Saturday, 22 May 2010

Back and Blogging

Hello all,

First of let me appologise for my absence on the blogging scene. A number of things have been happening in RL that has stopped me from blogging.

Now to business. Whats been happening in EvE?

Well first of lets revisit Hannibal Vexor, my high sec brother in arms. You might remember a few months ago I got very excited at being able to fly the Drake Battlecruiser in Lvl 3 missions for CPF. Well I have now traded up and am currently running Lvl 4 missions in an Abaddon.
This marked a milestone for me personally as it was my first character to ever fly a Battleship. And let me tell you... I love it. The immense firepower of the Abbadon, the cap stable tank and the beauty of the ship itself is magnificent. The ISK from the LvL 4 missions will be going to fund a few more pirate ships for Mail.

Moving on to Mail, well first off TBRA is doing well, recruitment is still open and we are getting some new and enthusiastic pilots joining up.

The Alliance has moved and is currently basing out of Jan and we are trying to rebrand our alliance away from 'piracy' and towards a more 'terrorist' movement. What this means? Not totaly clear yet. Stay tuned.

Back in January I made a list of things that I want to achieve for each character. Mail Lite was meant to be heading towards a Megatron and maybe the Phobos. Well Gallente Cruiser 5 is complete, Signiture Analysis 5 is complete and I am now finishing up Propulsion Jamming 5 too. Bring on the expensive shiney of the Phobos Heavy Interdictor!

Hannibal now has most of the support skills needed for the Legion. I just haven't taken the plunge and bought the books yet. It's still on the list but is on the back burner for the moment.

The live events of CCP have been going down all around us in low sec and we have been able to help out the Sansha by terrorising the enemies of the Nation. IT's been fun and has managed to bring some people into Low Sec who wouldn't have been there otheriwse. If CCP could keep this going on some scale it might revitalise Low Sec to some extent and open Piracy up as a career choice for new EvE subscribers.

Other than that it's been business as normal for the last onth or so. Gatecamps, Roams and such. Only 2 operations to mention.

The first was a destroyer roam. Thrashers, Comorants and Catalysts running from Ishomliken and up towards Heydieles with a stop over in Tama. It was good fun, we got a Blackbird kill in Tama but didn't find much else. We even tried to get a fight in Old Man Star but alas noone wanted to play =(

We then suicided our fleet into a 0.5 system and ganked a poor Hulk pilot.

Another op of mention was a RR Osprey op. 3 of us were in high DPS gank cruisers and another was in a Blackbird. The rest of the fleet were in Shield RR Osprey's.

We managed to take out a Harbinger but again, couldn't find mush else. It did however give the newer TBRA members good oportunity to learn how to use RR and the broadcast system.

Both ops were good fun, we just need to get lucky and find some real fights.

I'm now back to blogging and will try to update once a week if not twice.

Fly Dangerous o/


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