Thursday, 21 January 2010

Who is Mail Lite?

A bit late but time to introduce myself.

I am 23 and hail from the UK, I play EvE and I love it, I have a good network of friends in EvE due to being a Director of The Black Rabbits Academy, part of The Guristas Alliance.

Incidently TBRA are currently open for new recruits. Here is our Killboard.

I started playing about 5 months ago and have not regretted a moment of it. I played a one month trial of WoW and hated it. I have played a game called Runescape in the past and expect to get completely flamed for that!

I inherited Mail Lite from a friend who was on sabatical from EvE at the time. He was in an idustrial corp, so i tried my hand at mining and other boring activities.

I got bored quickly and started looking around for help with fun things to do on eve. I stumbled upon Spectre's blog on low sec piracy, I read every single post, and a number of the posts from his blog roll and thought... Piracy, sounds fun.

I got home from work, told my other half to go away (she gets me, luckily) and started looking on the market for PVP modules for my Rifter.

Once fitted I went to a system mentioned in Spectre's blog a number of time. Aurohen. I started learning how to use the scanner, using safe spots etc.

I actually had my first kill that night. A Retriever mining in a low sec system, amazing I know.

I lost my first ship the next night to a Drake. He managed to find my safe spot, probes? Not sure.

My plan is to keep you all updated on the happenings in The Guristas Alliance, Wins, Losses and fun and games.

I have a number of other characters aswell and they will be talked about and I will probably post according to thier adventures as well.

I will also be writing some RP stuff. Some of Mail Lite's back story has already been posted and more is to come. Other characters will be introduced and all the stories will converge and split at times.

Please feel free to post feedback.


Fly dangerous o/


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