Thursday, 18 February 2010

Caracals and T2 Blasters

So T2 Medium Blasters are done!

Took a while and I had a few breaks to quickly throw some other stuff in there too, but yesterday, it finally happened, I fitted T2 Medium Blasters to my Brutix, but haven’t tried them out yet as I didn’t get a lot of play time last night! Sucks!

Now I have the T2 guns for the BC and can fit the rest of the ship to T2 standards already, I feel my skills in that size hulls are now at an acceptable level. I can now field a nice, hard hitting; fleet fit Brutix with all the nice trimmings.

However this has now caused me an issue. What do I go for next? I am currently having great fun in flying (and losing) a lot of anti frigate Caracals and plan to do a lot more work with this ship. Maybe I should quickly concentrate on upping my Caldari Cruiser and Missile skills? Caldari Cruiser to level 4 and T2 Assault missiles with level 4 missile support skills all round? That’s a few weeks so maybe…

Or should I do something I have been looking into for the last few months? And start going for the Megathron? T2 fitted including the Blasters? That’s a good few months training and I have already loved the look of the ship, and it would be nice to be able to field a Battleship when the need arises.

Going back to the Caracal I have had one kill in the Caracal so far, a Taranis pilot trailed me around some of the belts in Mara, I warped to a nice, obvious planet at 0 and waited. He landed at 20km and started burning towards my poor little cruiser! Oh noes!

Oh wait, scrambled, double webbed and 5 assault missile launchers tearing holes in the T2 frigates hull. Bye Bye Taranis!

Feeling cocky I went into Dantumi and found a Jaguar pilot and a Rifter pilot running around, perfect fun! I tried to get the Rifter to engage but hey ignored me so I warped to a planet, on top of the Jag. I double webbed, scrammed and let loose on assault missiles. His tank was awesome, mine was screwed! He popped my Caracal and I warped away before he could take my pod.

I chatted to the guy after and he was shield tanking the Jaguar, very nice, and I had made a stupid mistake! TURN YOUR DAMAGE CONTROL ON!

Bugger, but it was a great fight and I enjoyed every second.

Couple of days later and back in a Caracal I went up to Tama and was picking a fight when a Rapier appeared next to me. Uh oh, the Caracal is a great ship but Rapiers are deadly little fuckers. And when he was joined by his corp mate in a Slepnir I knew I was toast!

Good fight to those boys of Blood Money Inc though.

In other news, Hannibal is currently playing support for Mail Lite and TGA on an operation of undisclosed nature. My other characters are spread around home systems doing some ISK making duties.

At this moment a number of other great things are happening in and around The Guristas Alliance but for the moment, for operational security, none of these things can be reported yet, however a number of blog posts have been written and once the operation is over and I am given the green light, I will post about these exploits.

Fly dangerous! o/


  1. Congrats on the t2 medium Blasters! They make such a large difference! As a gall pilot, I would look towards getting your drones sorted out, if you haven't already. This opens up using the Vexor, Myrm, and Domi as well as later the Ishtar if you plan on going the HAC route. It also increases the combat effectiveness of most every other ship in the game that can field drones. Be able to use ECM drones and t2 drones up to t2 sentries and t2 heavies if you are so inclined, but at the very least ECM drones, and t2 mediums and smalls for minmatar, and Gall if not all races. Well maybe not short term goal but definitely long term.

    Never had much luck with the Caracal myself, always ended up dead! Look forward to hearing your exploits!

  2. Thanks for the comment, at the moment I can use Gallent T2 Lights and Mediums. I am currently throwing EWAR level 4 and the drone skill for ECM drones in over the weekend. No worries on that score. I haven't soretd the T2 Warriors out yet but that is on the long list, as is an Istar with sentries.

    The Caracal is having good times, mucked up yesterday when I had another Jag in a belt but realised he was burning away from me. I then noticed I didn't have a scram but a disruptor!