters back.

    Just get him to be a bit more careful with what he invests his isk in ;)

  3. Good to hear he is back, and its good yall stuck together during this.
    When Lark got banned I was kinda sad to see his corp/alliance fall apart and was afraid that was going to happen to the rabbits.

  4. *hugs* to Gil, glad to hear this news.

  5. About bloody time. 3 cheers to Gil... though big sad face about the Aeon