Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The 'Thought'

So yeah while I work I was mulling over the changes being made to Destroyers, in particular their 'rock, paper, scissor' effect.

No we all know that this effect occurs in EvE online in certain circumstances. Their are some ships you know that will kick the ass or others.

I think, with the new changes, Destroyers will become the tier 3 battlecruiser killers. They have got boosted EHP, agility and speed. The rate of fire -25% restriction has been removed and they have much smaller sig radius. All this adds up to one thing in my mind...

They will be very very hard to hit with big guns, like say those on a battleship or new tier 3 battlecruiser. A frig won't hurt the new BC class as they do not have enough DPS and anything bigger than a destroyer will get ripped apart!

I personally think a group of tier 3 hunting Dessies in fleets are going to be a common sight once the new expansion comes in.

Excuse me... I'm off to stock up on Thrashers :-)

Fly dangerous o/


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  1. Just keep in mind that what you wrote won't really apply to null-sec. Numbers are big enough in fleets that regular ol' canes will do the trick just fine.