Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A nice engagement!

Well ok then... thats was a fun night.

We were camping a local gate when 2 of our TBR boys, Ticks and Darkviron gave us intel that there was a large ish gang on the Klogori gate. 6 Battleships, 2 or 3 Battlecruisers and a couple of smaller things.

The two TBR boys came up with a daring plan. Get a gang together, get them to engage and then drop 2 of our carriers on them.

Fair enough.

So we put the call out on TS and in alliance and get a get result for a fleet. 20 or so answered the call and shipped up in whatever heavy hitter they could find in their hangers..

So we undock and with the MIGHTY TAR'EL acting as FC we fleet warp to one gate from where the enemy was reported. While we are warping our scouts in the frigs Cithilu and Nogusha are keeping tabs and keeping up with intel. Well done boys!

Then squad one, including me in the CYNO ship of death... A borrowed Brutix (Sorry 8agpuss), jumped through and waited for the main of their fleet to go red box. Then I dropped the Cyno, squad 2 jumped in and death insued.

Myself as the Cyno was primary and went down very quickly... but not before our 2 caps jumped in. Tar'el went down next followed very quickly by Apraxas and his Huginn.

Yeah thats right, 2 Battlecruisers and a Recon lost in return for 5 battleships kills, 2 Battlecruisers and a Stealthbomber.

Thanks, We'll take that!

I make this now 'one all' in engagements... Bring on the next!

Fly Dangerous o/

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