Tuesday, 18 October 2011

This is what I mean...

So after my blog post yesterday I decided to take a vagabond out to find some pew in low sec. After going about 20 jumps without finding anything around I landed in Old Man Star and there was a red Hurricane in a belt with nothing else on scan. I decided to engage.

Hurricane vs Vaga should of been an ok fight so was looking forward to this. I landed and started the engagement then his friends started arriving. The dram and crusader scrammed me while the loki applied the webs and the Tengu and Cynabal brought the dps. As you probably gathered i didn't last long against that and it sort of makes my point for me...

Blobtastic lowsec pvp? Probably here to stay so I might not be...

Fly dangerous and maybe try and fly SOLO sometime!!

Mail o/


  1. You should think about joining the Black Rebel Rifter Club, we do a lot of solo and small gang PVP and we are recruiting.. :)

  2. Going to a belt in OMS to fight a Russian Hurricane is perhaps not the best idea - they are pretty famous for not engaging in even fights.

  3. Desman alliance camps OMS all the time and only engage when they have overwhelming odds.