Friday, 11 June 2010

Ishkur day one.

So Phobos? Not yet.
Myself and a corp mate were chatting about Assault ships, he flys an Ishkur and I have never flown an assault ship myself, though I do have all the needed support skills and Gallente Frigate 5. He linked a nice Ishkur fit in corp and I had a look. Very nice fit, very nice indeed.

Now I have on occasion flown an Incursus, but never really rated it, prefering the Rifter or Merlin for frig gang PVP, and sometimes the Taranis if I feel rich! But something clicked in my head and I went and bought the Assault frigate book,stopped my training for the Phobos and crammed the AS skill to level 4 so that I could fly the Ishkur with at least some confidence.

Once this was done I organised a roam and was delighted to see 9 people from TBRA and a TBR member join up. We had a nice fleet, myself in the Ishkur, Harpy, five Rifters, Punisher and a Caracal.

So we set off. We had the Harpy run inteference one system from the main fleet to try and get into a fight so we could jump in and either ransom (our favorite) or kill something.
A Claw decided to try and take our Harpy, once the point was called we all jumped and headed for our pilot. We all got lock and I loosed one shot off from the Ishkurs Neutrons but was miles out of range and the Claw was running away. The Rifters went after him and new boy Astral Dominix of Astral's Trials by Fire fame got his first final blow and killmail. Good going Astral.
During the fight we had a Rupture and a Wolf land on us. Unfortunatley for us they warped off before anyone could switch point. A bit of a fail there. Next time I will order for someone to get point on atleast one other ship!

So thats one kill for the Ishkur on it's first day out. Not bad huh? Well yes and no... 2 is alwasy better than one.

So still in the system where we caught the Claw, we were waiting on our Harpy pilot to find something he was scanning down one system over when I noticed a Bestower on scan. Hmmm.

Now with the new PI system in place a few people are starting to pop haulers at these new Customs offices that apear around plantes now. Otto got one earlier in the day so I thought I would try my luck and warped in the general direction of where the Bestower was. Nothing there but I thought I would keep trying so I warped to another customes office. Still nothing.
Ok so lets try something else. I warped to the PLANET of the first customs office I checked. And there he was in all his glory.

Industrial at 0 on a planet in low sec. One of a pirates favorite sights! Scrammed and bang. A few of my corpies managed to get in on the kill which is cool but I still got the Killmail and a 2nd kill in my new Ishkur.

I'm liking my new ship! Reminds me of what Kirth said about the Dramial, God Mode.

Last but not leat I would just like to put a shout out to a new friend I made yesterday 343guilty1 who convo'd me to say how much he liked the blog and told me a funny story which I may be posting on here at some point in the future.
I love that so please feel free to contact me if you have any criticism, praise, or just wanna say hello and tell me a funny story. EvE Mail would probably be best as if you contact me while I'm pewpewing I will probably ignore you =P
Another quick shout out goes to Larepyns who sent me a nice mail in game about the blog so o/ to both of you!

Hannibal is still in training for the Archon however I forgot to update a clone and lost Recons 5 so am doing that for the next 9 days. I know, I know. A PVP orientated person forgetting to sort out a clone. FAIL!

I have actually been given the nick name 'Fail Lite' by my CEO. Thanks Hattori =/

Anyway, signing out.

Fly Dangerous! o/

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