Saturday, 22 October 2011

Do I admire CCP CEO Hilmar?

You know what, I think I do.

I've just finished reading this interview at eurogamer and I like what is being said. It takes a lot of guts to stand up infront of a community like the one in EvE and admit when you are wrong. Come on we're like a slathering hoard waiting to kick the crap out of CCP for every little thing we perceive that goes wrong.

The fact that he thought about resigning and then decided that this was his mistake and he would lead EvE out of the dark summer of 2011 shows real dedication to EvE online and us as a community. Just don't fuck this up Hilmar

More blogging later... At work right now but had to get these thoughts out there while I had them!

Edits: spelt Hilmars' name wrong and fucked up some punctuation.

Fly dangerous o/


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