Tuesday, 26 January 2010

My Brutix Theories

Ok so the ship most associated with me by my alliance is the Brutix Gallente Battlecruiser. I love my Brutix, I have lost a few (Seven of them to be exact) over the last 5 months with The Guristas Associates and I will probably lose a lot more over the next year.

However one thing drives me to distraction and my alliance all know my feelings on this issue, Railguns VS Blasters on a Brutix.

Now I’m guessing your all saying right now that this post will be about the advantages of Blasters on a Brutix rather than Rails, however you’re WRONG!

I want to sing the praises of the Railgun fit Brutix and why, up until recently, I fitted them to my ship.

As you may or may not know, TGA takes great pleasure in closing down our home system against any incoming ships or fleets. This means engaging on stargates is the norm. We normally have between 3 – 15 Battlecruisers, Heavy Interdictors and Battleships on a normal gate camp.

Now in a Blaster fit Brutix this means landing on a the gate from your warp in spot, waiting for the target or targets to appear, activating your Microwarpdrive to burn into range, then, just before you get there the boys with long range weapons (Drakes) or faster MWD ships (Hurricanes) destroy your target. Yes I will be on the killmail as I had a Warp Disruptor, but I won’t have added any DPS to the target as I wasn't in my 2000m optimal.

However, bring in the railgun fit Brutix, Optimal Range? 18km!
And another great thing? No need for a microwarpdrive as you don’t need to burn like fuck to get in range!
The bonus to not having a microwarpdrive? You don’t need to spend any of your capacitor on it, meaning the T2 medium armor repairer can run longer and you will be on the field longer!

Now I hear you cry, what about DPS? Surely you’re taking a HUGE blow on DPS! Well actually it’s not as big as you may think. Someone using T1 Medium Electron Blasters will only be doing between 10 and 30 more DPS over your Railgun fit Brutix and you can start your DPS a lot sooner thanks to not having to worry about the range issue.

Now the above is really for gate camp scenarios only, in a fleet on fleet battle I would ALWAYS go for blasters, just for that extra DPS. There are more targets on the field and it would be a lot easier to get in range when fighting a fleet.

However I know that as soon as I have finished my training for T2 Medium Blasters (about 2 weeks left) and I fit Medium Ion Blaster II’s to my Brutix with both Caldari Anti Matter charges and Null in my cargo hold, I will never go back to Rails.

The reason?

Null = Range and for Gatecamps, I will always use Null.

Fly Dangerous o/

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