Friday, 29 January 2010

Wormholes and Wabbits!

Hi all,
As you can see from the above I am very bored at work! I posted this on my alliance forums and it got a good reaction so I thought I would share it with the rest of you.

I have only one thing to report and it relates to a operation that members of The White Rabbits and The Black Rabbits embarked on about a month ago. Wormholes.

As a bit of a trial the alliance CEO decided to get a number of pilots into a Class 3 wormhole to see if we could a) survive and b) make some Iskies. We made preperations and awaited a wormhole to open up in a nearby system.

At the operation kick off a fleet of TBR and TBRA who were not ivolved in the op gathered to escort the mining and transport ships we were taking with us to the newly found WH. Once through we set up a pos and started scanning. We had 2 Legions, a Proteus, a Tengu, a Domi and a Myrm as our plexing and protection fleet. The miner fleet consisted of 2 Hulks, a number of Retrievers and of course the normal Orca. We also had a number of general ships for anyones use, salvagers and scanning ships.

A couple of shots of the WH teams in action:

I also have some really good pictures of the mining fleet in action however I seem to be having computer issues so will update from home tonight.

The reason I am talking about this now is because we have finaly started selling of the loot, salvage and minerals from this operation and I thought that you would be interested in knowing the details.

There were seven members of TBR and TWR involved directly in this two week operation. However we had more than that in actual 'characters' online due to alts and having dual monitors!

At this moment only the loot and salvage has been sold and already the total is up above the 2 billion mark. This is before the minerals from the mining team has even been touched!

As this was only a trial, we learnt alot from it and we will be taking that knowledge and going on in the future to do more of these types of operations. Hopefully it will include larger wormholes, more ships, more people and MORE ISK!

I would quickly like to shout out to the members of the EvE Blogging community who write about their experiences in wormhole space in EvE. It gave me a good background to work from.

Fly Dangerous o/

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