Friday, 3 September 2010

Friends and corps.

Hello all,
So what has been happening since i last posted on this blog? Well first I guess is the news the Mail Lite has left The Guristas Associates.

I wish TGA all the best and hope that everything goes well in the future.

I have loved flying with all of you! I was on EvE for less than a month
before I joined up with you all and now I am alot older and wiser and feel that
it is time to break away and do things my own way.

I hope that alot of you rabbits will at least keep in touch and read the blog to know how things are going. I will pop back and post on the public forum when my other half has the baby and will always consider the Rabbits a home. You never know I might be back one day.

Goodluck, fly dangerous and take care.

Mail o/

My new home? FLASHY RED is a corp of ex TGA members who have left over the last few days. They include the ex-TGA Bloggers, Astral, Mr Kha, 8agpuss and Cebit.

The plan for FLASHY RED is that everyone in the alliance is good friends, can trust each other no matter what and all love logging in to Low Sec PVP.

This is the common thing everyone in our new corp wanted, to be able to log in, enjoy the company of those around you and go blow some shit up. No Politics just PVP.

We also have no blue list yet, not even our alts. We are thinking of setting up or joining a friendlies alt corp just so we can get stuff in and out without having to worry about it getting blown up by our own guys... lol.

Another interesting thing. FLASHY RED has decided to take up residence alongside Python Cartel. We're not blue so if one gets caught by the other then it's fair game, but we have an understanding regarding station games etc. It ain't going to happen.

It's also nice being back 'home' in Ishomliken, how long we stay here is anyone's guess but at least we know the area and it's a nice place to start a new corp.

So thats that. A new KB will be up and running very shortly and a forum is up for members of FLASHY RED.

One other thing I have to mention. Astral over at EvE Trials by Fire keeps getting ISK and ships given to him by readers of his blog. I mean he got given a Faction fit Cruor a couple of days ago... Are all my readers poor or something? Lol

Fly Dangerous and watch out for that FLASHY RED! o/



  1. Ha! I'd build you a few ships if you linked to my blog you toe rag :)

    Keep living the life Mail :D Mind you the last ship I gifted was an Ashimuu so be nice and who knows :D

  2. You obviously have too much isk to notice donations or "special" contract items...