Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Blue but not red yet!

Just a quick one about a stupid thing I did a few days ago.

My alliance members and I were outside our home station and we were testing fits. I was messing around in a T1 fitted Rifter that I had sorted out for a new member of The Black Rabbits Academy.

As all of the people who were around were red -10.00 naughty people, as I am, I started peppering them with EMP from my T1 guns and playing around with my Neut. I was doing next to no damage as they were all in Heavy Interdictors, Battlecruisers and a Falcon. Then one of our alliance mates undocked his new Black Rabbit alt in an Arazu. I burned towards him to do the same as I was doing to the others, locked him and activated my Neut.


The alt that had been undocked, Florian, was a member of The Black Rabbits but hadn’t yet earned her red status. The sentry guns insta popped my little Rifter and much laughter and taunting ensued.


Fly dangerous, and don’t engage high sec status friends on station unless you can tank sentries! o/

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