Sunday, 30 October 2011

Old friends and new ships!

Hi all! Just a quick on tonight.

First off I have been flying my old friend the Dramiel again today. I'm trying to get as much use out of it as I can before the nerf in the winter expansion.

First off I took it out to a bubble camp that 0utbreak had going on in the lower part of catch. We caught this scorpion pilot but then his 30 man gang came in for revenge and popped our bubbles so we decided to tactically retreat home for a bit.

After a bit of a chill out we started roaming the local area when a scout saw a curse and Tengu coming into D87. I warped to the gate to be followed by a friendly Vaga. The Tengu uncloaked first and we both went for it, calling point and the rest of the gang in. The Curse uncloaked so I disengaged from the Tengu to motor to the Curse for point.

Now tackling a Curse in a Frig is normally a one way ticket to podsville, neuts and flights and flights of drones are bad news for frigs.

Luckily my fleet take pity on me and call the Combat recon primary over the Tengu. The Curse goes down and we switch to the Tengu and he soon pops too. Just in time actually as his gang if 3 x Tengu and logi/BC support start to arrive as we withdraw from the field.

After another long AFK from me I rejoin just as a nano gang is about to form up. I ask if they want a Dram or a Vaga and get told Dram. Then someone asks if they have a sabre pilot? I put my hand up and get a Corp Sabre handed to me.

I don't tell them that I have never flown one before... I mean how hard can it be?

The gang leaves and we notice a hound following us so we bubble up on the next gate and the hound gets popped. First kill and I ain't on the killmail!!! WTF!!

Nothing really happens on this roam. I miss a couple of ships by not bubbling up fast enough or by poor placement. We also try and drop a couples of capitals on some station gaming carriers to no avail.

All in all it was a good start to my Sabre career... IE it came back in one piece but doesn't get any good Kills.

As the fleet starts forming for what would of been my 4th op of the day, my 1 year old son decides to show he has a career as an acrobat and somersaults out of his cot with a huge bang! No more EvE for me tonight!

Fly dangerous 0/


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