Saturday, 12 June 2010

A few small things ;-)

[17:28:31] Hannibal Vexor: Make sure all pilots are on there balls please FC's from now on. Specially Logistics, they really need to be firmly seated on their balls.

Anyone who watched Alliance Tournament 8 today from the start will know what this means. I said this in Alliance Tournament Public and it immediatly got added to a number of poeples BIO's.

Sweet! Lol!

Love you Brianna Tempest!

Anyway, going to watch England Vs USA now, then will catch up with AT8 and F1. Busy busy.

Lets hope England are firmly on thier balls tonight too! =P

Oh and by the way Erebus Alliance fail, they just do, watch the AT8 match if you don't belive me.

Star Fraction, two words... 'Oh dear!' 2 matches and 0 points. Not a single ship destroyed? Epic lulzs, thanks!

Fly dangerous! o/


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