Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Any MMO better than no MMO?

Hmmm well it looks like my sabbatical from EvE will carry on at the moment. I have tried numerous things to try and get my client to work again so I can get back into EvE and go get some pew-pew action. However everything I have tried has made no difference at all and I am out of ideas. I have 3 options left.

1. Buy a new computer – not going to happen, with my other half cooking our first spending out on a computer would be met with the mother of all arguments and that’s not a good idea.

2. My friend who built this computer for me a few months ago is coming round to take a look at some point. He plays/played EvE so understands how it feels to have issues and I’m hoping he will be around soon to sort this out for me. He has some RL issues though so I am not sure when this will be happening.

3. Last and least, CCP. I petitioned the problem after a friend from my alliance and I exhausted everything we could think of. I wrote them a lovely little thing including everything I had tried and they promptly replied with something I had just told them I had already done.

I told them I had done that then they spoke about just restarting the computer… It had been 3 days ofcourse I had restarted the computer and tried reinstalling. Then they told me to run the repair tool. Done that one too… Then they asked for the dxdiag from the computer to try and help further. Will they come through? I hope so!

In the mean time I am at a loss to what to do. I had a 4 day weekend and no EvE. Spent a lot of the time with the other half and that was nice. But what to do computer wise? Well I started by playing through the MW2 campaign again, bored of that so mover onto Dragon Age Origins. Great game but no interaction with other players so got bored.

Sims 3? Ugh, it’s the other halves but I gave it a shot for about 30 minutes and got VERY bored. I have more games but nothing jumped out at me. I’m thinking of getting Supreme Commander 2 and Dawn of War II but that involves money.

One very scary thing though is that throughout my forced EvE break I have started the WoW client (that I have downloaded for a friend to play when I’m not home) a few times. I never log in or anything as I come to my senses but, well, is any MMO better than no MMO?

Fly dangerous and think of me… o/



  1. Hey, have read about your problem, sounds similar to a problem I had last year, in the same situation as you. EVE would load splash screen and then not appear. What I found was my resolution had been set to the lowest setting and when I changed it back to what I normally had it at, EVE loaded. So maybe try increasing your monitor resolution?

  2. you could just re install windows ya numpty