Wednesday, 27 January 2010

GoonSwarm - Point and laugh at will!

I guess I am just jumping on the bandwagon here; I have never had any dealings with GoonSwarm other then popping a few of their ships when they ventured into Low Sec space.

However I am looking forward to reading the interesting blog posts that will undoubtedly come from this and to getting home and reading up on the EvE-O forums. (Not accessible from work, evil net police!)

I’m not going to give any reasons to what has happened to GoonSwarm as a number of other blog writers have done it quite nicely.

Jump on contact

In other news, while the Rabbits were watching a Low Sec/High Sec gate in one of our surrounding systems last night, a fleet of anti-pirates decided to try and engage us.

They had us outnumbered in ships and had both ECM and Logistical support. Our excellent FC weighed up the options and decided not to engage and to quit the field. They had the tactical advantage over our own fleet. Due to this withdrawal an amount of one way smack talk ensued in the systems local channel.

My one and only response was our alliance motto ‘All for the good of money’

Fly dangerous o/

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