Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Guristas Associates are recruiting! WOW!

The Black Rabbits our the main backbone of The Guristas Alliance. They are made up of skilled and battle hardened PVP players. They are also a bloody good laugh on vent and have a willingness to help and train members of The Black Rabbits Academy.

The requirements are as follows:

  • 20 mil PVP skillpoints
  • Must be able to fly a T2 Fitted Battle Cruiser.
  • RP experience is an advantage
  • Mature player
  • 18+ preferred
  • Self-sufficient
  • Active player
  • Voice Communication software MUST be used.
  • Willingness to go to -10 sec
  • Willingness to stay IN CHARACTER in local, and during ransoms

The Black Rabbits Academy do not base acceptance to the organisation on skillpoints. We are a teaching corporation and as such believe the willingness and enthusiasm of a person should be the major points on which a new recruit should be judged.

The Requirments are as follows

  • No Trial Accounts.
  • Mature players only (18+ Prefered)
  • You must submit your LIMITED API to a Director for review.
  • Voice Communication software MUST be used. Ventrilo is the current Guristas Associates standard.
  • Willingness to go to -10 security status
  • Willingness to stay IN CHARACTER in local and during ransoms

Both of these corporations are entirely PVP based and if you join you will be expected to drop to -10.00 sec status. The ramifications of this include loss of access to 0.5 space and above and you can be engaged on gates and stations without the sentry guns interferring. If this does not seem your sort of thing please read on!

The White Rabbits are the logistical part of The Guristas Associates and spend most of their time in Empire. Mining, Plexes, Mission Running and the occasional wormhole op aided by their piratical brethern. They also manufacture ships, rigs and modules to help keep the 'pew pew' going.

The recuirements for TWR ar as follows:

  • Voice Communication software MUST be used. Ventrilo is the current Guristas Associates standard.
  • Must agree to a 20% taxation for mission runners.
  • Must stay IN CHARACTER in local.
  • Mature player (18+ Prefered)

As you can see the requirements are pretty mininimal with no skillpoint limit. We take everyone!

To join one of these corporations you should go to our website and register on the forums. In the recruitment forums are options for each of the above. Once there, complete the application form and join 'Guristas Recruitment' ingame channel (For TBR & TBRA) or The White Rabbits (For TWR) and one of the directors or recruitment managers will conduct a short interview for you.

I joined TBRA 5 months ago and haven't looked back. They are a great bunch of guys and I have made alot of friends there and met alot of competent pilots. TBR and TBRA fly together regularly and TWR are very friendly, welcoming and eager to help.

If you would like to talk ingame in regards to joining on of our corporations please join 'Guristas Recruitment' ingame channel.

Fly dangerous o/

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