Thursday, 21 January 2010

Mail Lite's Back Story Continued

Gilgamesh1980, CEO of The Guristas Associates. Outlaw. Pirate. I needed to find out more about this brigand.

Back in my home station and with a bottle of Rum to hand I started my research. Gilg, as he was so called by his associates was the leader of a group of pirate corporations. I found out that, in the not to distant past, a number of corporations had come and gone from this sect. This included the corporation that Spectre3353 had sworn his allegiance to, The Python Cartel.

However three corporations still remained within The Guristas Association alliance.

The Black Rabbits, the ugliest bunch of scallywags I had ever seen up to that time, with more kills under their belt than any other pirate corporation I had currently seen in the area. They seemed to be most active within the Citadel region of space. After hacking into their files I found an application in one of the unused codes which, when activated, showed the ships and pilots recently destroyed by the gangs of this corporation. Ishomilken and Mara seemed like their hunting grounds. I stored this information for later.

The White Rabbits. It was strange reading about their exploits. The White Rabbits seemed to be made up of innocent miners, industrial pilots and couriers. They also seemed to run missions for the rich employers throughout the area. Were these pilots duped? Threatened? Or just did not know who they were aligned with?

And lastly, and most surprisingly there was a corporation called The Black Rabbits Academy. After viewing their files I found that they offered training and comradeship when a pilot decides to dedicate himself to a life of Piracy. They had maybe 30 members and they seemed to operate alongside and work closely with The Black Rabbits themselves. They were actively destroying ships, sometimes alone, sometimes with the aid of others. Large fleets had been formed encompassing not only The Black Rabbits but the whole alliance.

My bottle of rum had become empty. I yelled to the bar keeper for another bottle and kept up my Research. Koffie Black. That name seemed to be around a lot. Especially within the list of kills I had managed to get access to. Others seemed to feature quite prominently too. Stuart Price, Oddesima and Snipermurph to name but a few.

I was especially interested in the Academy, then names of the pilots I had never heard of but seemed quite proficient in the ways of the outlaw. Lacham, Laamir, Caldorak, and Umbra Vipera, the CEO and leader of The Black Rabbits Academy. The number of kills these pilots had been involved in. The ISK they made. The life they led…

I decided that, to become a better pilot and an even better pirate I needed to learn from those who knew the way of New Eden Piracy. Knew the life. I decided to apply for The Black Rabbits Academy. With the second bottle of rum now almost empty I started to compose the message that would usher in a new stage of my life. Tomorrow I would travel down to Ishomilken in my Rifter, newly named Riffy I.

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