Monday, 19 July 2010

TBRA Frig Tourney

Now as you may or may not have read in other blogs, last night was the TBRA frigate tournament open to members of The Black Rabbits Academy (plus a guest appearence of a TBR member)

Rules were simple. T1 Frigates only. No faction Drones, Hulls or Modules (ammo was OK). No T2 Modules or Drones and No Rigs.

So I decided to fly a Rifter, no tank what so ever except for speed and artilary cannons for guns.

My reasons for this is that generally the TBRA guys all fly Punishers with AC's, Rifters with AC's and Incursus with Blasters. All close range fits so I went for a kiter. Unfotuantley so did many others.

My first fight saw me go up against a close range Punisher and I won that one. Getting my opponent into armor but not managing to complete it. I won by doing more damage than he could do to me.


Here's my Rifter in action. Yes I fired off a rocket...

I then went up against the defending champion, Otto Jarvis, and made a mistake, I got in web range, double web range at that. And my Rifter melted. Bad.

So I was out.

Jarek, CEO went up against another Rifter and just manage to squeak through. I think it ended at 2% Shield 4% Armour and 9% Structure as seen below.

But you know what the main fun of the night actually was? It was sitting with friends, laughing, joking, betting and being general guys. I went into the fight with 25mil ISK and left with 30mil ISK due to doing some good bets but losing others. And i got to chat to some of the newer members of the Academy, got to know some of them and I can say with confidence that the current crop of TBRA is a good one.

The final went down to a 4 man BattleRoyal. Jarek Kalensa CEO of TBRA, 8agpuss the pussy cat of the alliance, Gratth the Jammy Griffin pilot and the defending champion who smushed yours truly, Otto.

It was a good fight, 8agpuss cover the fight well over at his blog, many props and a Guristas Worm goes to Otto Jarvis. Gratz mate, least I went down to the overall winner =D And made 10mil to break even after a night of betting.

Would just like to say congratulation to Astral Dominix for his 100th Blogpost. I sent him some spirits so he could celebrate!

And by the way, The Black Rabbits Academy are recruiting again so if anything I have written about has intrested you in a life of piracy some check us out.

Last thing, I am moving house in RL on Friday 23rd and I will be AFK while this happens and until the new service gets installed. No date for this as yet.

I will be back, and I might post before I leave if something fun happens.

Fly Dangerous o/



  1. I love frig fests, which reminds me I should get a new one up and running soon.

  2. DOO EEET!

    Great fun, cheap and you can make some ISK by betting!

    Fun for all the family lol

  3. Oh and gratz on the Anniversery of EVEOGANDA Bryan

  4. Can I correct you. The ship I scraped through against was Orylyn's Merlin, and I finished by burning to him a zero in my artillery rifter and latching him with my web. He sploded with me sitting at 6% structure and a smile. Top work to him, it was one of the best fights I've ever had.