Sunday, 21 March 2010

Back to no EvE...

Hmmm well one day of EvE went well. Killed a Thorax and lost the Vexor to a couple of frigates. All was going so well!

So yesterday I took my hauler alt over to Jita to get me fittings for a shield tanked gank Thorax, another neut Vexor set up and a couple of frigate setups. *I already had the hulls*

So there I was, on my way back to Ishomilken and the power goes for 30 seconds. When it returns I turned the computer back on and wonder off for a few minutes while the other half checks her Facebook and such.

I try to log into EvE about an hour later and it goes to the Dominion Splash screen.

Then Black

Then crashes to Desktop with the generic Windows error message. 'CCP Exefile has stopped working, Windows is checking for a solution to the problem...' (Off topic but has anyone actually seen this find a solution for ANYTHING?)

Ok, so how to sort it. First off I restarted the computer to see if that would help. No go.

Uninstall and reinstall next. Nothing.

Clear the Cache and Settings from the User>AppData>CCP folder. Done and no help

Cleared my logs and stuff from My Documents>EvE. Zilch and no go.

EvE Repair tool run and no issues found.

Petition to CCP is in, their first reply was to try something I had already told them I had done. (Clear Cache and Settings) So far no other suggestins from CCP.

I am now opening this up to you guys in the hope there are some computer people out there who can suggest a cure for this!

Thanks in advance!



  1. If you have a backup of your registry from before your power outage, restore that. It may fix it it may not. Sudden shutdowns have been known to screw with the registry.

    Failing that try CCleaner ( - don't fret its free) and run the registry cleaner. Do it with EVE uninstalled and then install EVE again.

    I'm not saying these will work, but they're worth trying.

    If they don't I would go over your hardware peice by peice just to make sure its all working as intended. A power outage may have caused a surge which could have fried bits of your PC.

  2. I agree a power outage may of caused problems but I can still play all the other games I have downloaded (MW2, Dragon Age, Wolfenstien, Sims 3 ETC ETC) I have also tried WOW and that works fine so I don't think it can be a Hardware issue.

    Unfortunatly I haven't done a recover point since I got the PC so I can't do that but will try the registry cleaner.

    IF anyone else has any idea's please keep em coming!


  3. I have a similar problem, although it only starts when I access the market or contacts. Win7 helpfully sees an error, and convientily shuts down the program, which is exactly what I need to happen.

    It's not your exact problem, but it's similar, and I have tried everything under the sun to fix it.

  4. I had this problem at one point and I fixed with a fresh OS install unless you have another pc download all drivers first then save to
    flash drive (eg memory stick)

  5. Oh also before you try anything stupid can you post your full PC spe inculding OS installed (64bit or 32 bit) also if you are on vista a simple thing to try would to be turnin off windows aero (if anything helps please send isk donations to benjam14) lol

  6. For a start windows 7 64bit does this a lot did it too step dads eve dx11 with a 9400gt shouldn't cause problems as eve is dx 9 the only other stuff I can think to try (just simple stuff such as compatibility mode (windows XP service pack 2 or 3) also try the singularity server (complete fresh install) if that works you can be certain it's something to do with the build I'll keep trying to replicate items on my end and try fixes also try safe mode with a new shortcut

  7. Damn Forgot to include in last post IF POSSIBLE PLEASE PROVIDE SCREENSHOTS as many as you feel are interesting or needed

  8. One more thing to try (i'm fedup of keep commenting if you have windows live messenger please please add me will be easier to suggest stuff add me is to partition your hard drive do fresh OS install on new partition install all drivers and try run it off there. Just some ideas I'll try to limit posts but I just keep thinking of more stuff that might help

  9. Nothing I can Screenshot I'm afraid.

    Dominion Splash Screen
    Black Screen
    Windows Error message saying stopped working looking for solutions...

    Thanks for the help.

    CCP got me to use there log server to check when the client was crashing and seem to think it's about a window font not loading properly. They asked me to look for Plantagenet Cherokee in the windows>Fonts but i can't find it!

    I told them I don't think i have it but they said it must be there as it does load. plantc.ttf is what it should be under but I can't find it newhere! I think thats the issue


  10. Ok fonts located in c:\windows\fonts if not there either search google for fixes or downloads or if you leave email I can email over font tomorrow (sorry about not being able to do it sooner but I took apart my windows 7 pc only my vista laptop still runs atm but will be up by tomorrow) either way good luck and I hope it works :)

  11. So I have encountered this same problem....Ive tried everything posted on here, plus some other stuff....If someone could please post the fix for this it would be awesome.